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Jonelight Path
Type Plane
Realm Mundus
Appears in ESO
Jonelight Path

The Jonelight Path is a realm used by Khajiit heroes as a shortcut to travel between the areas of Nirn.[1] It is a place between all places[2] and is named for Jone, the Khajiiti name for the smaller of Nirn's two moons.[3] The realm appears to be a collection of floating islands connected by the paths of stars.[4] The realm was described as full of moonlight.[2]

It can be accessed in order to cross vast distances in a short amount of time. It is dangerous without an experienced guide. Prolonged stay in the realm may cause hearts of mortals to burst apart and their souls to be torn apart. Falling through gaps between the stars that act as parts of the bridges between floating isles in the realm is fatal. It is believed that only the swiftest champions of Azurah can survive in the realm for long.[1]

One of the means of accessing the realm is utilizing the power stored in the body of Khunzar-ri. Ribs, femurs and claws are known to hold the power that can open the gateway to the Jonelight Path.[1]

Passage through the Jonelight Path was likened to climbing the 'liminal forces that bind each here to every there'. How far and where one can reach through the Jonelight Path depends on the traveler. The Vestige was incapable of traveling far, but Khunzar-ri could utilize the Jonelight Path to reach any place and only he has heard Azurah's whispers and climbed the forbidden tree. Places where the Jonelight Path connects with the Nirn were described as 'liminal of here touches the liminal of there'.[1]


Jonelight Path (ESO)

Merethic Era[edit]

The realm was visited by legendary Khajiiti hero Khunzar-ri and his kra'jun: Anequina Sharp-Tongue, Nurarion the Perfect, Flinthild Demon-Hunter and Cadwell during their adventures.[1]

Second Era[edit]

The realm was once again used to travel between distant places in 2E 582. The portal to the Jonelight Path was opened by Queen Khamira of Anequina in the Tideholm, the island which was headquarters of the iteration Dragonguard led by Sai Sahan. Queen Khamira, the descendant of the Anequina Sharp-Tongue opened portal with the usage of the power of the claw of Khunzar-ri, the ancient Khajiiti hero in order to reach the normally inaccessible island of Dragonhold.[5] She used the knowledge that she could access from the memories of her ancestor Anequina Sharp-Tongue.[2] She traveled through the Jonelight Path with her own kra'jun - consisting of herself, Sai Sahan and The Vestige. They were guided by the spirit of the previous planar traveler - the legendary Khunzar-ri himself.[5]



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