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Sir Cadwell of Codswallop
Sir Cadwell of Codswallop
Race Nede Gender Male
Born Merethic Era
Died Merethic Era
Shadow Dance Temple
Resided in Cyrod
Appears in ESO

Sir Cadwell of Codswallop, also known as Cadwell the Betrayer, is the oldest of the Soul Shriven of Coldharbour. A cheerful and endearingly mad lost soul, he was said to be insane when he still lived in Tamriel, which is credited as the reasoning behind him not becoming feral like the other soul shriven.[1]

Cadwell the Betrayer is the person that the Soul-Shriven Sir Cadwell of Codswallop was in life—a hero who helped Khunzar-ri and his kra'jun seal the dragons away in the Halls of Colossus only to betray him in an attempt to take the power sealed away in Jode's Core. He died at a last stand in the Shadow Dance Temple during the Merethic Era, according to Cadwell the Soulshriven his head was "quite unceremoniously" separated from his body (decapitation).[2] His remains were scattered across the land and his name wiped from all records, though he lived on as his Soulshriven self in Coldharbour.[3][4]

In his many years living in Coldharbour, Cadwell has since discovered all the nooks, crannies, secret paths, and hidden locations the realm has to offer. His extensive knowledge of Coldharbour makes him nigh impossible to hold captive, and the Daedra gave up on trying to keep him in chains long ago. During the Planemeld, he assisted the Vestige and Lyris Titanborn in escaping from the Wailing Prison and once again helping them rescue Abnur Tharn from the Castle of the Worm, perhaps even coming back with them to the Harborage in Tamriel. Throughout the joint Mages Guild and Fighters Guild coalition's invasion of Coldharbour, Cadwell assisted in guiding rescued persons back to the Hollow City. He also helped Vanus Galerion destroy the Great Shackle and joined in on Meridia's confrontation against Molag Bal in the Planar Vortex. Following Molag Bal's defeat, Cadwell became a servant of Meridia and granted the Vestige the opportunity to visit the territories of the Alliances they weren't a part of.[5]

During the rage of Dragons in Elsweyr, Euraxia Tharn's chief necromancer, Zumog Phoom, resurrected the original body of Cadwell to serve as his familiar and confidant, although initially only as a floating head. This caused the identity of Cadwell to be temporarily split between his two incarnations, Cadwell the Soulshriven and Cadwell the Betrayer. Once his mortal body was fully restored and the energy from the Vestige of Cadwell was siphoned into it, Cadwell the Betrayer manifested fully and remained as the only Cadwell. Only after Cadwell the Betrayer was slain, Cadwell the Soulshriven managed to reform from Coldharbour.[6]


  • Prior to the expansion of his background in the ESO Elsweyr chapter, Cadwell was originally said to have been an Imperial citizen from the town of Chorrol in his previous life, executed by the agents of Molag Bal, but exactly how this happened was never expanded upon.[UOL 1]


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Cadwell's Personal Anthem by Sir Cadwell
Chronicles of the Five Companions 9 by Sir Cadwell of Codswallop — The personal recollections of the Five Companions
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