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Queen Khamira
ON-npc-Khamira 03.jpg
Queen Khamira at the time of her coronation
Race Khajiit (Cathay) Gender Female
Born 2E 563
Reign 2E 582-
Previous Ruler Euraxia Tharn
Resided in Elsweyr
Appears in ESO, Legends

Khamira was Queen of Anequina, the northern kingdom of Elsweyr, from 2E 582. Born in 2E 563 to King Hemakar and Queen Numara of Anequina,[1] she was presumed dead with the rest of her family after Euraxia Tharn overthrew her father in the Frostfall Coup of 2E 576.[2] She had in fact survived, and covertly took up arms in a resistance movement against Euraxia's rule known as the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force.[3] After unsuccessfully attempting to stop the unwitting release of Kaalgrontiid and his rage of Dragons by Abnur Tharn in 2E 582,[4] she subsequently helped to defend the city of Riverhold from the combined assault of Euraxia's forces and the Dragon Bahlokdaan, and revealed her true identity there after their defeat.[5] After Euraxia's deposition she banished Kaalgrontiid with the help of Abnur Tharn and the Vestige, and was crowned queen soon afterwards.[6][7] As monarch she sought to restore the Elsweyr Confederacy between Anequina and Pellitine.[8]


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