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Adjacent Place
Type Plane
Realm Aurbis

Adjacent Places are realms within the Aurbis that are accessible by magic. Severe magical anomalies that disrupt the normal non-cardinal points can open breaches to Adjacent Places.[1] Arch-conjurer Corvus Direnni wrote that he would temporarily lodge his Flame Atronach Wolf in a pocket realm Adjacent Place.[2]

Though some sources claim that there are multiple Adjacent Places,[2][UOL 1] others point to one, unique Adjacent Place. The Augur of the Obscure claims to have an alternate form in the Adjacent Place.[3] The Tribunal Temple's teachings tell of the Adjacent Place, describing it as a forbidden realm of apology for absolution and the illusion of the vocal.[4] The teachings tell of a people known as Grabbers who inhabited the Adjacent Place, having never built a city of their own. The Grabbers tried to conquer Vivec City at some point by transforming the concept of Ha-Note into a monster named City-Face. The monster was stopped by the god Vivec, who showed the Grabbers the error of their false hope.[5]



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