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The names of the heavenly bodies around Nirn
The Thief Constellation

The planet Arkay, sometimes called RKHET,[1] is one of the Dominion Planets in the skies of Mundus,[UOL 1] and according to the Warrior-Poet, Vivec, it is one of the eight worlds known to the Dwemer.[1] No other planet orbits Arkay.[2] Arkay marks the eye of the Thief constellation. The planet is simultaneously Arkay and the plane of Arkay, just like the other planets and their eponymous patrons.[UOL 1] Though scholars largely agree no mortal beings live on Arkay or Akatosh, Azandar al-Cybiades theorized that the power Ayleid Wells reroute back towards the heavens was being collected by someone.[3]

The Necromancer's Moon eclipses the light of Arkay once every eight days, shining down a purple light called the Shade of the Revenant. Various altars constructed in far-off places like the Dark Fissure harness the light to create Black Soul Gems.[4] The 33rd sermon in Vivec's thirty-six lessons calls Arkay the south-pole-star of thieving, which references its position on the Thief constellation.[5] There is a similarly named star known as the Southron Pole Star but whether they are the same or related is unknown.[6]


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