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Find the demon weapon hidden in the Halls of Colossus before Euraxia Tharn does.
Zone: Grahtwood
Quest Giver: Abnur Tharn
Location(s): Halls of Colossus
Prerequisite Quest: The Demon Weapon
Next Quest: Dark Souls, Mighty Weapons, Dragon Lore: Icehammer's Vault, Dragon Lore: Shroud Hearth, Dragon Lore: Stormcrag Crypt, Goblin Demonstration, Lamia Demonstration, Lurcher Demonstration, Skeleton Demonstration, Spider Demonstration
Reward: Dragon Flight Illusion Gem
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 6306
What could be locked away inside the Halls of Colossus?
I helped Abnur Tharn decode the Wrathstone tablet and determine the location of the hidden weapon. Now we need to travel to the Halls of Colossus and find it before his half-sister, Euraxia. Khamira has decided to go with us.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

An ambush by Euraxia's soldiers
Behold, the power of the Wrathstone.
Sealed no more
  1. Enter the Halls of Colossus.
  2. Hold off the ambush.
  3. Solve the first puzzle.
  4. Make your way through the ruins and solve the second puzzle.
  5. Defeat Captain Martio Calsivius.
  6. Watch what the Wrathstone unleashes.
  7. Take the portal and talk to Abnur Tharn.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Halls of Colossus left/right puzzle cheatsheet.

Abnur Tharn has arranged for a Chartered Cart to take your party to a boat that will navigate to the Halls of Colossus. He urges you to finish up any unfinished business quickly, as time is not on your side.

Upon entering, you will get ambushed by Euraxia's commander with necromancy and poisonous gas; Abnur Tharn will make a safe bubble from the gas as Khamira disables the gas and you fight off a relatively small wave of skeletons. The commander leaves you to solving the door puzzle. The solution to the puzzle of opening the interior door is to activate the new moon, the waning crescent moons, and the waxing crescent moons.

As you navigate through the ruins, you will potentially come across some of Euraxia's soldiers; pass them and head through the ruins and into a rectangular room— another prism puzzle. There are sets of statues on the left and right sides of the room. The solution to the puzzle on the right side is to activate the Guardians whose panels feature the full moons, the waning crescent moons, and the waxing crescent moons. The solution to the left side is to activate only the Guardian statues featuring the waxing crescent and waning crescent moons on their panels.

In the next room, Abnur Tharn learns that the weapon isn't an object— Khamira reveals a relief that depicts what the stories described as demons, which Abnur Tharn corrects as dragons. Disappointed, he admits that he has no use for them, and both of them enter the summit. Kill Martio Calsivius before he unseals the vault and releases the dragons. Once he falls, Abnur Tharn will attempt to reseal the vault, but it's too late: dragons flood out of the vault and fly towards Elsweyr.

When you return back to Grahtwood, Khamira will mention how much of a catastrophic failure the plan was, and that she feels as though Abnur knew it was going to end like this: after all, his acquisition of the Wrathstone caused the chain of events to occur. Abnur will say that preventing Euraxia from enslaving dragons is better than nothing. He will head to Elsweyr to prepare them for the invasion of dragons, as well as figure out a way to contain them— eventually. When you ask about the half-siblings' shared interest in the hidden weapon, he thinks that he was led on a breadcrumb trail by his own half-sister.

Abnur Tharn then compensates you for your service.



  • If you fall through the hole in the ground located in the Halls of Colossus' largest room, your map may break, causing all map markers to disappear until you leave the zone. ?
    • As the fall does not kill you, this is only a very minor bug that has a limited effect on gameplay

Quest Stages[edit]

The Halls of Colossus
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Abnur Tharn arranged a chartered wagon and boat to take us to the Halls of Colossus. I should find the wagon outside Cormount in Grahtwood when I'm ready to depart.
Objective: Travel to the Halls of Colossus
The chartered wagon took us to a boat, which took us to a remote stretch of beach along the southern coast of Elsweyr. The ruins of the Halls of Colossus are just ahead. We need to enter the ruins and locate the weapon.
Objective: Enter the Halls of Colossus
The Halls of Colossus appear ancient and are filled with statuary and ruins. I should help Tharn and Khamira search for some way to get deeper inside.
Objective: Explore the Entryway
Captain Calsivius, an Imperial in service to Euraxia Tharn, flooded the chamber with poison gas and sent a horde of undead to attack us. I need to deal with the undead while Abnur Tharn keeps the gas at bay.
Objective: Survive the Ambush
With the undead defeated and the gas trap foiled, now we need to solve the puzzle to open the interior door. Only then can we chase after Captain Calsivius and beat him to the weapon.
Objective: Open the Interior Door
Optional Step: Talk to Abnur Tharn
Optional Step: Talk to Khamira
The door leading into the interior of the Halls of Colossus is open. Now to reach Captain Calsivius and stop him from attaining the weapon before we do.
Objective: Pursue Captain Calsivius
To continue our pursuit of Captain Calsivius, I need to solve another Khajiiti light puzzle. This one appears more complex than any of the previous puzzles I dealt with.
Objective: Solve the Left Puzzle
Objective: Solve the Right Puzzle
The door is open. Now to reach Captain Calsivius before he reaches the weapon.
Objective: Pursue Captain Calsivius
We were wrong. The legend isn't about a weapon—it's about Dragons! I have to stop Captain Calsivius before he unleashes the trapped Dragons.
Objective: Kill Captain Calsivius
I killed Captain Calsivius, but the vault is almost open. I need to protect Abnur Tharn while he attempts to stop the process and reseal the vault.
Objective: Protect Abnur Tharn
Too late! The vault has opened and the Dragons are escaping! I need to get out of their way.
Objective: Witness the Event
The Dragons escaped from their ancient prison and there's nothing else to be done here. Tharn opened a portal to take us out of the Halls of Colossus. I should use it.
Objective: Exit the Halls of Colossus
We returned from the Halls of Colossus, but weren't able to stop the Dragons from escaping their ancient prison. I should speak to Khamira and see what she thinks of the situation.
Objective: Talk to Khamira
Finishes quest☑ Abnur Tharn admitted that his half-sister Euraxia tricked him into following the clues and releasing the Dragons into Elsweyr. I should find out if he has a plan for rectifying the situation.
Objective: Talk to Abnur Tharn
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