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For the horse, see Ember (horse).

Location Tor Draioch
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Ember is a Khajiit mage and companion who can initially be found at Tor Draioch.

You will acquire the ability to have her as a houseguest once you've completed Green with Envy.

Related Quests[edit]

Likes and Dislikes[edit]

Amount Action Cooldown
Actions that give Positive Rapport
+500 Completing Cold Trail, Cold Blood, Old Pain, or Green with Envy only once each
+125 Complete a Thieves Guild heist without the time bonus daily
+125 Complete a Mages Guild daily daily
+125 Complete a High Isle delve daily quest daily
+25 / +5 Fence a purple-quality stolen item 24 hours
+10 / +1 Win a game of Tales of Tribute (?)
+10 / +1 Pickpocket a guard (?)
+10 Use clemency 24 hours
+5 / +1 Loot a thieves trove or safebox 1 hour
+5 Use a counterfeit pardon edict (leniency edict doesn't count) (?)
+5 Complete a Thieves Guild job from a Tip Board 1 hour
+1 Visit outlaws refuges or Thieves Guild 1 hour
+1 Harvest a runestone 1 hour
+1 Kill a werewolf 5 minutes
+1 Kill a wolf 5 minutes
+1 Summon the Big-Eared Ginger Kitten pet 24 hours
+1 Successfully flee from the guard (?)
+1 Trespass a restricted area (?)
Actions that give Negative Rapport
-25 / -5 Pay a bounty to a guard after being caught 1 hour
-10 Get caught committing a crime (?)
-10 Get spotted while trespassing (?)
-5 Pay a bounty to a guard after being caught while the other bounty rapport cooldown is active (?)
-1 Start fishing no cooldown
Rapport can be gained from one heist, one Mages Guild daily quest and one High Isle delve daily quest per day, resetting at 6am UTC when the daily quests are reset. Though it is possible to complete more than one of each type of quest per day, either by carrying over a quest obtained on an earlier day or by having another player share theirs (the latter not applying for heists), further quests within the same day will not provide additional rapport.

Companion Data[edit]

Companion Perk Ember's Intuition: When pickpocketing, bestows a chance to acquire hidden wallets your mark hoped to keep secure. Hidden wallets may contain additional gold.
Default Gear Medium Armor and Lightning Destruction Staff, base quality Default Style Ancestral High Elf Style Default Mount Sorrel Horse
Rapport Status
Cordial Ember appreciates that you put up with her. Wary Ember tolerates you. Barely.
Friendly Ember thinks she's learning a lot from you. Irritated Ember really doesn't like you.
Close Ember thinks you're trouble. That's a huge compliment. Disdainful Ember is thinking of transforming you in your sleep.
Allied Ember loves how exciting you make her life.
Companion Ember thinks you've changed her life, for the better.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Tower Full of Trouble[edit]

When first approached you will see her blasting a mote:

Ember: "Get back here you stupid thing!"
Ember: "Watch yourself, stranger. There's some errant magic out here."

When spoken to:

"I hope you don't mind me saying so, but you look like someone who's good at cleaning up messes. I've got a big one for you, if you're up for it. I'd pay you for your time.
But I need someone quick on their feet. This mess is turning into a crisis."
What's going on?
"I was experimenting with a spell while my mentor, Magister Irin, was away. But the magic went … awry. If it doesn't get dealt with, it's going to spread beyond this area and harm a bunch of innocent people. I can't fix it on my own, so I need help."
How can I help?
"I need to develop a counterspell. But first, the protective wards around the area need to be restored by someone other than myself so I don't taint the magic.
That's where you come in. Like I said, if you help, I can pay!"
I'll help you reset the wards.
"Hold still—you'll need this unless you want to spend the next few hours as a sheep. Not as glamorous as it sounds. And here, take these crystals, you'll need them to restore the wards. The first one is in the meadow just up the hill to the north."
What do these wards normally do?
"Mostly they serve to keep errant magic inside Tor Draioch's boundaries. You know, the standard three-points-of-protection thing.
Unfortunately, my spell kicked those wards in the teeth. They're not protecting anything now."
Why can't you restore the wards yourself?
"The spell I created has my magical … mark on it, if that makes sense. There are certain types of magic that can be affected by their creator, intentionally or not.
Messing with forces already attuned to you can have unpredictable results."
So if you tried restoring the wards, it might make things worse?
"Exactly. Magic is powerful and great and all that, but it can be pretty sensitive. Fussy, Magister Irin likes to say.
And since my spell is already wreaking havoc across Tor Draioch, I'd rather not take any unnecessary risks while fixing it."
Who are you?
"The name's Ember. Well, technically it's a nickname, but it's all I use. I'm Magister Irin's apprentice. I think he regrets taking me on sometimes, but he's got a big heart. He saw that I had no formal training and told me to come here to learn."
Where is here, exactly?
"This is Tor Draioch. There's a big wizard's tower, you can't miss it. I've been living there with Magister Irin plus a few people who keep up the grounds and the tower itself. All of whom have been affected by my spell, I'd guess."
Remind me what I need to do again.
"All you have to do is place those crystals I gave you on the three protective wards. It'll be easy, I promise!"
What will you be doing?
"Mostly trying to keep anything with ill intent away from you.
My errant spell seems to be affecting the creatures around Tor Draioch in all kinds of ways. Things that were once docile might be a little … grumpy right now."

Approaching the meadow ward:

Ember: "Here we are. I'm going to cast a little purifying spell while you place the crystal so nothing disturbs us."
Ember: "Let's do this quick."

Fixing the meadow ward:

Ember: "That's one ward restored. Let's go fix the next one, it's in the glade just west of here!"

When spoken to after:

"I really should have paid more attention to Magister Irin when he was explaining how these protective wards work. I should have paid more attention to him in general, actually.
The next one is in the glade. It's just across the way to the west."
Will restoring the wards return everything to normal here?
"Unfortunately no. The wards are just to keep the unstable magic inside the bounds of Tor Draioch. That way, I can work on a counterspell without worrying about the original spell spreading."
How did you know about the wards in the first place?
"Magister Irin made sure I knew what they were and what purpose they served as soon as he took me on as an apprentice. He wanted me to be familiar with as much of Tor Draioch as possible. Or, at least the parts that keep it safe."

Approaching the glade ward:

Ember: "Ah, here we are. I'll make sure nothing gets in our way while you place the warding crystal."

Fixing the glade ward:

Ember: "You're a natural! Maybe you should have been Magister Irin's apprentice."
Ember: "The last ward is south of here, inside a cave."

If spoken to:

"The last ward is inside a cave. I hate caves. They're usually wet and dark and full of creepy crawlies. Eugh.
But once we restore that ward, my spell will at least be contained within Tor Draioch. Then we can concentrate on fixing it."

Approaching the cave ward:

Ember: "This is the last one, let's get this over with quick. Place the warding crystal."
Ember: "That's all the wards! Let's talk outside. I need to figure out what to do next."

Follow her outside and she'll be blasting another mote:

Ember: "Stupid motes!"

When spoken to outside the cave:

"I know my rogue spell is to blame for most of the weirdness happening around Tor Draioch, but it almost seems like these damned motes are becoming dangerous. They're doing more than just mischievous magic.
Fish biscuits! I need to figure this out!"
Why would they turn dangerous?
"I'm not sure. The motes aren't new, they're always hanging around Tor Draioch. I think they're drawn to places like this.
But there was nothing in my spell that should have made them act malevolent. And there are a lot more around than usual."
Should we do something about them?
"Yes. I can make traps to contain them, but I'm still worried about their behavior. While I work on the traps, could you head into the tower and look through Magister Irin's things? He might have a book with more information about the motes."
I'll go search through Magister Irin's things in the tower.
Ember: "See if you can find anything in the tower about the motes. I'll meet you there and start on the traps."

As you approach the tower you will see her and Huldressa speaking:

Ember: "Relax, Huldressa. I'm working on it."
Huldressa: "You better work fast because when Magister Irin—what the, oooh!"
<A mote changes Huldressa into the form of a guar>
Ember: "All right, that was a little funny."

When spoken to:

"I forgot to put an enchantment on Huldressa to protect her from the magic. Don't look at me like that! It wasn't on purpose.
These motes are becoming a real knot in my tail. I'll work on these traps while you rifle through Magister Irin's things."
What just happened?
"One of those motes got to her. Thankfully it was just one of the mischievous ones. It turned her into a guar.
Don't worry, it's just an illusion. She'll be disoriented, but unharmed. In fact, I think some time as a reptile might be good for her."
Are you sure your traps will work on the motes?
"I think so. I'm using a variation of something I was already working on. I enchanted a bit of silver for each of them.
It's simple, when a mote gets near one of the traps, it should suck it up. Like … pffffft!"
How did you come up with that idea?
"The original idea was an olive branch for Huldressa—a spell that cleans up dust. My magicka practice kicks up a lot of the stuff, so I wanted to make something that would help her out a bit.
I'll make the traps using the same design."
Do you not like Huldressa?
"To be fair, she didn't like me first. When Magister Irin took me in, Huldressa didn't waste any time deciding I was a no-good street urchin who's too impulsive for her own good. She's not entirely wrong, but she never even gave me a chance!"
What does Magister Irin say about it?
"Magister Irin knows what he signed up for. Taking me on … I'll admit, it's no small feat. But he's never judged me for being the way I am. Which is why I don't want to disappoint him by ruining his tower with unhinged magic.
He does a lot for me."
I'll go search the tower for any useful information.
Ember: "I'll get to work on the traps for the motes! Good thoughts only!"

After searching the tower:

Ember: "You in here? Did you find anything useful about the motes?"

When spoken to:

"I finished the traps. Once we set them up, they should take care of the motes. Then I can sort out the livestock and Huldressa … and at some point create a counterspell to fix everything for good.
Did you learn anything useful?"
I found a book that mentions a wind spirit associated with the motes in this area.
"Oh! I read that one, with the Windsorrow lady, right? What if my spell disturbed her and that's why the motes are acting up? That's … troubling. And also a problem for future Ember.
Let's focus on one thing at a time. Or, two things, actually."
Which are?
"The traps are finished, but the livestock and Huldressa are still a problem. I want to figure out a way to return them all to their natural forms before the illusion does any damage.
Could you set the traps while I do that?"
Where should I set them?
"Here, I'll mark some places to set the traps. They're in a pack by the worktables outside. While you do that, I'll figure out how to fix the livestock and Huldressa. Then I can work on my counterspell.
Meet me by the livestock pens when you're done."
I'll go set the traps.
Ember: "Good luck setting up the traps! I'll meet you by the livestock pens when you're finished."

After placing the mote traps, return to her and you will see her transform two enchanted chickens back into normal chickens:

Ember: "All right, let's get you two back to your regular chicken selves."

<Ladies turn back to chickens>

Ember: "Ha, I knew it would work! Run along, ladies."

When spoken to:

"You're back! The traps worked, didn't they? See, I told you I know what I'm doing … mostly.
Speaking of which, I think I figured out a way to return the livestock to their original forms."
"I made something. I know it looks like a spoon but … well, technically it is a spoon. But I enchanted it, and I call it the Spoon of Undo!
I just tested it on those chickens. It removes the illusions perfectly."
Why is it so important to remove the illusions from the livestock?
"Normally I wouldn't bother, but illusions can be disorienting and cause terrible headaches. I don't want any of the animals suffering while I come up with my counterspell.
Oh, and Huldressa. I suppose I don't really want her suffering either."
What can I do to help?
"Here, take the Spoon of Undo. If you could run around and fix the livestock and Huldressa, that will give me a chance to finally whip up this counterspell. By the time you're finished, I'm sure I'll have something figured out!"
I'll take your enchanted spoon and help the livestock. You go work on your counterspell.
"Just look around for people making animal noises, I'm sure they won't be hard to find. And tell them I'm sorry when you change them back, would you?
As for Huldressa, I'm all in favor of leaving her as a guar. Just kidding! Kind of."
How does the Spoon of Undo work?
"Hah, it sounds cute when you say it.
It's a pretty simple reversing enchantment. It should counteract the magic from the motes and dispel the illusion. Basic stuff not even I can mess up."
Do you think the animals will let me use the Spoon of Undo on them?
"Well, they're still animals. They might run around a bit, but I doubt they'll make it too difficult for you. They're not exactly geniuses.
Personally, if I was a sheep, and got turned into a human, I think I'd go off on an adventure."
Can I ask what you were trying to do with your experimental spell in the first place?
"I wasn't trying to turn animals into people, I swear. I had a theory about animating the inanimate. One of Magister Irin's texts gave me the idea. Hmm. That's probably why he locks so many of his books away, now that I think about it."
What will Magister Irin do if he returns before we fix everything?
"Well, I'm hoping to avoid that scenario. But if it does happen, I'm not sure. He's an odd one. I'm too old for him to punish and he's not really the type to dole out discipline anyway.
I think he'd be disappointed. Which is so, so much worse."
Ember: "I'll be in the tower working on the counterspell. Come find me when you're done."

As you enter the tower:

Ember: "Fish biscuits! That wasn't right."
Ember: "I assume Huldressa is back to her charming self? I've run into a problem."

When spoken to:

"I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I've nearly finished my counterspell. But I need to find a tome called The Mirrored Way to complete it. I know Magister Irin has it, but it's not with the rest of his books. That's the bad news."
Why is that the bad news?
"Because if The Mirrored Way isn't with the rest of his things, it's probably locked away in his arcane library. The library he specifically forbids me from entering.
The tome I need has to be in there. Without it, I can't make the counterspell."
What should we do?
"Magister Irin has warned me not to enter his library a thousand times … but these are special circumstances.
There will probably be some magical traps inside meant to keep me out, so I'll need your help getting the book while I deal with them."
I'll help you get the book.
"Once we find The Mirrored Way in Magister Irin's library, I can finish my counterspell. I just hope the old man wasn't serious about putting something dangerous inside to keep me out.
He was definitely kidding. Had to be. Come on, let's go."
What kind of magical traps do you think we'll run into?
"Not sure. I picked the lock on the place as soon as I figured out he didn't want me getting in there. He's since put up protections and told me to stay out unless I have his permission.
I'm sure he's got some kind of ward or barrier set up."
You were able to enter his arcane library just by picking the lock?
"It wasn't hard. Mages like Magister Irin tend to think in very … magical ways. They'll put magicked reinforcements over every inch of a place, but forget a few pins and a good ear can foil them.
And to be fair to him, I'm a very good lockpick."
How did you get so good at lockpicking?
"Necessity. I wasn't exactly raised in the lap of luxury. Not even in the lap of genteel poverty, for that matter.
You get good at things like that if you don't want to be hungry. Or caught by guards or angry merchants."
Ember: "Follow me, the library is downstairs!"


Ember: "Give me just a moment to pick the lock."
Ember: "All right, let's get in and out as quick as we can."

In the arcane library:

Ember: "I don't sense anything. Maybe the old man was bluffing."
<Ember is suddenly wrapped in magical chains>
Ember: "Fish biscuits!"
Magister Irin: "I warned you, Ember!"
Ember: "This spell is specifically targeting me! I'll figure out a way down, you just focus on getting the book!"

Find The Mirrored Way and Ember will break free:

Ember: "That's it, you got it! Now let's get out of here before I set off something else!"

After exiting the arcane library:

Ember: "Magister Irin really didn't want me getting in there, huh? I have to admire the dedication."

When spoken to:

"I didn't know the old man had it in him! He had something to target me specifically, what a sneaky old goat! Good thing I had you with me.
You managed to get the book, right? Let me see it."
Here, take it.
"Let me take a look. Mmm … mhmm. No, not that, that would be bad. What about this?
Oh! Here it is. It's amahan'ist'exis, not gahan'amexis'ist! Good thing I checked. See? That's personal growth right there."
What does that even mean?
"Two different arcane glyphs. They do entirely different things when written and pronounced aloud. The second one is what I need for my counterspell.
Now, all that's left is to get to the old ritual circle and cast this. I'll need your help again."
Ready when you are.
"The counterspell should set everything right in Tor Draioch. Things will be just as Magister Irin left them and I won't have to face his furrowed brow.
I'll need your help at the ritual site. Casting a spell this big is a two-person job."
Why can't you cast your counterspell here?
"The old ritual circle is a place of power and I'm going to need all the help I can get. I plan to draw on the magic there to help strengthen my counterspell. Magister Irin told me about it. This probably isn't how he wanted to implement the lesson."
Do you think that Windsorrow spirit is actually here?
"Maybe? Old tales and myths always start from some truth, at some point in time. The motes around here seem to be affected by more than my spell, is all I'm saying.
I always expect the worst. I find it helpful."
"If luck is with us, maybe just some irritated wildlife we can deal with as we've done before. Or some of the bolder motes.
But if there is some truth to the ancient tales, then maybe we find some sort of really cranky wind spirit."
Ember: "The ritual circle is just up the hill to the north. I'll meet you there."

Meet Ember at the site:

Ember: "I'm here! First, we need to set the ritual flames. There's three around the site."
Ember: "Light the three ritual flames here. I'll get the ones on the altar!"

Light the flames:

Ember: "Almost there."
Ember: "It's done, the spell is set! Follow me, we should be able to see it materialize!"

Follow Ember to the overlook and watch the fireworks:

Ember: "Any second now!"
Ember: "It worked! We did it! Come on, let's get back to the tower."

Back at the tower, Magister Irin has returned and getting an earful from Huldressa:

Huldressa: "I refuse to work under these conditions! I was turned into a guar! A guar!"
Magister Irin: "Of course, Huldressa. I promise to address the situation."
Huldressa: "See that you do."
Ember: "Huldressa sold me out, didn't she?"
Magister Irin: "Let me speak to your associate first, Ember."

Speak to her before Irin:

"It's probably for the best that Magister Irin speaks with you first. We fixed everything, but I still have a feeling he's going to skin me alive.
I did learn a lot from this experience though. That's positive right? Put in a good word for me?"

After speaking to the magister:

Ember: "Hey, you, let's talk while Magister Irin collects his thoughts."
"I thought Magister Irin would be as mad as a wet dragon. But he looks amused. It's probably because he's wanted to turn Huldressa into a guar at some point, he just won't admit it. And the fact that we fixed it all before he got here helped."
Do you think he will push you harder at your magic studies now?
"Well, I've been thinking. I'm grateful to Magister Irin, but sitting and reading about magic has little appeal to me. This whole thing just proved to me that I'm too restless here. I want to do magic, not just study it! Go on adventures! See things!"
Are you saying you want to leave Tor Draioch?
"I think it's time. I've been given good training here, but I still have a lot to learn.
For me, the best teachers are curiosity and experience. I learn best by doing, so I need to get out in the world and continue my training."
So what's next for Ember the Sorcerer?
"Ember the Sorcerer. Heh, I like the sound of that. But that can come later. First, take this. It's not much but you deserve it.
I think we made a good team today. If you ever need a sorcerer who has your back, let me know. We'd have some fun."

Ember turns to her old tutor:

Ember: "Magister Irin, I'm grateful for your teachings. And your patience. But I think it's time for me to move on."
Magister Irin: "The world is an excellent teacher for one of your talents, Ember. Do write me occasionally."
Ember: "I should go pack my things. And say goodbye to Huldressa! Ha! Not a chance."

Cold Trail[edit]


When you reach friendly rapport with Ember, she will have a request for you. Summon and talk to her to see what the situation is:

"So, I'm not good at this sort of thing, but there's something I want to talk to you about. Did I ever tell you I grew up in Skywatch? I was raised on the streets, but not alone. I had friends, Good ones.
And I want your help finding them."
You don't know where your friends are?
No. We were just a bunch of street kids, but we were close. We made do with what little we could scrounge up, carved out a good life for ourselves.
But one day, they just ... vanished."
Just like that? and you don't know what happened?
I went out to find us a meal and when I got back, Jhaka, Silverslip, and Song were just gone. I've spent years trying to find any trace of them without any luck.
But I finally have a lead from a friend in Skywatch. I want you to come with me."
I'll go with you to Skywatch to check out that tip.
The tip came from an old friend, Brisha. We'll find him near Skywatch. Big softie never left the place.
This is the first lead on my friends I've had in years. I'm afraid to get my hopes up. It's been so long. Is this really my chance to find them?
Can you tell me more about your friends?
Like I said, there were four of us. We were all out on the streets for one reason or another. It's a tough life-most turn a blind eye to dirty, hungry looking street urchins, so we learned to look out for each other.
We were inseparable.
Tell me about Jhaka.
Heh. Most people were scared of Jhaka. He's a Pahmar, so everyone wrote him off as a big, dumb brute. But I've never met a kinder soul. He was always so generous, even though he didn't have a coin to his name. He was ... spiritual, too.
How so?
Eh, I don't really know. I don't subscribe to that stuff personally and he never pushed it on any of us. He just meditated a lot and always had something wise to say. Never got angry either, unless someone messed with me, Silverslip or Song, that is.
Tell me about Silverslip.
She's funny, that one. We called her Silverslip because she was always slipping in and out of the shadows'. Like a knife, that girl.
She never talked much about her past, but I don't think it was pleasant.
Why do you say that?
Silverslip as all bared teeth and blood, even as a kid. Jhaka might have been the tallest, but Silverslip was definitely the muscle of our operation.
She could make a grown man piss himself in three words or less. Probably a survival tactic.
Tell me about Song.
Song was the best of us. She was quiet and kind-our moral compass. Balanced the rest of us, y'know? She never told us where she came from, but I think it had to be somewhere nice. She had manners and knew how to charm people. Useful, that.
You're saying you think she came from money?
Something like that. She had nice clothes when we found her and just generally acted ... different. But she never complained about sleeping on the streets or sharing a moldy heel of bread between four people. She just seemed happy to be with us.
Tell me more about what happened the day the others disappeared.
Well, I went out to find us a meal like usual. But when I got back to our base, they were gone. I sat around for a while like an idiot, figuring they were just off doing something.
Then, I noticed signs of a struggle in the dirt.
What do you think happened?
No idea. Nothing good, I'll tell you that. I asked around for months, trying to find someone who saw anything, heard anything.
Whatever happened to them happened real quiet. Maybe because someone didn't want anyone finding out.
Have you been back to Skywatch since?
Every so often. If a caravan that hired me passed by, I'd sneak back in and talk to people. But I was always worried that someone might be looking for me. I had no idea who took the others, so my imagination ran a little wild. Mostly, I stayed away.

When you talk to her in Skywatch, before reaching Brisha:

Brisha should be around here somewhere. I'll let you know when I see him.

After reaching the destination in Skyreach:

Ember: "There, that's Brisha! You talk to him. I'm going to hang back and keep watch. I don't want anything surprising us."

If you talk to her before talking to Brisha:

Talk to Brisha for me, would you?
Being back here makes me uneasy. I feel like all my hair is standing up. I prefer to keep a lookout.
Do you trust Brisha?
I do. He's one of the good ones, always was. He never treated us like the strays we were—he had a smile and a fresh baked something to give us every morning.
He wouldn't contact me for a hunch. He's got something real, I know it.

After talking to Brisha, he and Ember will have a brief conversation:

Ember: "I'm grateful for any information about the fates of my friends, old man. You've been a great help."
Brisha: "Heh, you can show your appreciation by not calling me old man, little jekosiit."
Brisha: "If you find Jhaka, Silverslip or pretty little Song, you let this one know, yes? And be careful, Ember."
Ember: "I will, I promise. And then we'll be back to eat all your bread, just like the old days."

When you speak to Ember:

I cannot picture sweet, gentle Jhaka in a fighting pit. In Sadrith Mora of all places! If he's truly a Telvanni slave, I will tear out every throat I find.
This is my fault. If only I'd been faster that day. Come on, let's get to the Gateway Inn.
You seem to have some ... strong opinions about Sadrith Mora.
Can you blame me? There's no reason besides tracking down Jhaka that I would willingly enter that land of hateful enslaving Dark Elves.
If I could, I'd send that meteor that floats in their sky into the Telvanni lands.
If it really is Jhaka, do you think the Telvanni are going to give us trouble if we try to free him?
Ha! I'd like to see them try. I'll be on my best behavior because I want to find Jhaka, but if a Telvanni so much as touches me, I can't be held accountable for what I do.
A lightning bolt through the skull might do some of them good anyway.
You don't have a high opinion of Dark Elves, do you?
Not all of them. I just get mad thinking about the ones who kept Khajiit and Argonian slaves. I know not all Dark Elves are like that so I shouldn't be so distrustful … but the Telvanni definitely are. Arrogant bastards.
Can you keep your temper in check while we investigate?
I'll behave, don't worry. Once we find Jhaka, I plan to get him out of there as quietly as possible. Preferably in a manner that doesn't involve me shoving a dagger between Telvanni ribs.
But that's really up to them, isn't it?
Are you worried about Jhaka being in a fighting pit?
Definitely. If it had been Silverslip, I would have felt sorry for her opponents. But Jhaka is too sweet for that kind of violence. He's strong, but he hates violence.
Still, back in the day, there was no one better to have in a tavern brawl.
Did you get into a lot of tavern brawls?
Heh, not really. But we would start them pretty frequently. Once everyone was in on the action, Silverslip and I used to make good coin picking pockets among the mayhem. Easy money, beyond the occasional bruise or lump from flying fists or dishes.

If you talk to her again before venturing to the Sadrith Mora:

We need to get to Gateway Inn and rescue Jhaka. If he really is a Telvanni slave, I intend to free him.
But let's be smart about it. I want to get him out of there as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

After reaching Gateway Inn in Sadrith Mora:

Ember: "Was it too much to hope that we'd find Jhaka outside sweeping or something? Come on, guess we have to go inside."

If you talk to her inside:

Ugh, this place is awful. You can just smell the misery.
Come on, let's ask around about Jhaka. I don't want to spend any longer in here than we have to.

After you finish talking to Osithos Morelo:

Ember: "A bracelet? Really? Can't I just stab this guy in the ribs and get the information that way? No? Ugh, fine."

You can talk to her again:

I heard, I heard. Typical Telvanni.
If we have to get him his damned bracelet, let's just do it fast. He said Varvisi Uleni sells outside Tel Naga, right? Let's go. I've got a plan brewing.

After reaching Tel Naga:

Ember: "Hold on, let's talk. I think I've got a plan."

After talking with Ember:

That must be Varvisi there. A merchant like that always has their most valuable items on their person. No problem. I can rifle around in her pockets without her ever suspecting a thing.
But for that to work, I'm going to need your help.
What do you need me to do?
You might not love this, but trust me, it'll be fun! I used to do this trick with Song and Silverslip whenever we needed some extra coin.
I'm going to turn you into a monkey. Then, you run up to Varvisi and distract her so I can pinch the bracelet.
You're going to what?
Hilarious, right? You'll be just enough of a distraction. Just rifle though her stuff. All eyes will be on you and no one will notice me slipping a hand into her pocket. It's perfect!
But the spell won't last forever, so we have to do this quick!
Alright, we can try it.
Go on, just approach Varvisi. Be casual about it. It'll be over before you know it! Dance like a good little monkey and we'll have the bracelet in no time.
Oh, don't look at me like that. You'll love it.

After talking to Ember:

Heh, you were a little too good at that. You make a pretty cute monkey, anyway.
I got the bracelet. It's just as ugly as I imagined. It'll be perfect for that overblown bastard's wife. Come on, let's get back to the inn and throw it in his face.
Are you all right?
Ugh. That red-eyed piece of guar dung just made us do his bidding for no other reason than to make sure we know how superior the Telvanni are.
Turning you into a monkey was fun, but now all I can think about is wringing that bastard's neck.
Let's just get the information we need and get out of here.
You're right. Thanks. I needed that.
I have to remember that we're here for Jhaka. I can suffer anything if it means finding him in the end. And I know someday, the debt that the Telvanni have incurred will come due. I hope I'm around to see it.

You can talk to her again before entering the Gateway Inn:

Come on, let's go give Osithos his damned bracelet. Hopefully, he'll make good on his word at the very least and tell us where to find Jhaka.

After returning to Gateway inn and talking to Osithos Morelo:

Let's get to Pulk and find those bandits. If Jhaka's sick, that's the last place he should be. Plus, I need somewhere to direct this … energy. Clawing my way through a few mercenaries might help.

After reaching Pulk:

Ember: "This is the place. Let's chat before we rush in."

After talking to Ember:

If Osithos was telling the truth and Jhaka is really sick, then we need to rescue him quick. I have no idea what a bunch of bandits would want with a sick Pahmar. I can't imagine they're nursing him back to health out of the goodness of their hearts.
How do you want to do this?
As quickly and efficiently as possible. If Jhaka is in there, I don't want him suffering any longer than he has to. I've already made him suffer long enough. And if we get to knock some heads along the way, all the better.
Come on, let's get inside.
Let's go find Jhaka.
Keep your eyes and ears open. Remember, Jhaka's a Pahmar, so he's probably going to be hard to miss. Even still, let's stay vigilant. I'm not wasting this chance. I have waited too long to lose track of him now.
Are you all right?
I'll be better once we find Jhaka. It's just ... if I'd gotten back a little faster that day, maybe I could have stopped him and the others from being taken. He's suffered this whole time because I wasn't quick enough. Because I wasn't there.
None of this was your fault, Ember.
Thanks for saying that. I don't know if I believe you, but it's nice to hear, anyway.
I'm not helping Jhaka, or any of them, by sitting here whining. It's just something that's been weighing on me, y'know? So thanks for listening. Let's go.
Then let's make it right by saving Jhaka now.
You're right! I'm not doing him any favors by sitting here feeling sorry for myself. I may not have been able to help him then, but I'll be damned if I can't help him now.
Thanks for that. Honestly. Now come on, let's go.

After reaching Jhaka:

Ember: "That's him, over there! he's still alive! Jhaka, we're here to help!"
Jhaka: "Is that Ember: The little shadow of Skywatch?"

Before unlocking the cage:

Don't waste time talking to me! That's Jhaka! We need to get him out of that cage.

After unlocking the cage:

Go ahead and talk to Jhaka while I try to heal him a bit. He's in rough shape.

After you talked to Jhaka:

Fish biscuits! What kind of bastards would take someone so sick down into a place like this? I hate them!\n\nCome on, we can talk more once we're out of here. We need to get this big boy some fresh air.

On the way back:

Jhaka: "This one can keep up, do not worry."
Ember: "Careful Jhaka. Take it slow."

After exiting:

Ember: "Talk to Jhaka, would you? I want to heal him a bit."

If you talk to her again before talking to Jhaka:

Keep Jhaka talking while I try to get him healed up a bit more.\n\nHe always hated being coddled. Distract him while I at least stop him from bleeding out.

After talking to Ember:

Thanks for talking with him. I didn't trust myself not to cry.
When I was small, hanging around Jhaka always made me feel safe. Even now that I'm grown, I have that same feeling. I can't beleive we found him ... after all this time. Thank you.
Jhaka mentioned he might have a lead on the mercenaries that took the others.
I heard! That's good. But for now, let's just enjoy this victory. I'd almost given up hope of finding my friends. Thanks to you, I have faith again. I couldn't have done this without you. Jhaka and I both owe you so much more, but here, take this.
Jhaka: "Ember, you've grown so much. This one is so grateful to see how strong you've become."
Ember: "Oh, you big lug, I missed you. I swore I would find you no matter what it took, even if the two moons fell from the sky."
Jhaka: "Thank you, little sister. You have found me, so be at peace. Next, we will find Silverslip and Song."

Companion Dialogue[edit]

Much of Ember's companion dialogue with you will depend on your current Rapport with her. The following sections list her known dialogue:


When you talk with her, you can do the following:

  • Access the Companion Menu and customize her abilities etc.
  • Ask how she feels about you.
  • Ask about her.
Cordial-Friendly Close Companion-Allied Bad Rapport Probably Wary-Disdainful
"You want to talk about something?"
"What's going on?"
"Need something?"
"Hey, you. Everything all right?"
"Am I in trouble? Sorry, I always just assume."

"Let's talk about our partnership."[edit]

With this option, you can ask about her feelings towards you and about herself:

  • "All riiiiight, but can we do it fast?"
  • "Sure, I guess. Anything specific in mind?"
How do you feel about our friendship? (Cordial to Companion)
Cordial/Friendly Close Alliedgreen end of the bar Companiongreen end of the bar
"I'm learning a lot by being around you. I think Magister Irin would be proud." "I can count on one hand the amount of people I trust. You're one of them."
"Traveling with you is a good time. Better than sitting around reading books." "You've got adventure in your blood, there's no one else I'd rather be around."
"Things are good! You put up with me, which is more than I can say for most." "I like hanging around with you, you're always getting into trouble. It's the best!"
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)
How do you feel about our relationship? (Wary to Disdainful)[verification needed — dialogue needs to be confirmed]
Wary Irritated DisdainfulRed end of the bar
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)
Tell me something about yourself.
"Harvesting runestones soothes me in a strange way. Maybe it's the sound, or just all the potential ideas of stuff to make, I'm not sure!"
"Pickpocketing is somewhat of a passion of mine. It warms my heart to relieve oblivious people of their possessions."
"I don't do well with authority. I just don't respect people thinking a fancy symbol on their chest or a title makes them powerful."
"I hate standing around and twiddling my thumbs. Any activity that I could fall asleep during is usually one I won't enjoy."
"I'm not a member of the Thieves Guild, but love what they do. I think maybe someday, I'd like to join up, but for now I'm just content to admire from afar."
"I love playing Tales of Tribute. I'm not all that talented at it, so I don't win much, but the playing is fun anyway. I meet all sorts of people that way."
"I hate getting caught when I'm trying to be sneaky! It's so embarrassing. I pride myself on being able to slip in and out of somewhere quick without a trace."
"I grew up on the streets. To me, stealing, lying, sneaking about and violence are all necessary aspects of survival. It doesn't have to be a moral thing."
"I love any excuse to sneak around, so long as I never get caught. That just ruins the fun of it."
"I'm not a fan of dogs. They smell and drool too much. Werewolves are even worse because they're the same, only bigger and chattier."
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)


As a companion, Ember will remark on various situations during your travels.

When summoned:

  • "Magic cat, ready for business."
  • "Ember the Sorcerer, reporting for duty!"
  • "Oh good, I was so bored!"
  • "Look out, everyone! Tamriel's best duo is back!"
  • "Ha! I knew you missed me."
  • "Let's go do something exciting!"
  • "Did I miss anything good?"
  • "Hey, you."

When Ember levels up:

  • "I feel amazing! I've learned more with you than I ever learned with Magister Irin."
  • "This sorcerer is sorcering better than ever before! Sorcering, that's a word, right?"
  • "Do I look stronger to you? What about my smell? I feel like I smell stronger!"

When getting on a mount:

  • "Yes! Are we going to race?"
  • "And up we go."
  • "Wahoo!"
  • "Let's go fast!"
  • "Oh good, I didn't want to walk."
  • "And we're off!"

When starting combat:

  • "Don't underestimate us!"
  • "You want to die?"
  • "This is so much better than reading!"
  • <Excited laughter.>
  • "My magic will destroy you!"
  • "Time to bring the lightning!"
  • "I've been waiting to try this spell out!"
  • "This is gonna be fun!"
  • "I'm gonna show off a little!"
  • <Fierce yelling.>
  • "Watch me go!"
  • "Don't mess with a street kid!"
  • "Big mistake!"

When ending combat:

  • "We did it!"
  • "Oh yeah, that felt good."
  • "I hope I helped!"
  • "Yay, us!"
  • "Aw, I was just getting started!"
  • "Bet they weren't expecting that!"
  • "Anyone else?"
  • "We're dangerous, huh?"
  • "Is... Is it over?"
  • "We're the best!"
  • "You were amazing!"
  • "Nicely done."
  • "Feels good to get the blood pumping, right?"

When killing multiple enemies in quick succession:

  • "You're kind of terrifying, you know that?"

When you get stunned:

  • "Snap out of it! Come on!"
  • "They're messing with your head!" [verification needed — Stunned or snared?]
  • "Shake it off, come on!" [verification needed — Stunned or snared?]

When you become snared or immobilized:

  • "Break free!"
  • "You have to break away!"

When you get knocked down or knocked back:

  • "Hey, stay with me!"
  • "Hey! I need you in this fight! Don't give up!" [verification needed — see talk page]

When you use an ultimate:

  • "I love it when you do that!"
  • "Ha! They're in for it now!"
  • "Ooh, now that's impressive!"
  • "Amazing! Look at you go!"

When you interrupt an enemy:

  • "Nice! You're too quick for them!"

When low on health:

  • "Fish biscuits! A little help here?"

When getting healed after being low on health:

  • "I'm not bleeding so much anymore! Thanks!"

When ending a boss fight:

  • "I love watching the big tough ones fall."
  • "Aw, I was having fun with that one!"
  • "Whew! That was fun!" [verification needed — Boss line or normal combat?]
  • "Phew! Glad we managed to beat that one!"
  • "Ha! That will teach you to mess with Ember the sorcerer!" [verification needed — Boss line or normal combat?]
  • "Nothing is too big or too bad for us to handle!"
  • "Not so big and bad now, are you?"

After fighting wolves:

  • "Bullying dumb dogs feels good."

After killing a dragon:

  • "Take that, you overgrown lizard! We're dragon slayers!"

When entering a city or town:

  • "I love cities. They all have a kind of rhythm to them, and it's just a matter of learning the steps."
  • "What kind of trouble do you think we can get up to here?"
  • "Easy to get lost in a place like this. I think that's one of my favorite parts about cities."
  • "Lots of good opportunities for pickpocketing here. Just saying."
  • "Cities can be just as fickle as people, but just as beautiful too."

When entering the Thieves Guild or an Outlaws Refuge:

  • "Can we stay here for a while? I love the atmosphere."
  • "Think someone will arm wrestle me in here?"
  • "Ah, these are my kind of people."
  • "These places always remind me of where I grew up. It's comforting. I feel more at home here than anywhere."

When the player loots an Epic item or better:

  • "Ooh, shiny."
  • "Keep that close to you. A pickpocket would make a killing off of something like that!"
  • "Well, look at you! Luck follows you, I swear."
  • "You don't find something like that every day."
  • "Nice find! I'm like a good luck charm, aren't I?"
  • "You're a pickpocketing artist!" [verification needed — had this appear when a superior item was pickpocketed]

When the player loots a chest:

  • "What did you find? Let me see!"
  • "Make sure there aren't any traps!"
  • "You've got a talent for finding those."
  • "Chests like that can be misleading. Either full of jewels or full of rotten fish."

When the player loots a safebox: [verification needed — Or stealing in general?]

  • "I love when people think their stuff is safe... and you prove them wrong."

When you loot a heavy sack:

  • "Nice haul!"
  • "You're brave, reaching in there like that."
  • "What's inside? Come on, I'm so curious!"
  • "One time, I reached into a sack like that and found a bunch of live frogs. That was a strange day."

When spotting a heavy sack:

  • "Might be something good in there. Might be nothing. Never know unless you check."
  • "Street urchin golden rule: never pass up an unattended pack."

When the player steals an item:

  • "And no one's any the wiser!"
  • "What'd you pinch?"
  • "Steal anything good?"
  • "Nice!"
  • "Ha, someone's going to be missing that."
  • "Ooh, what'd you get, what'd you get?"
  • "What'd you get?"
  • "Look at you, being all devious and sticky fingered!"

When the player pickpockets successfully:

  • "What did you get?"
  • "Expertly done, they didn't suspect a thing!"
  • "Stinks to be them today."
  • "Another pocket picked!"

When the player pickpockets a Mage:

  • "Anything good? Mages always carry something shiny on them."

When the player pickpockets a Guard:

  • "Not a very good guard, if you ask me."
  • "Stinks to be them today."

When the player gets caught committing a crime:

  • "We need to be more careful when it comes to being naughty."
  • "Ugh, that was sloppy! We never should have been seen!"
  • "Oh, great. That's just embarrassing."
  • "You've got to be kidding. We're better than this!"
  • "Ugh, I hate getting caught!"

When you harvest a Runestone node:

  • "You going to enchant something with that? Can I watch?"
  • "Magister Irin never let me watch him do this, it's so interesting!"
  • "Good eye, I didn't even see that runestone at first."
  • "Doing something with magicky?"
  • "Watching you harvest is exciting, I can't wait to see what you're going to do with that!"
  • "I love harvesting runestones."

When near a striking locale:

  • "I wish I could paint. This would make quite the picture."
  • "Are you seeing this? Incredible!"
  • "Places like this make me remember how small I am... y'know, in the grand scale of things."
  • "Amazing! I have to write Magister Irin about this one."

When near a delve:

  • "You always take me to such nice places."
  • "This place gives me the creeps."
  • "This place stinks."
  • "I don't even want to think about the kind of creepy-crawlies that are in here."

When near a cooking fire:

  • "I love a good fire. Reminds me of being a kid. Being hungry wasn't so bad when you were warm."

When completing a High Isle daily quest:

  • "Sometimes, even small jobs can make a big impact. I'm glad we took the time."
  • "Glad we helped the locals out, things should be better for them now."
  • "High Isle should be a bit safer now." [verification needed — Specific to delves?]
  • "You're welcome, High Isle!"

When you're idle for a long time:

  • "I got my nickname because my eyes reminded people of the warm embers of a fire. I think fires are much prettier."
  • "I was thinking about trying out a new spell. I want to animate my hair and make it into a weapon. Sure, there are some risks associated. Like, what if my hair chokes me instead of my enemies? Actually, that's a fairly big risk. Maybe I'll hold off."
  • "Did I ever tell you about the time I accidentally filled Huldressa's room with snails? I don't remember what I was trying to do, but the end result was hilarious! Took her weeks to get the slime off the windows. Maybe she wasn't wrong about me."
  • "I catch myself wondering about your past a lot. What were you like as a kid, where you grew up, who your friends were. You'll have to tell me about it some day. I bet you've got good stories."
  • "Magister Irin gave me a few books to bring with me while adventuring. Said it would be good for me to continue at least some kind of study. I like sticking them in bookshelves wherever we go. Someone will read them, I'm sure."
  • "I wish I had the patience to write about my adventures. I have a lot of stories! But my hand cramps after the first few lines of writing and I usually get hungry or bored and abandon the project altogether."
  • "I get all my worst ideas when I'm standing around like this. My head just churns them out. See, like right now, I'm thinking about a fishing rod that boils the fish with magic, and stealing pants."
  • "Sometimes I try to picture who your Magister Irin was. Sage old lady? A guar from the swamps? Ooh, or maybe a mysterious masked stranger who you never knew the identity of!"
  • "Do you ever get scared? Actually, that's a dumb question, don't answer that. I just... you always seem so fearless, I've never met anyone like you. You know it's fine to be scared sometimes, right?"

After playing Tales of Tribute:

  • "Games like this bring people together. You can have nothing in common with someone and still have fun."
  • "Watching you play is better than actually playing myself. You've got interesting strategies."
  • "I lost a good deal of coin playing Tales of Tribute the other day, but I was having too much fun to care!"
  • "I used to play games like these all the time. It's a great way to pass time, and maybe make some coin."

After selecting the Big-Eared Ginger Kitten pet:

  • "Awww, look at it! It's so sweet with it's [sic] big, stupid ears!"

After selecting the Mages Guild Sentry Cat pet:

  • "I don't trust that thing. I feel like it's judging me. Or it's about to get me in trouble for something."

Houseguest Dialogue[edit]

After completing the Green with Envy quest, you will receive Ember as a houseguest. When placed within your home, she will say one of the following lines when spoken with. They are a combination of lines heard from her environmental voice-overs and unique lines:

"I'm really thankful for my life. It wasn't always easy, but I've met a lot of good people and done a lot of interesting things. That's more than most can say."
"I didn't have a home growing up, but I think if I did, I'd want it to be something like this."
"I'm trying not to experiment too much with my spells here. It's a nice place, probably nicer if it's not infested with magicked toads. Though, that would be funny."
"Fish biscuits! I enchanted a spoon and now it's gone! I would say it didn't just get up and walk away but … it actually might have."
"I have a suspicion that my mother was from Elsweyr, but no real proof. I suppose I'll never know, but it's fun to imagine."

need more lines

After Finishing the High Isle Storyline: [verification needed — do these lines play before finishing?]

"The Ascendant Order is a strange organization. It almost seems like they're being bad guys for the sake of it! I've got no respect for people like that."

need more lines


Once you reach maximum Rapport with Ember, she will soon send you a letter along with (?).


  • She wears Darloc's Golden Eyes.


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