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Augur of the Obscure
(lore page)
Location Wasten Coraldale, Ceporah Tower
Species Skeleton
Reaction Friendly
The Augur of the Obscure
Icon for the Augur while in the inventory
The Augur as a furnishing

The Augur of the Obscure is a talking transparent blue skull in the possession of the Psijic Order. Its nature and origins are unknown, and it has the power to answer any question when directly asked, but constantly lies otherwise. It is given to you to assist you during trips to seal time breaches throughout Tamriel, and is later awarded as a furnishing at the end of the Psijic Order questline.

Related Quests[edit]


The Psijics' Calling[edit]

"Sea Elves. Fond of winged snakes and soggy chests. Noted …."
"Ah, a fleshy, thick-thumbed biped! Hello! You're an Elf, right? Or is it a man? I'm sorry, I have some difficulty telling you people apart. You're much less blue than the others. In color, I mean—not disposition. Anyway. What can I do for you?"
Your caretaker, Josajeh, sent me. I need your help to find time breaches in Summerset.
"Josajeh …. Josajeh, Josajeh, Josajeh.
Wait! You're talking about that jittery mage I tricked into freeing me, right? Oh, she's a delight! I had hoped for a longer holiday. I can only manage a leap like this once a century after all. Ah well."
If I take you out of that box, will you help me find these time breaches?
"I'm actually quite comfortable here, mate. Cozy accommodations, the transliminal tones of the ocean waves, gangly meat-brains to mock. But I guess I should be going. These Elves plan to sell me! Can you imagine?
I'll help you. On one condition."
What's the condition?
"When we're done sewing up these chronosymphonic disc—. When we're done sewing up these time breaches, you'll let me wander the Mundus in peace. No more dimwitted Psijics peppering me with questions. No more dusty shelves.
We have a deal?"
I'll discuss it with Loremaster Celarus. No promises.
"Right. So, should we get going, or …?"

You can then take the opputnity to ask the Augur some questions about itself.

I have a few questions first.
"Of course you do. Everyone has questions and I have all the answers.
Fair warning: be specific! I'm bound to tell the truth, but the truth can be a little slippery, you know what I mean?"
What are you, exactly?
"I'm a traveler, like you! Except … well, nothing like you, to be honest. No offense.
I'm what you might call an aspect, eh? Like an idea's shadow. Don't make a face! I'm telling you the truth. Not my fault your language is so crude!"
Why are you stuck in a crystal skull?
"I'm not in the skull. I am the skull—at least here on Nirn. Over in the Adjacent Place, I'm shaped like a throw-pillow. Imagine that!
You look confused. It's just a trick of the light, mate. The skull's what you might call a manifestation."
A manifestation of …?
"Of me! Ugh, this is just sad.
Try this—imagine a soul gem. Got it? Now imagine that the soul in the gem is also the gem itself. Weird, right? Pow! I'm miming a head explosion. You can't see it because I haven't got any arms, but it's happening."
You're bound to tell the truth? / You said you're bound to tell the truth?
"I am. One of the unfortunate quirks of the Psijic binding ritual that brought me here. I'm free to lie as much as I like, unless you, or anyone else for that matter, ask me a direct question. Cheap trick, if you ask me."
The Psijics bound you here?
"They did. A bit. I'm certain I could break out if I really put my mind to it.
I don't blame them, honestly. If I was in their position, bobbing along like a little lost acorn in an ocean of knowledge, I'd want to trap me too."
Well, you did just escape Artaeum.
"I guess. But instantaneous translocation's not like a Sundas stroll. The veil here in Mundus is all thick and sticky, you know? Like I said before—I think I'm grounded for the forseeable [sic] future. Ah well."
Why did the Psijics go to the trouble of binding you in the first place? Are you really that smart?
<The Augur laughs uncontrollably.>
Are you done?
"I am. I am. Phew! I had no idea you were so funny! We're going to have a really good time, you and I.
Yes, in answer to your direct question, I do know a lot. And by a lot I mean basically everything."
Why are you called the Augur of the Obscure?
"Well, an Augur of the Obvious wouldn't be very useful, would it?
For what it's worth, I lobbied for something way more impressive—the Resplendent Skull of Hexagonal Wonders! It was forcefully vetoed. No accounting for taste, I guess."
Those are just titles, though. Do you have a real name?
"Of course I do. Everything has a name. Names give a thing its shape. Birds, snowflakes, tea kettles … you get the idea.
I'd tell you mine, but you'd need about six more tongues and a pair of cymbals to pronounce it correctly, so let's not bother."
Yes. Let's get moving. / All right, I've heard enough. Let's get going.
"Fair enough. So … where to? I assume you've got a map or something?"

Put him in you inventory and you'll hear:

The Augur of the Obscure : "So, you know where we're going now, right? Good. You take me to a time breach, and I'll help you spot it. Hmm. This bag's a bit snug, eh?"

After this, you will need to travel to the breaches found around Summerset. As you approach a breach, the Augur will have their own commentary:

Location Map Quote
Halfway between the Augury Basin and Keelsplitter's Nest (map) "You know coral's just weird sac-animal bones, right? So this is a bit like a cemetery, I guess. Ugh ... you do not want to know what their ghosts look like! Old cheese—I'll leave it at that."
Northwest of Abyssal Geyser Rellenthil (map) "Oh, you're going to love this one. I'm seeing a tiny island, surrounded by ... it's either water or cats. Difficult to say. Let's hope it's the cats, eh?"
In a ruined structure west of Alinor, halfway between Welenkin Cove and Abyssal Geyser Welenkin (map) "Hmm. Breach nearby. I don't know why you're so intent on sealing them. Linear time is so overrated. Just imagine, you could die before you were even born! Wait ... that's horrifying isn't it? I'm sorry. Never mind."
Inside the Direnni Acropolis (map) "Ooh, a spooky clifftop estate. What a fine place for a breach. All sorts of ghastly things happened here, I can tell you that. I'd shudder if I had shoulders. I'm kidding of course—mortal fear is hilarious."
Below the waterfall west of Shimmerene (map) "Ah, there's a breach here. City's a bit gaudy, eh? At least by mortal standards. Where I come from, this would be little more than a privy. I'm kidding, of course. No one pees where I come from."
In the ruins north of the lake by Archon's Grove (map) "More ruins. Hmm. You know, every stone tells a story. I mean that literally, by the way. That wall over there won't shut up about how much it hates rain. Let's find this breach and get out of here, eh?"
In one of the enclosures in Sil-Var-Woad (map) "This breach is in a zoo? Wow! You know, I'm endlessly fascinated by animals. They're a bit like walking plants, eh? Except with more, you know ... fluids. Ugh, what a word that is!"
On the east shore of the island southeast of Sil-Var-Woad, south of the geyser (map) "A breach near the sea! I do love the ocean. It's a shame you can only see in three dimensions. All the quasi-tones and inverse number-forms .... Actually, I take it back—your meat-brain would explode if you saw this."
South of Sunhold Wayshrine, west of the geyser (map) "I hear a breach nearby. You can't, can you? Count yourself lucky. Sounds like ... a swarm of bees bouncing around in a tin bucket full of sleigh bells. Sort of like that racket bards make."

Breaches On the Bay[edit]

Location Map Quote
On a cliff overlooking Deleyn's Mill (map) Well this is picturesque, eh? Aside from all the imps and such. Did you know that imps have belly-buttons? Please don't ask me why!
Between the roots on the north side of the Beldama Wyrd Tree (map) Another breach near that tree, I think. Fun fact—all deciduous trees love accordion music. Just more proof that all trees are idiots.
On a bluff on the west side of Burial Mounds (map) Ugh ... zombies. You ever try to talk to a zombie? They won't let you get a word in edgewise! Just groan this and moan that! Let's find this breach and leave, eh?
Inside a shipwreck on the west side of the Koeglin Lighthouse island (map) Another breach by the sea! Ship's seen better days, eh? It's like I always say—the only thing you should make out of wood is nothing. Wood is ridiculous.
On the edge of the highest tier of Cumberland Falls (map) Hmm .... I'm seeing a breach by a waterfall. Or maybe a flight of very wet stairs. Stairs are a bit silly, eh? Why not flip gravity and fall up?
Just west of Moonlit Maw (map) Definitely a breach here, mate. Say, I was thinking—maybe we should get something for Josajeh to cheer her up! I'm thinking meat of some variety. You meat-brains like meat, right?
Alik'r Desert
On the edge of a cliff north of Salas En, northeast of The Warrior, overlooking Rain Catcher Fields (map) You're doing that thing where water squirts out of your skin, aren't you? Sweating, eh? Ugh. And you people think I'm weird! Let's find this breach and cool off.
Against a cliff wall west of Easterly Aerie (map) Hmm .... Yeah, there's a breach nearby. Say, did you know there are six and a half quadrillion grains of sand in the Alik'r? Oh, come on. Don't act like you're not impressed!
Between HoonDing's Watch and Ragnthar (map) Ah, look! Yokudan ruins. You know the Yokudans could make magic idea-swords using nothing but their brains? Bit of a waste, that. I'd have made a very comfortable chair.

Breaches of Frost and Fire[edit]

Location Map Quote
Between two lava streams on the west side of Senie (map) Looks like a buyer's market around here, eh? Got to tell you, I see a lot of potential, mate. Lava-front views, open floor-plan, plenty of ventilation .... It's a gold mine!
On an island in the river north of the Brothers of Strife, above Armature's Upheaval (map) Definitely a breach nearby. And ooh, it's a rowdy one! This place is tense, eh? Might have something to do with the mountains strangling each other. Who's to say?
On top of the ridge above Vivec's Antlers, on the west side (map) What a view! Aside from the coral over there. Be glad your silly face-holes can't smell colors. Ugh! That orange! It smells like ... old figs fell out of an ogre's bottom. Let's find this breach, eh?
Next to one of the larger steam pools at Wittestadr (map) Breach ho, mate! While you look, I will regale you with a hilarious joke! What do you call a lygosmotic dream-wave on its birthday? A ventswattle! Get it? A ventswattle? Oh, never mind.
Across the river from Darkwater Crossing, by the waterfalls southeast of Fort Amol (map) Be careful around here, mate. This breach is surrounded by trolls. They're a lot smarter than you think. They're banging rocks together now, sure--but once they start wearing pants? Look out.
In the river by the bridge east of Cradlecrush (map) Snow! Can we make a snow-thing? Snow-person? Whatever? You know, if you make it right, it develops a sad little soul! 'Course it melts later. Bit of a shame, that. But we can name it and everything!
The Rift
Northeast of Fort Greenwall (map) So, Staff of Towers, eh? Lots of peril there, mate. I've got to admit, though, I'm very exited to see how it turns out! I'd say, what? Sixty-percent chance time folds inside-out? We'll see!
Just outside Snapleg Cave (map) This stream's a pleasant enough place for a breach. Just watch out for beavers, eh? Sure they look friendly enough--but they're just little waddling balls of hatred. Seriously!
At the top of the steps near the Throat of the World, west of Ivarstead (map) Another breach ahead, mate. Uh oh. I see many many stairs in our future. Well, your future. No legs, remember? But don't worry--I'll be right behind you ... doing very little.

The Shattered Staff[edit]

Fragment item Location Breach Quotes
Orichalc Staff Fragment Leki's Blade (Alik'r Desert) (map) The ruins of Leki's Blade. Really gets you thinking, eh? About mortality. The long, slow march of time ... the grim inevitability of death, decay, and obscurity. Phew! Glad I don't have to worry about that!
(map) The Orichalc fragment! Don't hear much about the Orichalc Tower anymore, but it was always my favorite. I love ugly, sunken, long-forgotten things.
Adamantine Staff Fragment Pelin Graveyard (Bangkorai) (map) Another graveyard? All kinds of treasures tucked away under the dirt here, mate. We could find that staff piece, sure. But wouldn't you rather dig up an old pelvis? Eh, your loss.
(map) Well, well. It's the Adamantine shard. Have a care where you drop that thing, eh? This bag's stuffed as it is!
Walk-Brass Staff Fragment Fang Spires (Deshaan) (map) Deshaan, eh? A lot of transliminal dread residue here. Must be the fish. Did you know fish experience thirty-seven different varieties of fear? That's why they always look surprised!
(map) Walk-Brass? Oh this one's a puzzler, mate! If Anumaril created the Staff of Towers in the First Era, how'd he know about a tower the Dwarves hadn't made yet? Pow! Brain explosion!
Crystal Staff Fragment Hatching Pools (Shadowfen) (map) Shadowfen? Ugh. The Hist are insufferable. Honestly, if they're so smart, why can't they stop leaking their sap all over the place? Don't drop me in there, by the way. Stuff's impossible to wash off.
(map) The Crystal Fragment? This is an odd one, mate. It's here, but also somewhere else. Several other somewheres in fact. Don't think about it too hard. It's bad for your meat-brain.

A Breach Amid the Trees[edit]

Near Gil-Var-Delle:

"Gil-Var-Delle. Of course a breach pops up here. You know that blowhard, Molag Bal, sat on this place a while back, right? Or stepped on it or something... I don't know. Anyway, be careful!"

Outside the Ossuary of Telacar:

"I think there's a breach here. Hard to say with all these Ayleid ruins lying about. You would not believe how many ghosts are asking me for favors right now. Ghosts, am I right? They're never satisfied!"

Near Reman's Bluff:

"Definitely a breach here, mate. First rule of finding rifts in time: always check the creepy, decrepit towers first."

On the cliffs north of Maormer Camp:

"Wow. Lots of people gathering around this breach. Odd ... they've all got little tails. Wait, wait, I get it now. They're monkeys! I'm telling you mate, it's impossible to tell you all apart!"

Near the Labyrinth:

"Looks like there's another breach here in what can only laughably be called a maze. All right, mate: if you get lost in this thing, I'm going to have to take a long, hard look at our relationship."

Near Fisherman's Rest:

"There's definitely a breach around here somewhere, meat-brain. You don't mind me calling you meat-brain, do you? I mean, as mundane physical brains go, you're really top of the class!"

Northeast of Xylo River Basin Dolmen:

"Might want to hurry, mate. That boney gem-collector, Molag Bal, has his eyes on this breach. Bit of a cat-lady, that one, eh? Stuffing his plane full of sad little souls... It's a mess is what it is."

Near Treehenge:

"Breach ahead. That Celarus is a real stick in the tree, eh? Er ... stick in the dirt? Or something? Look, I can't keep track of all your ridiculous idioms. It doesn't even make any sense ...."

On Horseshoe Island:

"More than a few snakes around this beach, mate. Ugh. Surly little beasts ... always wiggling along with no arms or legs. I don't have arms or legs either but you don't see me biting people."'

A Time for Mud and Mushrooms[edit]

Near Bogmother:

"Dreugh? Ugh. I'm telling you, mate, they used to be a lot more pleasant. Now these land dreugh are all crab-faced and stabby. Shame. Let's find this breach and move on, eh?"

Next to Percolating Mire's Hist Tree

"Breach in that Argonian settlement, I think. I love Argonian architecture. Who needs nails and hard angles? Just pile up some slop and call it a house!"

Near the Venomous Fens Dolmen

"Hmm. These ruins are dripping with old intention, mate. Forgotten dreamforms, frothing hour-beasts.... Great place for a blood-ritual. Or a very unsettling birthday party."

Near Hei-Halai

"Yeah, there's a breach here somewhere. And something's eating it? I certainly wouldn't recommend that. Unless you're really anxious to get sucked through your own belly-button."

Near Darkshade Caverns

"Hmm. Rocks. Water. More rocks... wait! That's it. Breach nearby, mate. Sorry. I just got distracted by all the behemoth mind-snails. It's too bad you can't see them. They're really cute. Sort of."

South of Bthanual

"A Dwarf hold! Ha. What a silly bunch they were! Always whacking sprockets with their little baby hammers- toiling away on their tiny brass xylophones.... Good riddance, eh?"

Within the gates of Malak's Maw

"Breach around here somewhere. Oh, and by the way, Celarus has no idea what he's doing with that staff. Ah, well. Dragon Breaks aren't so bad. Ha! I'm joking. They're horrific, mate."

By the Triple Circle Mine's waterfalls:

"Breach ahead. Say, what is it with you bipeds and waterfalls? A deluge of happy water-spirits cast to their doom, smashed to bits on the sullen rocks below. Hardly a recipe for romance, mate!"

In the middle of the Shrine of Saint Veloth:

"There's a breach here somewhere. Plenty of Elf-ghosts too. Ugh. They won't stop shrieking about ... it's either dying or pieing. Pieing's a word, right? To pie? Odd thing to get upset about."

The Towers' Remains[edit]

Near the Brothers of Strife:

"Wait a minute... haven't we been here before? Giant stone maniacs strangling each other to death? Bit silly, eh? First one to crumble into rubble loses, I guess."

Finding the fragment near the Brothers of Strife:

"What's this? The Red Tower fragment? Careful with that one, mate. It's temperamental... and full of spirit-lava. That's the most dangerous kind of lava."

Near the Weeping Giant:

"Well, that's a prodigious statue. We don't build statues anymore where I come from. They always ended up coming to life, sneezing death-algorithms all over the place .... Trust me, it was a mess."

Finding the fragment near the Weeping Giant:

"This one's a winner, mate. The White-Gold fragment. The Arch-Mage Anumaril carried it around all the time, you know- slung around his scrawny neck like a cow bell! Classic Ayleid, eh?"

Near Greenheart:

"Tree Elves and their trees, am I right? They never sing them into anything interesting. Houses, bridges, chairs .... When is someone going to sing a tree into something useful like a singing land-boat?"

Finding the Green-Sap fragment:

"The Green-Sap fragment, eh? You know if you'd left it in the dirt long enough it would have grown a new tower. Honest!"

Near Spellscar:

"Agh! This place is awful! Feels like something's feeding my head through a lumber mill! And that noise! Can you hear that? Let's find this fragment and get out of here!"

Finding the Snow Throat fragment:

"The Snow Throat fragment! Congratulations- good for you. Now let's get out of here, eh? My teeth feel like they're going to fall out of my face! Ow. Ow. Ow!"

Time in Doomcrag's Shadow[edit]

In front of the chapel at Crestshade:

"Yech. Vampires. Pays to not have a neck sometimes, eh? Blood too, I guess. 'Course if you see any antipodal math-grabbers you'll let me know, right? They'd love to get a bite of me!"

Near the Captain's Cabin of Lagra's Pearl:

"Another breach out there. Maybe we should leave this one be, you know? Honestly, what's the worst that could happen? Wait--I'm not encouraging you to ask me that question. The answer is very graphic."

On a wall at Trader's Rest:

"Definitely a breach around here, mate. High up, I think .... Or what passes for high around here, anyway."

At Sanguine Barrows:

"Take a look around those standing stones, eh? What is it with tipping stones, anyway? Didn't your ancestors have anything better to do? That's the problem with you bipeds. You never apply yourselves."

Near Lorkrata Hills:

"Another breach tucked away in an old Breton ruin, right? Can't wait to see what people build on top of this!"

Near Aesar's Web:

"Breach webbed up around here somewhere. Spiders are so adorable. Look at us! We've got eight little spindly arms--isn't that scary? Show me something with eight thousand arms, then maybe I'll get nervous."

In Shadowfate Cavern:

"This one's deep, deep down, mate. Kind of like my general expectations of you meat-brains. But you? Oh, you've far exceeded them! Not hard to do when they're practically nonexistent, but still. Kudos!"

North of Orc's Finger Ruins.

"Best find this breach before the tide comes in. Water's full of brain-billies: little spirit-jellies that sting people's memories. Don't believe me? Think of that time you wet your pants. Ha! Hurts, right?"

At Edrald Estate's field:

"Ah, pastoral bliss! I'd make a fine farmer. Breeding dumb animals, making them work for nothing, slaughtering them in their prime .... Hmm. Sounds a bit worse when you say it out loud, doesn't it?"

A Breach Beyond the Crags[edit]

West of Rkundzelft:

"Breach ahead. Say, you think Josajeh's right? I can't always tell. Your weird little faces scrunch up when you're upset, but then you bare your teeth when you're happy. It's a puzzler."

Outside of Elinhir:

"I can't believe this is our last outing! I feel like we've really bonded, you know? Not on a strictly alchemical level, or anything. That would be very weird. You know what I mean. I'm going to miss this!"

South end of Scorpion Ravine:

"Ah, Craglorn. Ever seen this many crags in one place? Its cup runneth over with crags. Not as many lorns as you'd expect, though. Biped naming habits could use some work, mate."

North of Hel Ra Citadel

"Plenty of history hereabouts. Perfect place for a breach. Just look out for gargoyles, eh? Ugly squatters. Always cluttering up the place—ruining the timeword aesthetic. They're an eyesore, you know?"

In front of Dragonstar Arena

"Watch your step around here, mate. This arena is what we in the dimension-hopping community call a "really bad idea door". Daedric mischief for sure. Let's find this breach and go, all right?"

On the bridge leading to Skyreach Hold

"There's a breach here, mate. I'm seeing a bridge ... or maybe a flat sideways tower people can walk on? I guess they're kind of the same thing. Only having three dimensions does make things simpler."

The Tower's Fall[edit]

Arriving at Divad's Chagrin Mine:

"There's a time breach around here for sure, mate. And it's not petite. I hope you're sure about this—for your sake, I mean"

Approaching the Divad's Chagrin breach:

"We're close. Give me a shake, eh?"

Seeing the breach:

"There it is. After you, I guess? Hope you ate something light!"

Seeing Josajeh in the Time-Lost Throne Room:

"The staff is tearing her apart! Things are about to get very weird, mate!"

During combat with Captain Josajeh:

"A Josajeh from an alternate time-line? She doesn't look happy!"

After defeating Captain Josajeh:

"The time breach is vulnerable, now seal it up tight!"

During combat with Josajeh, Duchess of Worms:

"Another angry Josajeh, incoming! And she brought her brother along. Charming."

After defeating Josajeh, Duchess of Worms:

"Another breach to seal! Hop to hero!"

During combat with Ritemaster Josajeh:

"Josajeh the evil Psijic tyrant? Drew the short straw on this one, mate. Let's take her down!"

After defeating Ritemaster Josajeh:

"A breach! That's the last of them. Seal it!"

After sealing the last breach:

"It's over. Good work, for a meat-brain I mean."

Entering Ceporah Tower after the incident:

"So our adventure is coming to an end, eh? Look, can we .. can we talk in private? The Athenaeum, maybe? It won't be a moment."

You can speak with the Augur after setting it down on a table in the Athenaeum.

"Thanks, mate. I know you've got other adventures ahead, but I wanted to just take a moment and speak face to ... crystal sort-of face."
Sure. What did you want to talk about?
"Our deal! What else?
When we set out, I held you to a promise. You said if I helped you, you'd try to keep me out of the Psijic vault. Well, I helped. So ..."
If you know everything, don't you already know what I'm going to do?
"Ha! I knew you were clever.
In answer to your direct question, yes, I know what you'll do. But I want you to look at me when you say it. So you're also saying it to yourself, see? A moment of truth and self-reflection! How exciting!"
I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.
"Ah, the hero demurs. Well, I suppose we'll find out soon enough.
But enough of that. This might be our last farewell, mate! What's the custom? Lifting a vessel full of that swill you pour down your face-hole and saying something saccharine?"
I wanted to ask you about something else.
"So ... are we setting out, or should I find a book to read?"
I wanted to ask you something.
"Yeah, of course. I could do with a bit of quiet and fresh air.
Your bag, while cozy, is very, very loud."
Did you enjoy our travels?
"Did I? Does an oblate cogni-form have infinite angles? Please don't hurt yourself. The answer is yes.
It was great. The sights, the smells, the incessant jangle of all your gear on my face. Dream come true, mate!"
Do you feel any different about us "meat-brains" now?
"Pfft. No. Truth is, I've always known you bipeds have potential. Sure, most of you just stumble through your laughably short lives, making smaller versions of yourselves, urinating ... cobbling shoes, I don't know.
But every so often, there's a you."
Thank you?
"Sure. Must be hard hoguh. Knowing you're a lion among endless hordes of baby-rearing, urinating, shoe-making sheep. How you keep from just slaughtering them all and conquering this place, I'll never know.
Not that I advocate that sort of thing!"
What are your plans for the future?
"That, my friend, depends entirely on you.
If you put me back into the vault, I'll spend my days plotting another escape. In between bouts of violently cursing your name and swearing revenge, of course."
And if I set you free?
"I suppose I'll find a new bag to settle in. Maybe Josajeh's? I always liked her, and I think she's already got one boot out the door.
She might not be quite as adventurous as you, but I'd take anyone over another century of boring questions."
Guess I have some thinking to do.
"You know, the fact that you didn't make your mind up about this thirty or so time breaches ago gives me cause to worry.
But don't stew over it, mate. Either way, I'll make do. What's another few hundred years in the grand scheme of things, eh?"
All right, I don't have any more questions. We should get going.
"So, it's back in the bag I go, eh? Fair enough.
Just try to make a little more room, all right? I like lumps of ore and rodent meat as much as the next trans-dimensional entity, but it gets ridiculous in there sometimes."

If you interact with him again without finishing all the dialogue lines before he will greet you:

So … are we setting out, or should I find a book to read?"'

If you choose to return the Augur to the vault, he has some dialogue. After leaving Ceporah Tower:

"So, what did Celarus say? Am I free to travel the world? I'm ready for another adventure!"

Half way to the vault:

"The portal! We're heading to the portal to leave Artaeum? Oh, I can't tell you how happy this makes me, mate!"

Climbing the stairs to Vaults:

"Wait, why are we going to the vault? Why would we—oh."

Entering the College of Psijics:

"Well, I'm sure you did what you could, eh? I know you'd never let this happen if you had a choice."

Entering the Vault of Moawita:

"I can't stand the idea of getting trapped in that vault again. Maybe I'll go to sleep. Yeah, a good long slumber to wash away the sadness."

Once you place the Augur on the tabletop he will have a final word for you:

"Thanks for giving me at least a taste of freedom before the end. So long, mate."

Furnishing Dialogue[edit]

  • "You know there's a ghost in here, right? Its name is Vincent, and it adores cherry pie! Maybe you should go fetch a pie ... or, you know, an exorcist. Not sure where you fall on the whole restless dead issue."
  • "If you find another crystalline entity, you'll bring it back here, right? I could use some decent conversation. Not that you —. Don't get me wrong, our conversations are just ... you know, just really great."
  • "I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but it's critically important that you polish me three times a week, mate. It sharpens my powers of perception and enhances my self-esteem!"
  • "Have you met that Sotha Sil yet? Now there's an Elf I can relate to. Soft-spoken, reclusive, melancholy .... Actually, now that I think about it, we don't have much in common at all."
  • "You know the worst thing about near-omniscience? Every time someone laughingly says, 'have you heard this one?' you have to say yes. Or in my case, you have to glow and scream until they run away."
  • "You know I can see time in all directions? I see you as you are now, as you were before you were born, and as you'll be after you're dead all at once! You're an adorable baby, mate. Less charming as a corpse."
  • "You're not going to use me as a paperweight are you? What's that all about anyway? Paperweights. Honestly, is paper that anxious to escape? Oh, my paper's getting away! Ludicrous!"
  • "You know, where I'm from, warriors wield swords made of pure math. Kind of puts those crude metal weapons into perspective, eh?"
  • "This place is so ... I don't know. Domestic? Where do you keep your trolls? You do have some trolls here, right? I was specifically told there would be trolls."
  • "Thanks for putting me up here, mate. You won't regret it! I don't eat anything, never make a mess, and I'm an excellent conversation piece!"
  • "Do you smell something? Something smells ... yellow. Not hiding any ducklings around here are you? Duck feet are hideous, mate. Hideous!"
  • "Huh? Oh, sorry. I was busy planning my next holiday. Picture this, mate: the moons! Exciting, eh? I'd invite you along if you could survive up there. Sidenote—you cannot survive up there."
  • "So, how about another adventure, mate? We could go ... I don't know, to the market? Buy some eggs. Honestly, I'm game for anything! Really!"
  • "Your belly's rumbling. Hungry? That's one I'll never understand, mate. The drive to push plants and animals into your face-hole, grind them into paste, then store them in a flesh-sack. Yech!"
  • "So you're a Psijic now, eh? I'd keep that to yourself, mate. If people find out, it'll be nothing but 'negotiate this treaty!' and 'settle this matter of succession!' and 'what fork should I use for salad?'"
  • "You don't have any beavers wandering around in here, do you? You know how I feel about beavers."
  • "Be honest—do you ever wish we hadn't broken the Staff of Towers? Just imagine a world of non-linear time! Wait, is your nose bleeding? All right, stop imagining a world of non-linear time."
  • "Hey, I wrote you a song! You're going to love it, mate. It's a brisk sixteen hours long—very up tempo. And there's only a ... I don't know, twelve percent chance it will cause a stroke?"
  • "I've got to admit, I'm a little thrown off by the aesthetic, mate. No un-paintings, less than a thousand angles, hardly any transliminal spheroids .... I don't know. I'd give it a soft 'adequate.'"
  • "Hey do you want to learn how to say hello in my native language? All right, mate. All you'll need is a conch shell, six friends, a harp with forty strings, and a newborn calf. I'll wait."


  • The Augur is similar to Dringoth, another powerful being that is also first encountered as a talking skull.
  • The Augur is voiced by Benjamin Diskin (IMDb).