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Type Plane
Realm Oblivion
A Crimson Shard of Moonshadow
A Moonshadow Wings Mask
"Too much beauty [...] I am half blind. I see flowers and waterfalls, majestic trees, a city of silver, but it is all a blur. The colors run like water. It's raining now, and the wind smells like perfume. This surely is Moonshadow, where Azura dwells." — Morian Zenas, from Seif-ij Hidja's The Doors of Oblivion

Moonshadow is a realm of Oblivion created and ruled over by the Daedric Prince Azura, Queen of Dawn and Dusk.[1][2] The realm is said to hold "too much beauty", so much so it can render mortal visitors "half-blind", and contain flowers, waterfalls, pink trees,[3] and a city of silver. Azura herself resides in a rose palace, and is welcoming to mortal travelers.[1]

To the Khajiit, Moonshadow is where Azurah tends the Gates of the Crossing—the bridge between Nirni and the afterlife beyond.[4][5] According to myth, as Azurah wept in the Great Darkness after the death of her mother, the light from her tears chased away the Darkness and eventually left a "place of moonlight and shadow".[6] Khajiiti mythology also writes that when Magrus fled from Boethra and Lorkhaj after the former had plucked his eye out,[7] he fell into the Moonshadow. There, Azurah judged him as too fearful to rule a sphere, and tore out his other eye. The blinded Magrus fled to the heavens, and Azurah made of his eye a "stone to reflect the Varliance Gate".[8]

During the Second Era, the Ashlander inhabitants of Ald'ruhn had come into possession of several Crimson Shards of Moonshadow, large red crystals which glow with a powerful red light.[9] Rose foundation is made from the pink petals of flowering trees in the realm and imported to Tamriel.[3] Several pieces of armor of Daedric quality found in Tamriel are thought to have originated from Moonshadow; they are enchanted with a strong magical light enchantment, but are otherwise unremarkable.[10]


During Morian Zenas and Divayth Fyr's experiments to travel to Oblivion between 2E 418 to 2E 431, they managed to figure out a ritual to open a gate to Oblivion. Zenas decided to try going to Moonshadow as it was a safe option and visited the realm,[11] but then went on to various other realms before settling in Apocrypha.[1][12] He described Moonshadow to his assistant, Seif-ij Hidja.[13]

A rift to Moonshadow opened within Scrivener's Hall on 2nd Hearthfire, 2E 571, and closed two years later on 25th Evening Star, 2E 573.[14]

Following Vivec's indecent acts toward Azura at Hogithum Hall in the Imperial City, Azura had made the regular gateways to the realm inaccessible by 3E 432.[UOL 1]



  • "Moonshadow" is also another name for Azura.
  • Mortals born under the sign of The Shadow are known to have the ability to turn invisible. This ability is called "Moonshadow", although it is unclear if there is any connection to Azura's realm.
  • In a speech to the Hero of Kvatch, Mankar Camoran incorrectly names Mephala's realms the "ten Moonshadows".[15]


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