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Location Temple of the Hidden Moon, Arum-Khal's Realm
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) The Order of the Hidden Moon
Condition Spirit

Shando-ri is a Khajiit spirit found in Temple of the Hidden Moon and an adept of the Order of the Hidden Moon. In life he was friends with Arum-Khal, but when Azurah chose Shando-ri as the guardian of Moonlight Blade over him, Arum-Khal turned to the dark and brought down the Order.

After much death and destruction, Arum-Khal was subdued and Shando-ri chose to forego the afterlife and tied his spirit to the Moonlight Blade, in preparation for the Dro-m'Athra lich's return and a chance to stop his former brother for good.

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Quest Related Events[edit]

Path of the Hidden Moon[edit]

Shando-ri's resting place

You will find Shando-ri's mummified body in the tomb, with the Moonlight Blade in his lap. As you take the blade, Shando's spirit awakens:

Shando-ri: "Mazza-Mirri? So, the fateful moment is upon us."
Mazza-Mirri: "It is, Shando."

You can then talk to the last keeper of the Blade and learn the history between him and Arum-Khal:

"So. Mazza-Mirri's champion arrives at last. Then the battle is upon us. Azurah be praised.
I am Shando-ri of the Hidden Moon. Together, we will destroy the Dark Spirit of Arum-Khal."
Together? I thought I only needed this weapon.
"The blade and I are one.
Long ago, I turned away from the Sands Behind the Stars—from paradise—and asked Azurah to let me reside within this sword instead. Here I will stay until Arum-Khal has hissed his last."
Then let's finish this.
"Patience. The blade has rested here for too long. My connection to Azurah and the Lunar Lattice feels faint. Weak.
We cannot face Arum-Khal until we restore the sword to its former strength."
I might know someone who can help. I'll find a way to restore the blade.
"We should seek out this sword-mender as soon as possible. Arum-Khal has spent centuries plotting this escape. If he regains his full strength, even the powers of the Moonlight Blade may fall short."
So, you and Mazza-Mirri know each other?
"Yes. It does my heart good to see her again. She was my teacher. And after Arum-Khal betrayed us …. She became a dear friend, as well."
Has she just been waiting all this time like you?
"Mazza-Mirri swore to safeguard the blade and the temple for as long as necessary. As always, she was true to her word."
What's the story behind this Moonlight Blade?
"An ancient gift from our patron, Azurah. We prayed over it under the lantern-light of Jone and Jode for six months before channeling my soul into it.
The blade will not fail us. You have my word."
Mazza-Mirri said it will help us defeat Arum-Khal. How, exactly?
"It exists here on Nirni, but not only here. I would say more, but simply describing the blade's power does it no justice.
Restore the sword, champion. By the grace of Azurah, all will become clear soon."
What is your relationship to Azura, anyway?
"Dark moons, has the faith truly withered that much?
Azurah is the Mother of all Khajiit. She lifted us up and bound us to the Lunar Lattice. Hers is the gift of Ja-Kha'jay—the eternal, unified spirit of our people, and all our perfect forms."
And your order was devoted to her in particular?
"Yes. Azurah charged us with safeguarding lost souls and bringing them back to her embrace.
Every soul of the Ja-Kha'jay is sacred. I served her in life. I serve her still, in death. And I will serve her in any life that is yet to come."
Can you tell me more about yourself?
"Hmph. Speaking about oneself is an act of vanity. I prefer to let my actions speak for me."
I need to know more about the person I'm working with.
"As you wish.
In life, I served the order as a defender of the Lattice and steward of the Moonlight Blade. Any dark creature that crept into this world fell by my hand. Arum-Khal fought at my side for many years, but I failed to see the Dark in him."
What were the signs you missed?
"Missed … or chose not to see. Banishing spirits brought him too much joy.
A Hidden Moon adept's true calling lies in charity. Humility. Forgiveness. Our dominion over Khajiiti souls made us guides and confessors. Violence was always a last resort."
Did you ever try to forgive and redeem Arum-Khal?
"Arum-Khal was my brother. I tried to …. He would not see reason.
He does not seek forgiveness or redemption. He thirsts for power and death, and must be destroyed. On this subject I will say no more."

Once you exit the temple through a tunnel that leads back to the Tomb of the Hidden Moon, you will literally jump down to meet Vastarie. Shando's spirit will appear soon after:

Vastarie: "Oh! Welcome back."
Shando-ri: "A witch of Azurah? Hmm. You bring worthy allies to this battle, sword-wielder."
Vastarie: "And you've made a new friend, I see. Excellent."

He will approve of Vastarie if you speak with him:

"She is not of the Ja-Kha'jay, but I can sense a deep devotion to Azurah from this ally of yours. Mother is guiding us, as she always does."

The Moonlight Blade[edit]

After you have spoken with Vastarie, you can tell Shando-ri a possible way to recharge the blade:

"So, Arum-Khal's orbs lead to a shadow realm of some kind? Moons' mercy. Is he so desperate to be free of Azurah—to be free of us—that he would cast himself into a prison of his own making?
Enough of that. How can we strengthen the blade?"
Vastarie said if we destroy undead with the sword near at hand, it will gradually strengthen itself.
"In that case, it will soon sing with moonlight.
Azurah gave us this weapon to drive bent spirits back into Oblivion. I am eager to do her good work again. So is the Moonlight Blade."
All right, let's go destroy some undead.
"Yes, sword-wielder. And may Azurah bless our labors."
You said Arum-Khal wants to be free of Azurah? What do you mean?
"The ancient texts tell us that when we pass on, we rejoin our mother, Azurah. She awaits us on the other side of the Crossing, and welcomes us home with open arms.
In joining Azurah, we also rejoin the ja-Kha'jay."
What is the ja-Kha'jay, again?
"The great well of Khajiiti spirits—the eternal soul that binds one cat to another.
Arum-Khal hates Azurah, and fears reunion with the souls of his people. That is why he created this dead realm of his."
What will happen to his soul when we defeat him?
"We will destroy it utterly.
A darkness like Arum-Khal's cannot be cast out. We must end it. Permanently."
Azurah's Gate

Once you leave the tomb and begin to destroy undead to charge the blade, Shando will comment as it gets stronger:

Blade Charge — Low
Shando-ri : "Well done, sword-wielder. The power of the Moonlight Blade is waking."
Blade Charge — Medium
Shando-ri : "I can feel the power returning. Every dark spirit strengthens the blade's connection to the Crossing—the bridge between Nirni and what lies beyond."
Blade Charge — High
Shando-ri : "These spirits know nothing but hunger. One day they will repent of their sins. Not today, though. So we banish them, back to the void."
Blade Charge — Completed
Shando-ri : "Good! The Moonlight Blade sings the Hidden Moon's song again. Take it to Azurah's Gate. We will speak further there."

You can then head to Azurah's Gate which has been locked. It is still beautiful:

"Azurah's Gate. I had almost forgotten its beauty."
Vastarie says the door is locked.
"No door bearing Azurah's likeness is locked to the wielder of the Moonlight Blade.
Once we enter the temple, we must look for Arum-Khal's orbs. To destroy them, we must first defeat their protectors—Shades of Arum-Khal. That task falls to you."
Once I kill the Shades, then what?
"They will try to flee, back into the orb. But I will dance across the breach and destroy them on the other side before they escape.
Without the Shade to protect them, the orbs will shatter, and those doors to Arum-Khal's realm will collapse."
All right. I'll kill these Shades.
"The power of the Moonlight Blade should dissolve the wards and allow us to enter the temple. Harness that power, and we can proceed."
What are these Shades of Arum-Khal, exactly?
"Slivers of Arum-Khal's soul. Fragments of the whole that exist only to defend Arum-Khal and his phylacteries.
We thought they were simple animated shadows at first. We learned, too late, that they are much more than that."
So, if we destroy these Shades, are we destroying parts of Arum-Khal's soul?
"Only loose fragments. The width and breadth of Arum-Khal's soul … it would burst the heart of most Khajiit.
It will take much more than slaying these Shades to bring an end to the Dark Adept."

You can the use the Moonlight Blade to open the door to the crypts. If you talk to Shando-ri before entering the crypt, he'll tell you to be brave:

"Keep steady, sword-wielder. As Lorkhaj taught, look into the darkness of the void without fear in your heart, and it will come to fear you instead."

Once inside the Hidden Moon Crypts, Vastarie and Shando-ri will go over the plan:

Shando-ri: "Witch of Azurah, where will we find the Dark Adept's orbs?"
Vastarie: "His corrupt stench billows out of the northern vault. But darkness gathers to the east and west, too."
Shando-ri: "Then we strike east and west. Destroying those orbs should weaken Arum-Khal before our final attack."
Vastarie: "I can't risk approaching him while he remains at full strength. I'll do what I can from here. Azura guide you, my friends."

If you talk to him he will offer words of encouragement:

"Keep steady, sword-wielder. As Lorkhaj taught, look into the darkness of the void without fear in your heart, and it will come to fear you instead."

Once you destroy a Shade of Arum-Khal, Shando will appear and banish the remnants with the blade:

Shade of Arum-Khal: "Fools! Servants of a false queen! You will scream for mercy when I—!"
<Shando-ri strikes the shade with the Moonlight Blade.>
Shando-ri: "Quiet now. Time to serve your penance."
Shade of Arum-Khal: "Shando! How did you—?"
<Shando-ri strikes with the Moonlight Blade.>
Shando-ri: "Through faith and loyalty, brother."
"You always did underestimate me, Shando."

After you slain the physical form of Arum-Khal, Shando-ri will attempt to do the same thing as previously, only to be grabbed by the throat:

Arum-Khal: "You always did underestimate me, Shando."
Shando-ri: "Destroying me will not save you, brother. Another wields the Moonlight Blade."
Arum-Khal: "And they will share your fate soon enough."

Shando-ri will then be banished into Arum-Khal's dark realm.

Shando-ri is weakened

Once you enter the realm using the Moonlight Blade, you will find Shando-ri praying to Azurah:

Shando-ri: "Azurah. Upon all the spirits of my fallen kin I pray, lend me strength."

Speak to him and he'll be surprised at your appearance:

"You … you followed? Azurah be praised. My failure may not doom us after all.
I hesitated, sword-wielder. Despite all the years, all the sorrows. I still thought I could save him. Now, he prepares to reconstitute himself—to escape once again."
I thought he was beyond redemption.
"He is. I know he is. But … Moons forgive me, I have such doubts. How could any Khajiit abandon Azurah completely? Especially a Khajiit as great as Arum-Khal?
No. I cannot afford such thoughts. Not anymore."
Don't worry. He won't escape again. I'll finish him.
"Good. Bring this tale to an end, my friend. Tighten your jaws, harden your heart, and strike true.
You will defeat him. I know this, because despite his strength, your will is stronger. Trust in Azurah, and in yourself."

He will wish you luck as he fades:

Shando-ri: "Moons guide you, sword-wielder. Moons guide …."

Defeat the Dark Spirit of Arum-Khal and you'll hear Shando call out to you:

Shando-ri: "Well done, sword-wielder. Come, we have little time!"

The pair of you will have to run until you hear familiar voices:

Mazza-Mirri: "You must not, Witch. Arum-Khal was his realm. Now it collapses."
Vastarie: "No. I can find them!"
Shando-ri: "There. A portal!"
Vastarie: "We haven't much time! Reach for me!"
Shando-ri: "Do not worry for me, friend. Go!"
Mazza-Mirri: "Shando … he will not make it."
Vastarie: "Don't despair. I won't abandon them!"

Speak to Shando-ri before entering the portal, he will tell you goodbye just in case:

"Destroying Arum-Khal's dark spirit destabilized this realm. You must go, sword-wielder, before it collapses.
Do not worry for Shando-ri. Thanks to you, my vow to destroy the Dark Adept is fulfilled."
What will happen to your soul when this realm expires?
"I do not know. Arum-Khal dealt my soul a terrible blow. What remains may simply disappear when the realm dissolves. I cannot be sure.
What matters is that we destroyed the dark lich's blight and redeemed the Order of the Hidden Moon."
Is there no way for you to escape with us?
"No. I lack the strength to take hold of the Moonlight Blade as I did before. If Azurah still has a use for me, she may pluck me from this place. If not? Then, this is farewell.
Strong will, sword-wielder."
Strong will and farewell, Shando-ri.
(If Non-Khajiit) "You may not be a child of the ja-Kha'jay, but you fight like it. You wrestle fate with sharp claws and hissing words, just as we do.
Now go, my friend, and walk Azurah's path."
(If Khajiit) "You walk the Path in strange times, my kin. Look to the old teachings, and the spirits of our ancestors. Azurah, Boethra, and Mafala will teach you. Learn from them, and keep the faith.
Now, go. Strong will, Khajiit."
A send-off

When you arrive back in Elsweyr, Shando will have failed to follow. However, Vastarie has a plan to try and reconstitute Shando-ri's spririt. You can help perform the ritual, with amazing success:

Vastarie: "Lost and shattered light, come forth! Cast off your shadows and heed my call!"
<Shando's spirit appears.>
Shando-ri: "Shando-ri is whole? Azurah shows me mercy."
<Arum-Khal's spirit appears as well.>
Arum-Khal: "Shando … is that you?"
Shando-ri: "Yes, brother. It's time to go home."
Arum-Khal: "It's so dark. I can't …."
Shando-ri: "Come. I will show you the way."

With that, the two friends depart the world.