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(lore page)
Location Moonlit Cove
Jonelight Path
Senchal Palace
Race Pahmar-raht Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Khunzar-ri is a Khajiit legend often associated with the Wrathstone and the sealing of the rage of dragons of Elsweyr from the Merethic Era. A mischievous Spirit Alfiq often appears in his stead before those he finds worthy.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

New Moon Rising[edit]

After being lead to the Moonlit Cove, his tomb can be found and opened after answering the riddle on the formerly broken tablet. The mysterious Alfiq spirit will then lead you to the large sarcophagus in the center of the chamber. Once you open the sarcophagus at Sai Sahan's behest, Khunzar-ri's spirit will appear on top of it, pleased to see you.

Khunzar-ri: "Zar was thinking, five-claw will never decipher the clues. Then, to Zar's surprise, here you are!"

You can then speak with him to find out if he can help you reach Dragonhold which is now floating in the sky.

"Zar thought we would meet much sooner, dearest friend. Anequina always was too clever with her connotations, yes?
Still, you are here now, and we have some small span of time to stop the rise of the Dark Aeon."
You're Khunzar-ri? The mythic Khajiit hero?
"Do not make Zar blush, dear friend! Legendary certainly fits. Illustrious, even. But mythic? That's a little much, yes?
This one is who you say. The luminous lion of Elsweyr, the Jonelight jaunter, and the imprisoner of Dragons—Khunzar-ri!"
And this is your tomb?
"Apologies. It was much more grand when Zar's tales were widely told.
As for why Zar has awakened … well, how could this one sleep with all the noise the Dragons make? Kaalgrontiid and his brood always were too rambunctious, yes?"
Have you returned to help us defeat Kaalgrontiid?
"Oh, no, dear friend. Zar's tales have all been told. As this one explained to Ja'darri long ago, it is time to sing the song of a new hero.
Zar can lend you a bit of his experience, however. This one can tell you about a secret path to Dragonhold."
A secret path?
"You do not expect Zar to draw you a map, do you? Where is the fun in that? No, the tale must be relished, the adventure experienced. That is the way of momentous events.
Take my claw and present it to the scion of Anequina. Just mind the skull."
The scion of Anequina?
"The brave and beautiful Khajiiti queen! Anequina's blood courses through her sleek and fragrant form!
Give her Zar's claw. She will know what to do with it when she sees it."
You want me to give Khamira one of your claws?
"A rib, a femur, but a claw is least cumbersome. Do not look so surprised. The remains of a Khajiiti legend hold great power. Power the scion of Anequina can use to walk the Jonelight Path.
Clever! You made Zar say more than he meant to. Well done!"

Once you have taken his claw for Khamira's use, Khunzar-ri will create a portal so you can return to the Sanctum.

Khunzar-ri: "Take Zar's claw to the Anequina of this age. She can use it to get your kra'jun to Dragonhold."
Khunzar-ri: "Now, accept this final gift. A quick path back to your kra'jun. That is where this story truly begins!"
<Khunzar-ri's spirit disappears>
Sai Sahan: "All this way for the remains of a legend? I hope Queen Khamira knows what to do with it."
Khunzar-ri waits for you on the Jonelight Path

After you enter Khamira's portal to the Jonelight Path, Khunzar-ri will appear on a nearby rock and will welcome you and your companions to the realm.

Khunzar-ri: "Welcome, dear friends, to the Jonelight Path, where heroes such as we can climb the liminal forces that bind each here to every there!"
Khamira: "You … you are the Khunzar-ri!"
Khunzar-ri: "Oh please, blood of my beloved. To his friends, this one is simply Zar. Now, cross the Jonelight Path and make your way to Dragonhold."

You have the option of speaking with him, if you do so he will explain the Jodelight Path to you.

"The Jonelight Path. Magnificent, yes? It was here that the most legendary Khajiit learned to cross vast distances in a short amount of time.
The quickest way to reach the unreachable. Dangerous without an experienced guide. Luckily, you have Zar!"
We can go anywhere by walking the Jonelight Path?
"Zar can go anywhere, yes. You? No, not so much. Between the two of us, only Khunzar-ri has heard Azurah's whispers and climbed the forbidden tree.
But this one will show you how to reach Dragonhold. Now, hurry along before your heart bursts apart."
My heart will burst apart?
"Or your soul will be torn asunder. Only Azurah's swiftest champions can survive in this between place for very long.
Why? Who can say? Azurah keeps certain secrets even from her favorites! Now, step lively upon the moonlight and be quick!"

As you travel along, Khunzar-ri will reappear with his own encouragements, if you speak with him he will have further commentary though after the initial dialogue the followup questions are the same as above.

Khunzar-ri: "Mind the gaps between the stars, dear friends. Zar will feel terrible if any of you fall."
"Every kra'jun requires specific heroes to fill its ranks. Azurah shook the Sand Behind the Stars to give yours just the right collection of protectors, warriors, and ne'er-do-wells.
Mine was a kra'jun for the ages. Yours is perfect for today."

The third time he appears, he will point out a particular rock.

Khunzar-ri: "The end is near, dear friends. You can almost smell Kaalgrontiid's stench from here."
"When Anequina and Zar reached this point, we decided to celebrate behind that rock over there. Our companions were mortified, but we are Khajiit, yes? How could we help ourselves?"
Khunzar-ri bids farewell

At the end of the path, the portal back to the Mundus will appear atop a spiral of stardust. Khunzar-ri will then appear for the fourth and final time.

Khunzar-ri: "This is the spot. Where the liminal of here touches the liminal of there."
Khunzar-ri: "Yes, Zar breaks his own rules. It is his nature, yes? Through this portal awaits the end of a tale that started long ago. Moons guide you, dear friends!"
"My dear friend, we have walked the Jonelight Path together, and Zar will be with you in spirit when you face Kaalgrontiid for the final time.
Like Zar, you have the heart of a champion. You will make this one proud!"

The Pride of Elsweyr[edit]

Khunzar-ri in Senchal

After the ceremony celebrating the Dragonguard at Senchal Palace, Khunzar-ri's voice will call out to you as you approach the northern pavilion.

Khunzar-ri:"You did so well, dearest friend!"

His spirit will then appear with his own congratulations.

"The blood of my beloved made such a lovely speech. Now your tale will be spread far and wide.
But could she have not spared at least a word or two about the humble Khunzar-ri?"
Are you really upset that Khamira didn't mention you?
"Truthfully? Not a bit. Zar's story ended where yours began. And it was a pleasure to witness your triumphs and tragedies. An honor.
May the legacy of your kra'jun last as long as Zar's did. No, longer!"
Thanks for your help, by the way.
"Do not mention it! Now, prepare yourself. Hero work is tiring, yes? And endless.
The stories repeat, and this is your turn in the cycle. Impending doom, resolute hero, miraculous salvation. Save the world and start again. That is the way of things."

You can reply to Khunzar-ri with two different choices. No matter your response, he will exit dialogue and say farewell before disappearing.

Things do change. I'll prove it.
Even if I can't change things, I have to keep trying.
Khunzar-ri:"And that is a story that Khunzar-ri cannot wait to hear!
For the world is a sadder place without its heroes or its stories. Farewell, dear friend!"

Completing this conversation will award the achievement A Hero's Song.

Furnishing Dialogue[edit]

Khunzar-ri's Rest when activated

The following dialogue comes from interacting with the Khunzar-ri's Rest (page) furnishing:

"Every journey begins with a single step, but you still have a long way to go. Longer than most, yes?"
"Zar's kra'jun had different challenges in our day. For example, Zar had the Halls of Colossus, whereas you had a floating island. Hmm. Zar thinks he likes your story better ..."
"Khunzar-ri, Khunzar-ri! Sing it loud, sing it clear! Khunzar-ri, this is he!"
"Have you heard the tale of Khunzar-ri and the Erupting Volcano? It will singe your fur for sure, walker!"
"Dearest friend, Zar loves what you have done with the place. Very sleek, walker. Very sleek!
"Khunzar-ri and the Night of Seven Hundred Paramours? Oh, Zar remembers it well! But there weren't more than six-hundred-and-fourteen, this one is sure."
"Ah, if this one still had his flesh ... oh, what adventures we would have, dear friend!"
"Such a place of honor! And for Khunzar-ri! Do not make Zar blush, dearest friend."
"Dearest friend, how is Zar to sleep when you constantly bother him with questions?"
"Come close, walker, and Zar will tell you the lost tale of Khunzar-ri and the Skooma Cat. No, on second thought, Zar will save that for another day."


  • Khunzar-ri may appear without his ghostly effect