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Mirri Elendis
Location Doomvault Vulpinaz
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly Class Nightblade
Other Information
Follower Shattered and Scattered
Mirri Elendis

The inquisitive adventurer, Mirri Elendis, might just unravel the deepest secrets of the Dark Elves ... provided she can fend off her family's latest blunders. Call this companion to your side and uncover Tamriel's greatest mysteries together!

Mirri Elendis is a Dark Elf Companion. She is a relic hunter and scholar who specializes in Daedra. She is especially interested in the Anticipations and how they relate to the Tribunal.

If you are using an ESO Plus free trial and have not purchased the Blackwood chapter, Mirri will not appear.


ON-icon-furnishing-Mirri Elendis.png
Mirri Elendis
Category Services (Houseguests)
Quality Legendary
Limit Type Special Collectibles
Bind Collected
Behavior Houseguest, Talkative, Companion Houseguest
Rewarded By
Dead Weight
The intrepid explorer, Mirri Elendis, needs a break from her irksome family. With thrilling tales and a sailor's mouth, she's sure to impress! After adding Mirri to your home, you can set her on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with her.
Mirri Elendis

You will acquire the ability to have her as a houseguest once you've completed Dead Weight.

Related Quests[edit]

Likes and Dislikes[edit]

Ways for Mirri to lose or gain rapport
Amount Action Cooldown
Actions that give Positive Rapport
+500 Returning A Mother's Obsession, Dead Weight companion quests Once
+125 Returning Dark Anchor contract offered by Cardea Gallus in Fighters Guild 0
+125 Returning Numani-Rasi relics daily in Vvardenfell while unmounted 20 hours
+10 Mirri commenting Clockwork City while visiting it. Between 24 and 44 hours.
+10 Enter certain daedric delves and public dungeons, such as Ashalmawia, Broken Tusk, Mehrunes' Spite, Sanguine's Demesne, The Cave of Trophies and The Grotto of Depravity 30 minutes
+10 Talking to Sotha Sil (?)
+5 Excavate an Antiquity 5 minutes
+75 / +5 View a completed Khajiit of the Moons 20 hours
+75 / +5 View a completed Library of Vivec 20 hours
+75 / +5 View a completed Kari's Hit List 20 hours
+75 / +5 View a completed House of Orsimer Glories 20 hours
+75 / +5 View a completed Vault of Moawita 20 hours
+75 / +5 View a completed Rithana-di-Renada 20 hours
+1 Kill a goblin 5 minutes
+1 Kill a riekling 5 minutes
+1 Kill a snake. Includes passive snakes, giant snakes and others (cooldown shared across all snake types) 150 seconds
+1 Craft an alcoholic beverage 5 minutes
+1 Reading a book from a shelf > 30 minutes (?)
+1 Summoning a Daedric pet (?)
Actions that give Negative Rapport
-1 Harvest a torchbug or butterfly (cooldown shared across both) (?)
-10 Enter the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (?)
-25/-5 Use the Blade of Woe, including against enemies 5 minutes / 0

Companion Data[edit]

Mirri Elendis
Companion Perk
Mirri's Expertise: Treasure chests found through treasure maps and in the Overland have a 30% chance to provide additional loot from hidden compartments.
Racial Skill Dynamic: Increases damage done by 3% and healing done by 3%.
Default Gear Light Armor and Bow, fine quality Default Style True-Sworn armor, Dunmer 1 weapons Default Mount Bay Dun Horse
Class Skill Lines
Deadly Assassin Living Shade Soul Thief
Cordial Mirri thinks you make a good adventuring partner. Allied Mirri thinks of you as her best friend [sic] Wary Mirri wants to keep things professional.
Friendly Mirri trusts you. A rare gift. Companion Mirri sees you as part of her family. Irritated Mirri thinks you're hanging with the wrong crowd.
Close Mirri thinks you're the best companion she's ever had. Likes and Dislikes Disdain Mirri thinks you're a rotten fetching s'wit.
ON-icon-keepsake-Ancient Anticipations Idol.png Hewn from basalt, this idol merges all three Good Daedra into single grotesque effigy. While some might consider such an object hideous, Mirri regards it as one of her greatest finds.
Permanently grants the passive "Mirri's Expertise" to the bearer.
Ancient Anticipations Idol

Mirri's Expertise[edit]

Based on 400 "hidden treasure bags", this is the approximate loot per bag:

Item # found per bag
Gold 59.85
Common Contraband 0.4525
Fine Contraband 0.1800
Superior Contraband 0.0150
Fine Furnishing Plan 0.2100
Superior Furnishing Plan 0.0750
Provisioning ingredient 0.0825
Fishing bait 0.0325
Contraband Clothing 0.0125
empty Soul Gem 0.0100
Foul Hide 0.0100
Crusty Bread 0.0075
Spoiled Food 0.0025
Lockpick 0.0025
Essence of Health 0.0050
Violet Coprinus 0.0050
Provisioning recipe 0.0025

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Shattered and Scattered[edit]

After picking up the Adventurers Wanted for Exciting Opportunity! flyer or coming across Doomvault Vulpinaz. You can overhear Brigadine Andricius and Mirri Elendis arguing:

Brigadine Andricius: "My orders are to observe the ruin, not help you mount a suicidal rescue mission."
Mirri Elendis "Then you can observe me kicking every fetching cultist's arse standing between me and my little brother!"

Speaking with Mirri you can learn what has happened and offer to help her:

"Who are you? Another of these useless Leyawiin layabouts?
No, you're an adventurer, like me. Don't tell me Xigira roped you into this mess too."
No, what's the trouble? / No, what mess?
"My little brother and I answered a job posting seeking adventurers to help explore a newly discovered ruin, only once the expedition got underway—and we were all split up—our employers turned on us. I barely got away."
What's your plan now?
"Free my little brother and the others before something terrible befalls them. I don't know if I can do this on my own, but I have to try.
Can I count on your help? Or were all the questions just morbid curiosity? I can pay if I have to."
I'll help you with your rescue.
"There were five, in addition to me who got duped into this. My brother, Liam; Eolaf, a Nord warrior; Ardia, a High Elf researcher; Deejos, an Argonian scout; and Ghalor, a Wood Elf adventurer.
Other than my brother, I don't know a lot about them."
What do you know about the ones who tried to take you captive?
"Not much. Xigira, the woman who hired us, was charming. I didn't buy her story that her expedition was for study, but she paid half our fee up front. I figured they were just treasure hunters looking for plunder. We had no idea they were a cult."
When did you realize?
"About the time they said, don't kill her, we need her for the ritual. And while they were trying to subdue me. Probably saved my life though. I fought twice as hard knowing they were taking it easy on me.
No one else escaped, that I know of."
I'm ready when you are.

You can ask her a few questions before starting your expedition:

"We didn't get far with our expedition before things went sour, but the ruin was in pretty bad shape. You'll need a grapple bow to get anywhere quickly. Fortunately, I have a spare.
They're simple enough to use, if you've never tried one."
I want to ask you some questions. / I have other questions.
"All right, but remember you already agreed to help me. It'd be rude to back out now.
But seriously, I need your help. Please don't change your mind."
Tell me about this ruin.
"It's Daedric in origin. Our employer claimed it was recently uncovered, but I have a hard time believing no one noticed until now. And despite its condition it doesn't seem that old. Barely any overgrowth at all.
None of it makes any sense."
You're saying this is a new construction?
"A hundred years old, at most. I couldn't tell you who built it, or how it came to be demolished though. I didn't get much time to study it before those fetching cultists tried to throw a sack over my head and drag me off."
How do I use the grapple bow you gave me? / I haven't used a grapple bow before.
"Just line up your sights with a suitable anchor point, release the bolt, and get ready to fly.
Don't worry, they're pretty much designed to do all the work. The worst you'll have to worry about is underestimating the pull and spraining your neck."

Once inside the Doomvault, Mirri will suggest you find their base camp first:

Mirri Elendis: "We need to reach the base camp, but be careful. I saw a lot more cultists during my escape than the ones who led me here."

If you speak with her after entering, she will comment on the architecture:

"I've seen a lot of Daedric ruins in my life, but never ones quite like this."
I want to ask you some questions. (Repeat)
I haven't used a grapple bow before. (Repeat)

Fighting your way through Waking Flame cultists, you will eventually reach a wide open space, but it is strange. The sky is a myriad of colours and Daedric towers can be seen in the distance:

Mirri Elendis: "That's … not our sky. It wasn't like this before. We should hurry."
<Mirri runs up to the broken bridge.>
Mirri Elendis: "The bridge is out, but that support looks sturdy enough for the grapple bow."

Talking to Mirri after her commenting on the sky:

"This place has shifted, just a bit, but it's changing. Still, this is definitely where I crossed to escape.
Let's just take this one obstacle at a time. That support will hold your weight, I promise. We can survey better from the other side."
What's happening in the sky?
"It's … changing. More like it's two skies mixing together. It wasn't like that before.
I'm not sure what exactly that means just yet, but I'd wager it's got something to do with the cultists' ritual."

After crossing the bridge by using the available grapple points:

"There should be a basecamp just ahead. Where we setup before splitting off to explore the ruin.
I imagine the cult's using it now, but we should search it regardless."

As you approach the base camp, Mirri will notice one of her group members:

Mirri Elendis: "The base camp should be—Eolaf! What are those fetchers doing to him?"

As you approach the Soul Siphon Array, Xigira will taunt Eolaf:

Eolaf: "I don't … I don't feel so good … hurk …."
Xigira: "Endure, Nord. The foothold is nearly complete!"
<Xigira leaves through a portal.>
Mirri Elendis: "That voice! Xigira!"

The Nord appears to be strapped to a device and the surrounding cultists are using the crystals pylons to do something to him. Mirri will run up to the rock overlooking the scene, where you can talk about what is happening to Eolaf and what can be done:

"That's Eolaf! One of the other adventurers Xigira duped with this setup. They've got him strung up like a New Life pony guar. Survey stones, my ashy arse. That's a sacrifice if I've ever seen one! We've got to do something."
Survey stone?
"Xigira had us escorting her scholars around the area to place those so-called survey stones. Supposedly they would get the layout of this place in an instant. Bunch of guar dung, clearly.
It's sucking the life out of him!"
Can we destroy it?
"I damn well plan to try. It'll be dangerous though. For Eolaf most of all. That ritual is already feeding off of him somehow. The sudden shock of destroying the stone might kill him.
We could try weakening the ritual before ending it entirely."
How do we do that?
"That array by Eolaf seems to be the heart of the ritual, but the magic is being drawn to another focal point nearby. Destroying that might lighten the load on Eolaf, and the backlash of ending the ritual by force. It's the best chance of saving him."
Understood. Let's go.

Speaking with Mirri again you can ask how she knows about this stuff:

"We need to stop that ritual, the sooner the better, but Eolaf's chances of surviving go up exponentially if we try picking it apart carefully instead of smashing the central array right at the start.
The grapple bow should help us search around."
How do you know all this?
"I don't know it. I'm making an educated guess. Daedrology is my main field of study, though I tend to avoid getting caught up in their worship and rituals. Mostly I'm fascinated why anyone would join these fetching cults in the first place."
Why study Daedra if you don't really care for them?
"I took an interest in the Anticipations of the Tribunal and my ancestors worship of them before the Three arose to godhood.
Dark Elves aren't the only ones who revere Daedra alongside Divines, but now's not the time for a philosophical discussion."

At this point, you have a choice on how to proceed to stop the ritual. You can either destroy the Soul Siphon Array first, but the backlash can kill Eolaf. But if you find and destroy the nearby Ritual Focus Crystal, Eolaf has a better chance of surviving.

If you find and destroy the focus crystal, Mirri will point out your success:

Mirri Elendis: "That did it! The ritual's weakened."

When you destroy the Soul Siphon Array located in front of the device, your previous actions will determine what happens next. Destroying the Ritual Focus Crystal beforehand results in Eolaf being released, injured, but alive. Destroying the Soul Siphon Array first will result in Eolaf dying.

Eolaf is rescued:
Eolaf dies:
Mirri Elendis: "Eolaf! Follow me! Quickly!"
Eolaf: "You don't have to tell me twice!"
<Both run to the door to the lower levels.>
<Mirri walks up to the body.>
Mirri Elendis: "Eolaf! He's dead …."
<Mirri runs to the entrance to the lower levels.>

Once in the hallway you can talk to Mirri, her greeting will depend on whether Eolaf lived or died.

Eolaf was rescued:
Eolaf died:
"It worked! Sorry if that sounds too much like surprise, but I couldn't be sure that would be enough to save Eolaf's life until we tried it.
If the cult is doing this to the others, we should be able to free them too. If we're careful."
Any idea what it was they were doing to Eolaf?
"Eolaf … that's what I was afraid would happen. The strain of snapping that connection to his soul was too much to take.
If we aren't more careful, the others will meet the same fate."
Any idea what it was they were doing to Eolaf?
"It was definitely a Daedric ritual, but not your typical sacrifice. Offerings to the Princes are usually quick and brutal. This was much more purposeful. I don't know what they were trying to accomplish, but they were using Eolaf's soul to power it."
Do you know where the others were taken?
"The s'wits didn't tell us much of their plans before stabbing us in the back, but I've got a rough idea where they were taking the other stones.
If we head out the other side of these corridors we should be on the right path."
Let's keep moving then.
"I recognize these corridors. The expedition hadn't split up just yet. Everyone aside from Eolaf would have been lead somewhere beyond.
The exit wasn't far, but it's sure to feel like farther now that the place's crawling with cultists and Daedra."

Fighting you way through cultists and Daedra in the Lower Ruins, you will come across a journal lying on the ground near the door to the next level:

Mirri Elendis: "Hold on! I recognize that journal. It belonged to Ardia."

Speaking with Mirri before picking up the journal:

"Ardia was a proper researcher. She was always scribbling in her notebooks. The klutz must have dropped it.
But when? Of the group, I'd say she's the least likely to escape on her own."

Upon reading Ardia's Journal, you will learn the Altmer managed to escape the initial attack. You can then show Mirri the journal:

"Well, I'll be. Ardia actually made a break for it. She's the last one I'd have expected to escape. Two left feet, that one. Much as I'd like to believe she made it out, somehow I doubt it."
You think she was caught?
"Honestly, I'm impressed she made it this far, but my gut tells me she's still here. I think we should keep looking for the rest of those sacrificial stones. Whoever's still bound up in the cult's rituals is in the greatest danger."

Going through the door, you will find yourself in another outdoor space, the "Inner Layer" of the Doomvault. The Deadlands influence has become more prevalent:

Mirri Elendis: "Lava? And look, those trees! The shifting is more drastic here."

Talking with her you can discuss the motives of the ritual:

"It's getting to the point that I hardly recognize this place. It's like the sky is on fire and everything's scorched. Did the cult come here just to destroy this place? That hardly makes any sense, but Daedra worship too often doesn't."
Maybe the destruction isn't the point?
"It's possible this is all just a side effect of the ritual, not it's intent. Who knows, maybe their magic isn't just feeding on the souls of those they've captured, but everything here?
All the more reason to stop them quickly."

You will need to find the cultist's camp and soon you will find Ardia strapped into a device like Eolaf was:

Mirri Elendis: "Looks like they caught Ardia after all. We need to free her!"

You have the option of talking to Mirri about this, before attempting to free Ardia:

"We need to free Ardia from that ritual before it drains her soul completely, even if it kills her.
Still, we should look for focal crystals nearby that are drawing power from her. Destroying them is the only way to save her life and her soul."
What do you mean by even if it kills her?
"I mean stopping the ritual prematurely might kill her but there are fates worse than death. If her soul is drained entirely from her body, it won't be left to the mercy of the Divines. It'll probably wind up in the clutches of Oblivion."

Xigira will watch the scene from above, and sarcastically greets Mirri before disappearing through a portal:

Xigira: "You came back, Mirri. I look forward to reuniting you with your brother."

This time there are two Ritual Focus Stones on the cliffs above the camp. They can be reached by finding Grapple Points to get up there. Mirri will comment when you destroy a crystal:

Mirri Elendis: "That helped, but there's still something drawing power from the ritual. Let's keep looking!"

The second crystal:

Mirri Elendis: "I think that's all of them. Now the array!"

Like before, the result of destroying the Soul Siphon Array will depend on whether you weakened the ritual first or not:

Ardia is rescued:
Ardia dies:

Destroyed the two Focus Crystals first:

Mirri Elendis: "Come on, Ardia—watch your step!"
<Ardia hobbles after her.>
Ardia: "I—I'm just a little unsteady!"

Destroying the Soul Siphon Array first:

<Ardia is killed.>
Mirri Elendis: "Ardia … I hope you find peace at least. Let's get out of here."
<Mirri heads to the door to the next section.>

Mirri will be waiting for you in the hallway ahead. Her greeting will depend on Ardia's survival:

Ardia was rescued:
Ardia died:
"It looks like Ardia will be all right. Hopefully she can make a successful escape this time."
How many more of these rituals do you think there are?
"Damn it, Ardia. If only you'd managed to escape.
At least we were able to end the ritual before it consumed her soul. May she rest with her kind."
How many more of these rituals do you think there are?
"I can't be certain, but Deejos, Ghalor, and my little brother, Liam are still missing. We have to assume they've been captured and bound like the other two.
We need to stop these rituals, and not just for their sakes."
What do you mean?
"I have a theory about the purpose of these rituals. The changes to the land, the sky, the blasted heat. I think this place is being overtaken by another plane. If I had to guess, I'd say it's becoming the Deadlands."
How is that possible?
"I think this ruin isn't actually part of Nirn. More like a piece of our world bottled up and the cult is trying to fill the bottle from another source."
All the more reason to stop these rituals.

Speaking with Mirri afterwards, while in this location:

"This ruin is not like any other I've seen and I've seen a lot of Daedric ruins. Sil knows I would have loved to study it. Liam too. Damn Xigira and her fanatics."

When you reach the third outdoor section, the Core Layer, you will find that the Deadlands has supplanted the area, with only some burnt trees and grass remaining. Mirri recognizes someone nearby:

Mirri Elendis: "Is that—Ghalor! Over here!"
<She runs up to him but stops short.>
Mirri Elendis: "Ghalor? Oh, fetching Vehk!"
<Ghalor staggers around, ignoring her.>

Speaking to Mirri before examining Ghalor:

"Three alive, I can't look at him. Can you see if—if there's anything left of him in there?"

Checking him, there is nothing conscious in Ghalor, he is soul shriven. You can then speak to Mirri:

"He's gone. Soul shriven. I've read accounts of this happening, but I've never seen it myself. This ravaged body is all that's left of Ghalor. His soul … gone somewhere far worse.
This is what will happen to the others. To my little brother …."
Only if we fail.
"Right. You're right. This isn't the time to lose it. There's still hope for the others.
Ghalor couldn't have wandered far like this. There must be another ritual site nearby. Let's go!"

If you speak to her again, she'll say:

"Come on, the ones who did that to Ghalor must be nearby. We should destroy their ritual site, if nothing else."

When you find the next ritual site, you will also find Deejos and Xigira:

Mirri Elendis: "This is it! And they've got Deejos!"
Xigira: "Keep meddling, Mirri, and I'll make you watch your brother waste away."
<Xigira leaves through a portal.>

Speaking with Mirri at the point, she will point out the Focus Crystals:

"The ritual must have several focal points nearby. We need to find them if we hope to save Deejos. Barring that, we need to stop the ritual before it consumes her like Ghalor."

Like with Ardia, there are two Ritual Focus Crystals which can be reach via the Grapple Points: The first crystal destroyed:

Mirri Elendis: "This focal point is finished, but it wasn't the only one by the look of it."
Mirri Elendis: "Another one down. Did you see any others?"

The second crystal:

Mirri Elendis: "It's stopped feeding on their soul. Let's do the same to the rest."

For the third time, the result of destroying the Soul Siphon Array will depend on whether you weakened the ritual first or not:

Deejos is rescued:
Deejos dies:

Destroyed the Focus Crystals first:

<Deejos falls out of the restraints.>
Mirri Elendis: "You're free! Come on!"
Deejos: "You came back for me?"

Destroying the Soul Siphon Array first:

<Deejos is killed.>
Mirri Elendis: "Hope you make it back to your trees, Deejos. We need to keep moving."

You can then follow Mirri down the path, where she will wait to talk to you:

Deejos was rescued:
Deejos died:
"We managed to save her. I don't know if that'll improve her opinion of me—well, my kind—but I'm glad. I wouldn't wish what happened to poor Ghalor on anyone."
We've accounted for everyone but your brother.
"Deejos and I were not close. Truth told, I think she merely tolerated me and my brother. Not that I can blame her.
I hope she finds some rest with her Trees."
We've accounted for everyone but your brother.
"Liam … hang in there, little brother. We'll find you.
We seem to be getting close to the heart of the cult's plot. Other than the ruins, the terrain here is unrecognizable from where we came from. I'd wager that's where we'll find him. And Xigira."
You want to go after her too?
"No. I don't care about that hooded viper. I just want my little brother back … but if she stands in our way, I'll gladly kick her fetching arse back to Oblivion.
Come on. Liam needs me."

If you speak to her again, she'll say:

"We've come this far. We have to find Liam. We have to."

In the lowest level, there is no trace of Nirn in the surroundings. Fighting your way through Daedra, you will soon reach a gate where Xigira is waiting for you:

Mirri Elendis: "Xigira! Give Liam back and maybe I won't fetching kill you!"
Xigira: "Allow me to reward you for hampering our progress. You may listen to your brother's muffled screams unmolested as you stand helpless before this gateway."
<The gate is sealed with magic and Xigira leaves.>
Mirri Elendis: "Damn it! She's sealed the gate! We need to remove that barrier! That switch might have something to do with it."

You can ask Mirri for advice on what to do:

"That s'wit's locked us out! We aren't getting that gate open by force, but I bet that mechanism plays some part in getting it open."
Any thoughts on what to do?
"I think that mechanism must be connected to the gate, but that can't be the only thing stopping us or Xigira wouldn't be so confident. We should look around. There might be more of these Daedric objects involved in the barrier."

There are three levers you need to find and pull to unlock the gate. Two are reachable with the grappling bow. Once you have done, the gate will unseal:

Mirri Elendis: "I think that did it! The gate's unsealed! Let's find Liam!"

If you speak to her here, she says:

"The barrier is down. Let's get through that gate and save Liam!"

The Anchor Chamber is a pit of lava will small islands, on the opposite side, Liam can be seen strapped into a device, and Xigira next to him, facing you as she feels your presence:

Mirri Elendis: "Xigira! If you think a little lava is going to stop me you've got another thing coming!"
Xigira: "Oh, Mirri, the struggle only makes this more fun."


Xigira: "Fine, Liam can watch you die before he does."

Speaking with Mirri here, she will emphasize being careful when releasing her brother:

"This is it! We're going to save Liam and stop Xigira's plot here and now.
Let's find the ritual's focal points and weaken it so we can set him free."
You think we have time for that?
"I don't know! He's my little brother, I have to try! If—if it comes to it … end the ritual prematurely. I'd rather send Liam into the arms of Mother Morrowind than let Oblivion have him.
Just, try. Please?"
I'll do what I can.

As you approach Liam after getting past through Xigira:

Mirri Elendis: "Liam! Can you hear me? Big sis is getting you out of this!"

There are two Focus Crystals located on different islands, use the Grapple Points to reach them.

"There's no time to waste! Destroy the focal crystals so we can free Liam from the ritual!"

Destroying the first crystal:

Mirri Elendis: "We've lightened their burden a bit, but it might not be enough. Look for other focal crystals."

Destroying the second crystal:

Mirri Elendis: "That's done it! Now, destroy the array!"

Like with the other three instances, you can decide whether you are careful in disrupting the ritual or ending it quickly and killing Liam in the process:

If you destroyed the focus crystals before destroying the Soul Siphon Array, Liam will be freed:

Mirri Elendis: "Liam! Thank Vehk! I'll get you out of here."
Liam Elendis: "Mirri! I thought I'd never see you again!"
<The pair escape down the path and through a back entrance.>

However if you disrupt the ritual prematurely, Liam will die like the others:

Mirri Elendis: "Liam … Almsivi guide you to our ancestors, little brother."
<Mirri then runs outside.>

Emerging outside, you will arrive at their camp adjacent to the river. The survivors will have gathered there, along with Brigadine Andricius, who Mirri will be talking to:

Mirri Elendis: "You can inform your worthless legates that we stopped the cultists, no thanks to you!"
Brigadine Andricius: "Just be grateful your little dispute didn't land you afoul of the law. Cease your meddlesome trespassing while you're ahead and get a real job."

You can then speak to Mirri, her response to you will depend on whether or not her brother survived:

Liam is Rescued:
Liam Dies:
"We did it! My little brother is safe and that backstabbing viper, Xigira's plans are in shambles. I almost wish I could see what Dagon does to her for her failure, but my imagination's probably better than his anyway."
What next?
"We leave this useless s'wit to his report and count Azura's lucky stars. My little brother is alive and well thanks to you. That's more than I could ask.
We owe you. If you ever need anything—and I mean anything—you can count on me."
"Damn Xigira! Damn her fetching soul to the blackest pits of Oblivion!
I hope Dagon rakes her over hot coals for eternity for failing to accomplish whatever it was she was trying to do here. It's my only consolation."
What next?
"There's nothing left to be done than pay my respects to the Tribunal and pray Liam can rest in our family tomb.
I couldn't save my little brother, but you helped me try when no one else would. If you ever need anything. You need only ask."

After you complete the quest, having rescued Liam:

Mirri Elendis: "I should get word that we're safe to our parents as soon as possible. I hope to see you again soon. And Liam, straight to Leyawiin, you hear?"
Liam Elendis: "I just want a moment to catch my breath and thank your friend here. Mother."

Speaking with Mirri afterwards:

Liam is Rescued:
Liam Dies:
"I never should have roped my baby brother into this. I knew the job seemed a little shady, so I thought having someone I could trust with me would be for the best, but I only put both our lives in danger.
Never again."
"I can't believe Liam's gone. I never should have gotten him involved with this. My parents will never forgive me."

A Mother's Obsession[edit]

If she's active as your companion, she will say "Do you have a moment? Something popped up."

When you reach friendly rapport with Mirri, she will have a request for you. Summon and talk to her to see what the situation is:

"I got a letter from my father. About my mother, Irenni. She's gone missing.
She has a habit of running off on an adventure at the drop of a hat and being gone for weeks at a time, but dad says she's been out of touch for a while now. He's worried."
Your mother is an adventurer?
"It runs in the family. Well, mom's side. Dad's a Hlaalu trader she partnered with for years before settling down—mostly settling down. She'd acquire all sorts of rare items for their clients, but my father said they haven't had any commissions."
Any idea where she may have gone?
"Mom neglected to mention it, I'm sure, but my father mentioned getting an angry letter from one of their old clients at the Stormhold Mages Guild claiming she reneged on their arrangement after taking payment.
Would you mind if we pay them a visit?"
Sure, I'll help you find your mother.

After agreeing to help, you can speak with her and ask questions about her family:

I take it this isn't the first time you've had to go chasing after her.
"It's that obvious, eh? When mom's in one of her flighty moods it usually sorts itself out, but sometimes she gets so wrapped up in something it becomes an obsession. Someone has to talk some sense into her, and that someone is usually me."
Why does it always fall on you?
"I got my mom's knack for adventure and my dad's levelheadedness, so I'm the only one who's both crazy enough to go after her and sane enough to talk some sense into her.
I also happen to be their eldest child, so it's my filial duty to the house."
Do you have a lot of family obligations?
"Hah, not so much. Our family is of little consequence, so we're free to be a bunch of impetuous miscreants chasing our own whims. If I'd been born to one of the Great Houses, I'd either be a pawn in their schemes or a disappointment, like father."
Your father's a disappointment?
"He's a seventh son, of a seventh son in House Hlaalu, so he wasn't going to amount to anything without climbing over his siblings. Dad's too sweet for that, so he wound up marrying into our little house for something as unprofitable as love."
Have you ever been to Stormhold?
"We lived there for a good few years when I was young. It was awkward at times—Argonians don't trust Dark Elves, for good reason.
I like to think my parents showed them different, but not everyone warmed up to us."
Argonian Character:
You can hardly blame my people for being wary of Dark Elves.
"I know, I know. It just ashes my hide that a few rotten fetchers ruined it for the rest of us … but that's not quite the truth. It's easy to blame it all on House Dres and the Telvanni, but they weren't the only ones keeping slaves before the Pact."
Hardly surprising that Argonians are wary of Dark Elves.
"I know, I know. It just ashes my hide that a few rotten fetchers ruined it for the rest of us … but that's not quite the truth. It's easy to blame it all on House Dres and the Telvanni, but they weren't the only ones keeping slaves before the Pact."
Why wouldn't the Argonians trust Dark Elves?
"I'm a little surprised you have to ask. Morrowind had the most prolific slave trade in Tamriel before the Ebonheart Pact abolished it. The people they preyed on most were the splintered Argonian tribes down in Black Marsh."

Both options lead to the same thing:

Did your family keep slaves?
"No! My mom and dad never approved of it. I even had a cousin who was forced into servitude and they helped my uncle free him at great risk to themselves.
But our ancestors? That … I don't know."
That burden's on them. It's not yours.
"Yeah, I suppose. I just feel foolish for taking our innocence for granted. If my ancestors weren't guiltless, I'll just have to be better than them. That's all there is to it.
I can start by getting my mother to act more responsibly."
That would be a good place to start rebuilding trust.
"I really should. I've spent my life digging through all sorts of obscure history and I've never really thought to look into my own. Embarrassing, really.
That'll have to wait until after we've tracked down my mother though."

When you enter the Stormhold Mage Guild's Mirri will recognise the person you are looking for and hang back:

Mirri Elendis: "That High Elf matches Mirtulivon's description! Ask him if he's seen Irenni Elendis. I should probably hang back."

Talking to Mirri before approaching the mage:

"Dad's letter claimed old Mirt over there was highly peeved about whatever deal he made with my mother falling through. I'd just as soon avoid catching an earful, so if you could ask about Irenni as a neutral party he may be more willing to cooperate."

Speaking with Mirtulivon, he will explain that Irenni asked for information in return for performing a favor for him. Instead, she left forgoing retrieving the Antique Inkwell he lost in a card game to Under-Root. Mirtulivon will tell you what he told Irenni if you retrieve (i.e steal) Inkwell back.

You can then confer with Mirri on this:

"I caught the gist of that. That s'wit actually wanted my mom to rob a bank? I'm glad she had enough sense not to go through with it. Unless the reason we haven't heard from her is because she's in jail … no, no, she wouldn't …."
You don't sound so sure.
"I mean, adventuring can be dirty business. My family is nothing but a bunch of no-good, tomb robbers depending on who you ask. But there's a big difference between digging through old ruins for treasure and outright stealing."
Do you think she might really be in jail?
"No, if that were the case she'd have written my father to pay her bounty. And while he should let her sit and learn her lesson, he's too much of a softy. She probably ran off like Mirt said.
So now it's us who have to get our hands dirty."
Maybe not, we'll figure something out.
"Let's hope so, but if we do wind up breaking the law, I could have a worse partner in crime. You're a good friend."
Let's pay a visit to the bank.

You can then head to Under-Root Bank on the northern side of the town. Mirri will bemoan your task:

"I can't believe I have to steal from a bank for my own fetching mother. This is why no one takes our house seriously."

Once inside the bank, Mirri will try and act casual:

Mirri Elendis: "Act casual. Just two people admiring the decorations. This is such a nice bank, isn't it? Oh, such refined taste."

The inkwell can be found on a desk on the second floor. Seviel Andril will be there, and you can either bribe him to look the other way or use your sneaking skills and steal it without him noticing. As you head downstairs to the door, Mirri is ready to leave the scene:

"Mirt better have worthwhile information about my mother, or I might need to add assault to my list of crimes for the day."
Mirri Elendis: "Got it? Let's not overstay our welcome."

You can bring the Inkwell back to Mirtulivon, who explains he gave her information about a lead on a Dwemer relic. He sent her to meet with a Nord near Steamfont Cavern in Stonefalls. Mirri will know the place:

"Steamfont. I know of it. Dwemer ruins re-purposed by some resourceful types for perfecting certain kinds of crafts. Never had reason to go there myself. It shouldn't be too hard to find though.
Let's head to Stonefalls before Edvilda moves on."

When you arrive at Edvilda's Camp above Steamfont, you will find Edvilda Stone-Stalker dead and Irenni nowhere to be seen:

Mirri Elendis: "Is this Edvilda? Someone killed her! Let's search the camp."
"I didn't really expect to find my mother here, but I at least thought Edvilda would be able to tell us where she went. We have to find out what happened here."

You can find a Homemade Scarf near the campfire:

Mirri Elendis: "Mom's scarf! Liam gave that to her last New Life, when she was headed to Skyrim for the Snow Bear Plunge. She wouldn't have left it!"

There is also Edvilda's Log Book near her bedroll, which can be read:

Mirri Elendis: "Did Edvilda write down anything important?"

After finding both items, talk to Mirri:

"Mom was definitely here. She had to have gone in a hurry if she left this scarf behind. Did Edvilda write down anything that would clue us in on where my mother's gone?"
It looks like Edvilda was trying to sell your mother false information about a puzzle box.
"Oh, not that fetching thing again! Mom …! She's been chasing after my grandfather's Dwemer puzzle box for decades. Ever since the old Mer joined our ancestors at the tomb. It's her obsession.
Don't tell me they got into a fight over it."
Edvilda planned to send Irenni to the Inner Sea Armature, which is full of bandits.
"Great. Just great. So the shifty Nord met my mother out here and ran afoul of bandits? That explains what happened to Edvilda, but mom's not here, thank Vehk, but if she'd escaped we'd have heard from her, right?
They must have taken her captive."
Then let's head to the Inner Sea Armature and look for her.
"I've never been to the Inner Sea Armature, but it must not be too far from Edvilda's camp.
Three, I hope mom's all right …."

Head to the northwest to find the Inner Sea Armature, Mirri will point out the Dwemer construction when you get close to the entrance:

Mirri Elendis: "Dwarven pipes! By that cave. This looks promising."

Once inside, Mirri will be very worried:

"I swear, if these s'wits have done anything to my mother I'll—well, you'll fetching see."

Fight your way through the outlaws, and head to the center room. Irenni can be found chained up ... and mixing cake batter:

Irenni Elendis: "Mirri? Mirri! Am I glad to see you, scrib. Get me out of these shackles."
Mirri Elendis: "Mom! Do you have any fetching idea how worried—wait … are you cooking?"

Mirri will be exasperated:

"I don't know what I expected. Whatever it was, it didn't include my mother making a fetching cake."

After you unchain Irenni:

"Just … talk to her. The last thing we need is her making a scene right now.
This is why I never bring friends home."

Talking with Irenni, she will explain that after Edvilda got cut down by bandits, she promised she would cook for them if they spared her life. You can then lead Irenni outside.

Mirri Elendis: "Can we please just get out of here now?"
"Let's just get out of this dump. We can talk outside."

Once outside, Mirri will begin yelling at her mother:

Mirri Elendis: "Don't think you're free and clear just because we escaped the bandits. What were you thinking?"
Irenni Elendis: "Oh, come now, Mirri. I've been doing this since before you were in diapers."
Mirri Elendis: "And you're not getting any younger! We almost lost Liam, and you nearly lost this! Would you trade it for that stupid puzzle box?"
Irenni Elendis: "Liam's scarf? Mirri—I … I'm sorry. I'm sorry I worried you all. It's just … I'll let it go."
Mirri Elendis: "We love you, mom. We're your family. Go home."

You can then talk to Mirri, who will be at her wits end about her mother's fixation on the relic:

"I know it probably seems like I'm being harsh, but mom's been at this more times than I can count. She promises to give up on it, but then she catches some whiff of a lead about that damn box and she's off like a race guar."
At least she's all right.
"This time. Death was the only thing that stopped my grandfather from chasing after that stupid trinket. I don't want it to be the same for her. You can only keep rolling the dice in this life for so long."
Do you think she'll really give it up this time?
"I hope so. Probably not, but I've weighed her down with enough guilt to hold her for a little while at least.
Either way, sorry for dragging you into my family drama."
Should we make sure your mother returns home safely?
"Are you kidding? If I don't get you out of here she'll make you meet the entire extended family. Davon's Watch is just down the road. She can make her way home from there.
Thank you for putting up with all this. I'll make it up to you."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, she will alternatively say:

"Again, sorry for dragging you into the middle of all this, but at least everything turned out all right in the end."
Should we escort your mother home?

Same dialogue for turning in the quest

Dead Weight[edit]

After helping find and rescue Irenni, Mirri will have another request for you:

"I have another favor to ask, if it's not too much trouble?"
What's the favor?
"Mom will try her best to put her search for that puzzle box behind her, but I know her. The moment she catches wind of another flimsy lead she'll be off looking, just one more time.
She's only going to stop when it's found, or she's dead."
You want to search for it, don't you?
"Want to? No. Need to? Probably. My mom's been trying to fulfill her filial duty since she buried my grandfather. I'd rather not come by it the same way.
I was thinking I'd pay the old Mer a visit at our ancestral tomb. Will you join me?"
Sure, Mirri, I'll help however I can.

After agreeing to go to Othrenis, you can ask some questions about what you will be doing and what she knows about her mother and grandfather's relationship:

How is visiting his grave going to help us?
"Well, I'm not just thinking of finally paying my respects. I can summon his ancestor spirit at the tomb. I'm hoping my grandfather can tell us something about his missing puzzle box that will help put this fetching fetcher fly hunt to rest."
Wouldn't your mother have already explored that option?
"Like I said, I don't think she's spoken with him since he died. Mom never talks about my grandfather. I get the impression that they weren't close."
Why is she going through such great lengths to find it for him then?
"He was obsessed with that puzzle box. When it was stolen, getting it back was all he could think about. I don't think mom gives two s'wits about the box, she just wants him to acknowledge her.
Maybe I can convince him to free her from her duty."
We'll go speak with your grandfather.
"Othrenis is in Stonefalls. I can't speak for the condition of the tomb, so we should assume it's dangerous."

When you arrive at Othrenis, Mirri will give directions:

Mirri Elendis: "I think granddad's tomb is on the eastern side, toward the back."

Fight your way through undead, and you can find the Elendis Family Plot:

Mirri Elendis: "There, that's his shrine. Tomb. Whatever. You light the candles. I'll mutter the ancestor summons prayer."

When you get closer, Mirri will point out the candles:

Mirri Elendis: "This is the family plot. Light the votive candles, would you? I'll begin the incantation."

Speaking with her, she will admit this is the first time she has done this:

"I've never actually done this before. Don't judge. You can help me out by lighting some votive candles. I'll pray to the three that my grandfather feels like listening."

After you light the candles, Mirri will recite the incantation:

Mirri Elendis: "Grandfather, house of my house, blood of my blood. The daughter of your daughter summons you. Come forth and share your wisdom."
<There will be a golden beam of light and Bralen Elendis appears.>
Bralen Elendis: "Daughter of my daughter? Bah. Strangers both. I have nothing to say to the likes of you."

Speaking with Mirri before Bralen, she will ask you to talk to

"Getting the cold shoulder from a corpse. That's a new shame for the books.
Maybe he'll speak to you."

Bralen will be openly disdainful of Mirri, her mother and you. However, when you explain you are looking for the puzzle box in Irenni's stead, Bralen will explain what happened. He was murdered by his friend, Onimiril who helped him study the box, only to steal it and kill Bralen when he discovered the truth. Onimiril was a guild mage from Vulkhel Guard which is where you need to search next.

You can talk with Mirri about what you learnt:

"What an ass. I can see why mom wasn't keen to visit all these years.
I can't believe she's spent so many years trying to please that fetcher."
A lot of people try to please their parents.
"Don't I know. I suppose I should be more grateful to mom and dad for letting me be my own person. I had no idea.
If my father talked to me that way, I'd have pushed him off a ledge myself."
You still want to help find his puzzle box?
"Only so I can shove it up his ashes. This is important to my mother. I'm doing this for her. Not that old s'wit.
Let's head to Vulkhel Guard. See if we can find this Onimiril. I may want to shake his hand."
Very well, let's go to Vulkhel Guard.
"My grandfather said Onimiril was a guild mage from Vulkhel Guard. Maybe we'll find him there, or at least find someone who knows where he is."

Once in Vulkhel Guard, you can overhear a conversation between Takaano and Caelia Merulin as you approach the Mages Guild. The Khajiit will mention Onimiril, Mirri will suggest you have a little talk with him:

"I thought I heard that Khajiit mention Onimiril. Let's have a chat with him."

Speaking with Takaano, he will explain that he is a former apprentice of Onimiril, before the Altmer was kicked out of the Guild. He is willing to give more information if you help him with a problem. He accidentally turned his fellow mage Arelette Dubeau into a chicken and wants you to bring her back to him before she gets eaten.

"Maybe while we're out hunting down this chicken we can stop somewhere for a bite to eat. I'm feeling a bit peckish.
Sorry, that's not funny. Maybe a little funny."

The brightly colored chicken will be outside the Salted Wings Tavern and you and Mirri can follow the chicken before it stops running. With the Mopey Chicken in hand, Mirri hopes that you caught the right one:

Mirri Elendis: "I hope this is the right one or it's going to make for an interesting scene back at the guild."
"I certainly hope we're done fetching fowl today. Give the chicken to Takaano and let's see what he knows about Onimiril."

Along the way, Mirri will express her opinion of chicken dishes:

Mirri Elendis: "I don't know why anyone would eat chicken when they could have a plump pony guar."

You can give the chicken to Taakano, who explains that Onimiril was expelled for using dark magics and that he apparently has a small getaway northwest of Skywatch:

"So a master mage who murdered my grandfather was expelled by the guild for practicing forbidden arts and has a reclusive hideaway. That sounds promising, in the worst way possible."

Taakano's description of the place was much more impressive than it actually is—a small camp with a desk—Mirri will agree:

Mirri Elendis: "Not much of a retreat, if you ask me. Let's see if Onimiril left anything helpful behind."

While there is no sign of puzzle box on first glance, Mirri suggests searching the place:

"No sign of a Dwarven puzzle box. Let's look through his things. Maybe we can figure out where he took it."

You can find Onimiril's Writings on the desk. The text shows that Onimiril was just as fixated on the Dwemer Puzzle Cube and its secrets as Bralen Elendis. It also mentions that he took some mages to Avanchnzel in the Rift, to perform an experiment on the device:

Mirri Elendis: "Find anything useful in all that scribble?"

You can then show her book:

"Looks like trying to solve that puzzle box took its toll on Onimiril. Why were he and my grandfather so enamored with the thing?"
Onimiril seems to think it's connected to Avanchnzel in the Rift.
"I get that, but I also get the impression that Onimiril's finding the answers he wants to find. Sometimes, a riddle is just a riddle.
At least his destination was clear enough. Hopefully the box is still in that Dwarven ruin."
You think the box is just a toy?
"I don't know. It's not like I've ever laid eyes on the thing. I just don't see how some hunk of Dwarven junk can be worth everything these two have sacrificed.
If we do find it, and I start going crazy, do me a favor and smash the fetching thing."

When you arrive outside Avanchnzel, Mirri will explain her feelings on the Dwemer field:

"I don't much care for Dwarven ruins. It's an over-saturated field of study and full of more speculation and theory than established fact.
Say what you will about Daedra, they're more predictable than you think. Even Sheogorath."

Once inside the ruin:

"Onimiril's writings said he brought the puzzle box here for some kind of ritual. Considering he was ousted from the Mages Guild, let's assume whatever he was doing was bad news."

In one of the chambers, Mirri will spot something:

Mirri Elendis: "B'vehk … there!"

You will find the large golden Puzzle Box, surrounded by the bodies of Dead Mages.

Mirri Elendis: "Something tells me Onimiril's theory didn't pan out. Maybe be gentle with that box."

Mirri will be slightly concerned when you pick up the puzzle box:

Mirri Elendis: "Feeling all right? No all consuming desire to solve the unknowable mystery? Great, let's get out of here."

Speaking to Mirri after picking up the box:

"The great mystery of where the fetching puzzle box vanished off to is the only one I care to solve. Let's get that damned thing out of here and be done with it as soon as possible."

Once you have left the ruins, Mirri will be happy to leave:

Mirri Elendis: "Glad to be out of there. Dwarf ruins are too hot and humid for my liking. At least Stonefall's is a dry heat."

Talk to her to see what she wants to do now:

"I can't say I understand what all the fuss was about. It's a box. A fancy box, but a box none the less. Hard to imagine that this piece of fetching garbage has caused my family so much anguish.
I'll be happy to bury it."
What do we do next?
"I'll send word to my mother to meet us in Othrenis. We will deliver it to my family's plot and hopefully she'll find some closure with my bull netch of a grandfather."
Do you think they'll reconcile?
"My granddad doesn't deserve mom's devotion, or forgiveness, but if it frees her of her guilt and obligations, she'll be safe and I'll be happy.
Come on, let's not tempt fate by lingering with that thing."

Once you return to Stonefalls, Mirri wants to make sure you got it secured:

"Don't you dare lose that thing or I'll throttle you."

At the Elendis Family Plot, Irenni will arrive and walk up to shrine:

Irenni Elendis: "Mirri? Is that you? It had better not be another skeleton!"
Mirri Elendis: "We're here mom, and we've brought granddad's puzzle box. Would you lay it on the shrine for her?"

When you place the puzzle cube, Bralen will be summoned and you can witness the uncomfortable family reunion:

Irenni Elendis: "Father."
Bralen Elendis: "You finally did your duty. Or rather your daughter and some n'wah did. Success—once removed—is so very like you."
Irenni Elendis: "All you've ever cared about was what I could do for you. Well, this is the last favor."
Mirri Elendis: "That goes for us as well."

You can then talk to Bralen as Mirri has no desire to speak to him:

"Go on and talk to my grandfather, if you like. Maybe he'll actually show you some gratitude. I've got nothing to say to him."

Bralen is dismissive of his family's efforts to retrieve the cube and does not feel the need to reconcile with them. Mirri and Bralen exchange final words:

Bralen Elendis: "You've set a poor example for your daughter. Always putting your whims before the good of the house."
Mirri Elendis: "You can stuff the fetching house. Our family is more than just your legacy. Come on, mom. We're wasting our breath."

You can then talk to Mirri:

"Damn ancestors. If they want to make such a big deal of us paying our respects, they could put more effort into paying them back."
"He certainly knows how to hold a grudge."
"Hmph, grudges and curses are Dunmeri traditions dating back to the Anticipations. Just because they're old doesn't make them good.
I'm happy to leave all that to rot with granddad and his stupid gold brick, but it looks like mom is willing to forgive."
You think your mother will be content with how things turned out?
"She has nothing to regret. She did everything she could. That damn box was the last excuse that could be made for why they were estranged. If they still can't make up after this, granddad's just a fetching ashhole.
Either way, she'll be fine."
Do you want some time with her?
"No, we should give her and granddad some space. They have a lot to catch up on, assuming they don't just start cursing each other out.
We've done our part. Let's get back to saving the world, or whatever."

If you leave the conversation before turning in the quest, and return back talking to her, she will say this instead:

"Hmph, well, I guess Red Mountain can freeze over."
Do you want some time with your mother?

Same dialogue for quest completion

After completing the quest and talking to Mirri:

"If you keep helping us out like this, mom's liable to adopt you, for which I apologize ahead of time."

Heroes of Blackwood[edit]

Mirri only appears during this quest if you have completed the Treasured Comrade achievement. She will not appear if she is the active companion. Speaking to Mirri at the party:

Liam Elendis survived:
Liam Elendis is dead:
"You should have seen the look on Liam's face when I invited him to this. There, look, you can still see the leftover wide-eyed disbelief! I can hardly believe it myself."
The life of an adventurer is never dull.
"Isn't that the truth. Of course, exciting for me is exploring an old ruin and hoping I find more treasures than traps, not battling the hordes of Mehrunes-fetching-Dagon over the fate of the world. I was not prepared for the latter."
Considering retiring?
"Not a chance, f'lah. Today I learned that's something I can do. And next time, I'll be better prepared. But try not to let that intimidate you."
"I wish Liam could have been here to see this. He always looked up to me, even if he'd hate to admit it. I can just see him standing here wide-eyed and dumbfounded over the whole affair.
I miss him."
any other differences in dialogue


Mirri may have the following dialogue when doing the quest, The Light of Knowledge [verification needed — see talk page]:

"I can't believe you just waltz up to a god for a bit of conversation like it's nothing. I don't know whether to be impressed or tell the ordinators."
"I don't know if they call Lord Seht the Father of Mysteries because of his skill at unraveling them or because no one can figure him out."
"Well, what did he say? Some inscrutable wisdom beyond mortal comprehension?"

Companion Dialogue[edit]

Much of Mirri Elendis' companion dialogue with you will depend on your current Rapport with her. The following sections list her known dialogue:


When you talk with her, you can do the following:

  • Access the Companion Menu and customize her abilities etc.
  • Ask how she feels about you.
  • Ask about her.
Cordial-Close Allied-Companion Wary-Disdainful
"Change of plans?" "Feeling chatty, are we?" "What?"
"Hope we find something interesting today." "Something you need, partner?" "Yes, s'wit?"
"Something you need to discuss?" "If you want to take a break, I won't complain." "If you're planning to boss me around. Forget it. I'm neither your servant nor your friend."
"Problem, sera?" "Found something interesting to share?" "If it's not going to get us paid, I don't care."

"Let's talk about us."[edit]

With this option, you can ask about her feelings towards you and about herself:

"What would you like to talk about?"
How do you feel about our relationship? (Cordial to Companion)
Cordial/Friendly Close Alliedgreen end of the bar Companiongreen end of the bar
"We've already been through more together than most people I've known. Feels like I've known you forever. Not tired of you yet though." "I trust you. I don't trust many people outside of my immediate family. I hope you'll stick with me, through thick and thin." "Now you've got me worried. Traveling with you has been the highlight of my life. I hope you feel the same. Or, at least don't mind too much." "You're more than just an adventuring partner. You're my best friend. I'm so happy I met you, even if the circumstances were awful."
"You're a pretty good adventuring partner, I'd say. Reliable. Agreeable. No complaints." "I … never had too many friends. I like to think I can count you among them. Quality over quantity." "You're the best companion a girl could ask for. With as much time as we spend together I'm surprised you're not sick of me. Glad too. Life wasn't half as fun before I met you." "Your ... weirdness? Seems to be compatible with mine. That's never happened. It scares me a little."
"I don't regret throwing my lot in with you, if that's what you're asking. There aren't many adventurers I'm willing to partner up with again and again, but you keep proving yourself useful.
And pretty nice."
"You make me laugh, you make me think, and I miss you when you're not around. If that's not friendship, what is?" "Gods, am I that awkward? I know I'm not great at expressing my feelings, but there's no need for doubt. I can't think of anyone I'm closer to, even my family." "I've never felt so vulnerable. I've exposed all of myself to you. You haven't run away screaming, so I guess that's a good sign."
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)
How do you feel about our relationship? (Wary to Disdainful)[verification needed — dialogue needs to be confirmed]
Wary Irritated DisdainfulRed end of the bar
"My family taught me a lot of patience. You're starting to test it.
I do want this arrangement to work out. There are just some things you keep doing that get under my skin."
"I agreed to tag along on your adventures, but I wish you'd leave me out of some of the stuff you get up to. My mom doesn't like me associating with the wrong crowd and you're looking more and more like it." "If you're afraid I'm going to let you die. I've thought about it. But unlike you, I'm not a rotten s'wit, so don't worry and don't bother me."
"You're an effective adventurer, I'll give you that, but let's just keep thing professional. It's better that way." "Since when have you cared what I think? Seems like you're just going to do what you like anyway, so why bother talking about it.
Let's just get back to work and at least make this arrangement profitable."
"I only stopped giving you nasty looks because you've already got one.
Let's do the job and go our separate ways."
"So you've noticed my complaining? Well, good. If you want us to get along, maybe try not to piss me off so often. I'm trying to work with you here. Help me out." "If you were one of my siblings I'd bop you on the skull. A lot. I'm trying to be professional though. If you could manage your behavior better things would be better for the both of us.
Can you do that?"
"Don't fetching pretend you're interested in being my friend. The only reason I'm still here is you have some redeeming qualities far outside your personality.
We done?"
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)
Tell me something about yourself.
"I can't stand Goblins. Or snakes. Or boats. They all make me want to retch, for different reasons. The less we deal with any of them, the better."
"I love maps and old books. I can lose myself in a library or booksellers for days on end! I'm also a bit of an oenophile. It means I like wine. A lot."
"I'm an archer by training, so I try to stay at range. Up close, I'm pretty handy with a dagger, but I prefer my bow."
"My dad's an antiquarian. He gave me an appreciation of cultural artifacts. Mom showed me how to find them. I prefer to treat such things with the respect they deserve."
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)


As a companion, Mirri will remark on various situations encountered during your travels.

When summoned:

  • Ready when you are.
  • What's on the docket today?
  • You called?
  • It'll be good to get away from the family a bit.
  • Mom and dad give their best.
  • All right, so how much trouble are you in?
  • Miss me?
  • I could go for a bit of excitement.
  • Did I miss anything interesting?
  • All right, but next time you're helping me with something.

When levelling up:

  • I love learning something new.
  • Dare I say, I think you're being a good influence on me.
  • Maybe we can add that to the list of things I can beat you at?

When the player levels up/earns a champion point:

  • Mother Morrowind has her eye on you.
  • Vehk's in for some competition.
  • Seht likes a quick study.
  • Do you want to brag about that, or should I?

When low on health:

  • I'm losing blood!
  • I could use some help!
  • I can't hold out much longer!
  • I could use a healer!
  • Ow, that fetching smarts!

When getting healed after being low on health:

  • Thanks! I was feeling that.
  • That's much better!
  • Don't suppose you'll work this knot out of my shoulder while you're at it?

When player gets knocked down or knocked back:

  • Back on your feet!
  • Don't let them throw you around like that!
  • Where'd you go?
  • Dig in! Don't let them separate us!

When player gets snared or immobilized:

  • Try breaking free!
  • Roll! Roll if you can!
  • You can make it! Keep moving!
  • Keep your guard up until you've got your footing!

When player gets stunned:

  • Don't panic! We can do this!
  • It's all in your head! Keep fighting!
  • Hey! Stick with me!
  • The enemy is this way!
  • If it helps, I'm scared too!

When player is low on Health:

  • Hang in there!
  • Maybe we should retreat?
  • Potion! Don't forget your health potions!
  • Cutting it close!
  • Pull back!
  • I'll try to distract them!
  • Don't you die on me!

When player is low on Magicka:

  • Quick, drink a magicka potion!
  • Easy! Let your magicka recover!

When player is low on Stamina:

  • You're getting winded!
  • Use a stamina draught!

When getting on a mount:

  • Off we go!
  • Was tired of walking anyway.
  • Let's ride!

While on Mount [verification needed — unsure what triggers this.]

  • Either I've gotten shorter or these stirrups have stretched out.

When starting combat:

  • They're coming for us!
  • Get back you fetcher!
  • I don't want to hurt you, but now I'm going to!
  • Uh, you lead!
  • All right, but don't cry for mommy.
  • I guess this is a fight now.
  • I really don't like your odds.
  • Vehk I hope you're watching!
  • Off with you, s'wit!

When ending combat:

  • Whew, that was a bit of a warm up.
  • Maybe I should have joined the Buoyant Armigers?
  • You know, I like to think I'm agreeable.
  • In a big family, you have to know how to scrap.
  • I never used to fight this much, until I met you.
  • Would it kill them to run away? Well, no, I guess it wouldn't. Maybe they should try that.
  • Was that the last of them? Thank Vehk.
  • I'm still here. Thanks for asking.
  • I think I'm getting good at this. I probably shouldn't be proud of that.

When the player uses an ultimate:

  • Flashy may get noticed, but style gets remembered!
  • I think you got their attention.
  • Bet they never saw that coming!

When the player interrupts an enemy:

  • That got them off balance!
  • Staggered them!
  • Keep them on the backfoot!
  • Yeah! Keep knocking them around!
  • That broke their concentration!
  • That's right! Keep the fight on our terms!
  • I think they're getting flustered!

When starting a boss fight:

  • Maybe we should get some help?
  • Please don't fetching get me killed.
  • Take this one seriously.
  • We're doing this? All right, I guess we're doing this!
  • This could get dicey.
  • I was thinking things were too easy today.
  • This is going to be a fight. Let's not make it our last.

After completing a boss fight:

  • The world could do with a few less of those. Sheesh.
  • Couldn't leave that walking around wreaking havoc, right?

When starting a Dragon fight:

  • A fetching Dragon? Really?
  • Why did it have to be a Dragon?

When the player kills a dragon:

  • Dragon slayer does have a nice ring to it.
  • Bet mom would love a Dragon skin rug.

Killing an Elite or higher monster:

  • That one put up a fight, didn't they?
  • I wasn't worried. Were you worried?

When killing multiple enemies in quick succession:

  • You're like a legend of Vehk!
  • That's a slaughter Dagon would envy.

When killing a livestock animal:

  • If you're hungry we can find a tavern.
  • Why in Vehk's name are you butchering livestock?
  • So fetching petty. And cruel!

When seeing the player ally die:

  • Hang in there! I'll—I'll do something!
  • Oh, fetching fetch! Fetch! Fetch!
  • You'll pay for that your [sic] rotten fetchers!
  • Vehk save us now!

When the player loots an Epic item or better:

  • Wow! You don't come by those too often.
  • That should fetch a fair fetching price!

When the player loots a chest/safebox:

  • Looks like you're buying at the next pub, f'lah!
  • Finders keepers, as they say.
  • A nice little present from Vehk, eh?

When the player harvests a node:

  • Can never have enough of that.
  • Nice haul!
  • Nothing wrong with a little opportunistic harvesting.

When the player loots a Heavy Sack:

  • Quite a bounty! Glad I don't have to carry it.
  • Lucky fetcher. I only ever seem to find musty grain and spuds.

When the player steals an item:

  • Well played, master thief.
  • I saw nothing.
  • You'll take anything that isn't tied down, won't you?
  • It's only stealing if you get caught, right?

When the player is caught stealing an item:

  • Hey, warn me before you're going to be a fetching s'wit!

When you pay your bounty to a fence:

  • The coast is clear. Finally.

When the player loots a Thieves Trove

  • Good eye! I never would have spotted that!
  • That's why I use a bank.

When the player successfully excavates an antiquity:

  • Interesting how much clutter people had thousands of years ago, isn't it? Guess some things never change.
  • Well this seems a lot less deadly than delving. Why did mom never suggest this to me?
  • Another find? I hope it's something interesting!
  • There's an old saying about those who forget history. I don't remember it, but it's really good.
  • Who knew you could be so patient and careful?
  • It really is remarkable how much knowledge is just resting below the dirt.

When the player reads a book:

  • I didn't know you were interested in that genre? I'll have to remember that.
  • Bringing a book for travel is well worth the pack space. Shame they're so heavy.
  • I like reading too, you know. If you ever need an excuse to get me something.

When completing a Fighters Guild daily quest:

  • I'd really love to study those Dolmens, if they'd ever stop getting pulled into Coldharbour.
  • All these Daedra appearing would be great for my studies if we didn't always have to be killing them.
  • Another day, another dolmen, eh?

When completing relic quests for Numani-Rasi:

  • Maybe we should hire you into the family business. You've got a knack for this.
  • Dealing with Ashlanders is dangerous, but they really are a great source for my Daedra research.
  • I won't tell the Ordinators if you won't.

When entering a city or town:

  • What do you say we try some of the local fare? I'm famished.
  • Some people don't like the bustle of cities, but I come from a big family, so it reminds me of home.
  • I can't wait to take a load off at the inn.

When entering the Clockwork City:

  • Sotha Sil built this place and everything in it. Except the people. Well, maybe even a few of them too by the look.
  • I wonder how the Tribunal Temple feels about the Clockwork Apostles? Actually, I wonder if they even know they exist. We're in a whole other world.
  • I wonder why Lord Seht made so many creations that imitate life? Because he could? To better understand them? You'd probably just walk up and ask.

When near a striking locale:

  • Traveling with you isn't a tour, it's a tale!
  • What a sight! I can't wait to write home about this.
  • I bet this place is full of interesting history. I should try looking it up later.

When near a delve:

  • I hope we find more than trouble here.
  • This looks ripe for adventure. Maybe a tad overripe.
  • Let's not get separated. I'd rather not be alone in this place.

When near a dolmen maybe Harrowstorm and Abyssal Geyser too:

  • There's trouble brewing here. Stay alert!
  • Something's not right here. Be ready for a fight.
  • Careful! We're headed into troublesome territory!

When entering a Daedric ruin:

  • Now here's a place I can really get some study done. Or killed. Either really.
  • If you brought me here because you knew I'd like it. Well done.
  • See, if I'd taken up trade like my little sister, the most interesting places I'd visit would be banks.

When entering the Bards College in Solitude:

  • Are these real instruments? There must be a reason you don't hear many of them these days.

When entering the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary:

  • I shouldn't be here. And I definitely don't want to be!
  • If you're trying to introduce me to your family, I have no interest in your siblings!
  • There are literally skeletons walking around! Why would you want to live here!
  • The Morag Tong are bad enough, but at least they don't kill for fun!

When viewing the completed model of Vvardenfell in the Library of Vivec:

  • I can't believe they actually completed a scale model of the entire island. It's so detailed!
  • I can't get over how meticulous all this is. I'd never have the patience for it. I suppose that's what makes it all the more impressive.
  • Building such an accurate model must have been a huge undertaking. Well, a very small, huge undertaking.

When viewing the incomplete model of Vvardenfell in the Library of Vivec:

  • What's this? Some kind of exhibit? Looks incomplete.

When viewing the completed Vault of Moawita collection:

  • I know the Vault of Moawita is supposed to be keeping all these cursed objects from doing harm, but is gathering them all here really safe?
  • The Vault of Moawita. This is where the Psijic Order keeps the most dangerous of items locked away!

When viewing the incomplete Vault of Moawita collection:

  • I've heard of this place. The Vault of Moawita. But it shouldn't be empty! Something's very wrong.

When in the Thieves Den if Kari's Hit List is complete:

  • Did you steal all this stuff while I was with you? That really would be impressive.
  • This hit list looks more like a pranksters planner than a thief's to-dos. Could be fun though.

When in the Thieves Den if Kari's Hit List is incomplete:

  • For a Thieves Guild there isn't much of a treasure trove. Maybe you could steal something to gussy it up.

When in the House of Histories if the Rithana-di-Renada is complete:

  • The House of Histories! I was told not to miss this! It is the home of the beautiful and priceless mural known as Rithana-di-Renada. In common speech, "The Song of Kingdoms."
  • An ancient mural chronicling the original sixteen united kingdoms of Elsweyr. It's quite remarkable.

When in the House of Histories if the Rithana-di-Renada is incomplete:

  • This House of Histories seems to be in need of some talented collectors.

When in the Senchal Palace if the tapestry is complete:

  • I would have loved to see that tapestry when it was new, but the restoration really is beautiful.
  • Khajiit of the Moons. It's one of the great treasures of Elsweyr. Tragic that it was so badly damaged, but you can tell it was restored with great care.

When in the Senchal Palace if the tapestry is incomplete:

  • Senchal was one of the richest and most historic kingdoms in Tamriel. It's painful to see it reduced to such a state.

When in the House of Orsimer Glories if the collection is complete:

  • So Orsinium really got Orcs to care about history? That is impressive.
  • So many tributes to violence. Did you know Old Orcish has no word for patience? The closest word literally means sedated.
  • You know that Dark Elves and Orcs are both cursed races? Dunmer just don't dwell on it constantly.

When in the House of Orsimer Glories if the collection is incomplete:

  • The House of Orsimer Glories? Is it a joke that it's practically empty?

After completing a dolmen/harrowstorm/geyser:

  • Well, that was intense.
  • That was truly vile.
  • We drove them back!
  • It's a route [sic]!
  • Right back to Oblivion, or wherever they came from!

After killing a goblin:

  • Ugh, Goblins. They eat anything you know? Anything.
  • Spawn of Malak's putrid feces.
  • Gods, the smell! I'd rather fight bog blights.
  • Never met a Goblin that didn't deserve that. Not one.
  • These little fetchers will infest anything if you let them run wild.

After killing a snake:

  • I. Hate. Snakes.
  • As far as I'm concerned, all snakes are poisonous!

When the player crafts an alcoholic beverage:

  • My favorite cure for low-spirits!
  • You are going to let me try that, right?

When near a harbour:

  • Please, anything but a boat!
  • Ugh, I'm getting ill just thinking about taking a ship.

When near a cooking fire:

  • Smoke, ash, and fire. Just like home.
  • I don't suppose we have anything to cook?
  • I miss roasting pupal scribs over a fire. So sweet and airy, with a hint of crunch.

When the player is idle for a long time:

  • There's stopping to smell the flowers and then there's taking root.
  • Are we waiting for someone? Some thing? Just because?
  • It we're just going to wait around, let's play a game or something.
  • Lost in thought, or just lost?
  • <Idle humming.>
  • What's going on in that head of yours?
  • Dunmer are long lived, but we can die of boredom.
  • I can see why mom has been so reluctant to settle in at home. There's too much to this world to spend our time on it in one place.

When summoning a Non-Combat Pet[verification needed — Do these play for every pet?]

  • Hello, little one!
  • Where in Tamriel did you get that one?
  • I had a pony guar when I was little. Pon pon. She was adorable.

After losing a Duel

  • Forget that fetcher. Bet they were cheating anyway.
  • Did that hurt? It looked like it hurt. You … want a hug?

After winning a Duel

  • As street fights go, that one was pretty good!
  • Have you sufficiently asserted your dominance? Can we get back to business now?

After talking to Sotha Sil

  • Well, what did he say? Some inscrutable wisdom beyond mortal comprehension?
  • I don't know if they call Lord Seht the Father of Mysteries because of his skill at unravelling them or because no one can figure him out.
  • I can't believe you just waltz up to a god for a bit of conversation like it's nothing. I don't know whether to be impressed or tell the ordinators.

Travel Lines:

  • I do love seeing so much of Tamriel. I wish less of it was trying to kill me, but at least it makes life interesting.
  • This is the spot I've been looking for.
  • I've been wanting to visit here. Spare a moment?

When harvesting a torchbug or butterfly:

  • If you're going to kill bugs, at least kill fetcher flies.
  • There has got to be a better source for your alchemy practice.

When using the Blade of Woe:

  • I'm going to be ill. I can't even look at you.

When applying a Polymorph:

  • I knew it! This is the way you really look, isn't it?

When summoned for the first time after completion of Treasured Comrade achievement:

  • "My family deals in collectibles, and this reminded me of you, so—here."

If the player rides into terrain on a mount:

  • "Who taught you to ride? a book?"

Houseguest Dialogue[edit]

After completing the Dead Weight quest, you will receive Mirri Elendis as a houseguest. When placed within your home, she will say one of the following lines when spoken with. They are a combination of lines heard from her environmental voice-overs and unique lines:

  • "What's on the docket today?"
  • "How did you ever get through these long periods of quiet without me?"
  • "There's an old saying about those who forget history. I don't remember it, but it's really good."
  • "What do you say we try some of the local fare? I'm famished."
  • "I love maps and old books. I can lose myself in a library or booksellers for days on end! I'm also a bit of an oenophile. It means I like wine. A lot."
  • "Miss me?"
  • "I miss roasting pupal scribs over a fire. So sweet and airy, with a hint of crunch."
  • "What?"
  • "Some people don't like the bustle of cities, but I come from a big family, so it reminds me of home."
  • "Dealing with Ashlanders is dangerous, but they really are a great source for my Daedra research."
  • "I sometimes wonder what it must be like for Daedra. Going through their lives with no real sense of time passing them by. Where loss and death are annoying trivialities. No wonder they feel powerful, and hollow."
  • "I've had so many near death experiences since I met you. I really need to go make an offering to the Three before they think me ungrateful."
  • "Are we waiting for someone? Some thing? Just because?"
  • "My dad's an antiquarian. He gave me an appreciation of cultural artifacts. Mom showed me how to find them. I prefer to treat such things with the respect they deserve."
  • "I can't stand Goblins. Or snakes. Or boats. They all make me want to retch, for different reasons. The less we deal with any of them, the better."
  • "I can see what mom has been so reluctant to settle in at home. There's too much to this world to spend our time on it in one place."
  • "Feeling chatty, are we?"
  • "I don't suppose we have anything to cook?"
  • "I shouldn't have had that last snack."
  • "<Idle humming.>"


Once you reach maximum Rapport with Mirri Elendis, she will soon send you a letter along with an Ancient Anticipations Idol.

Something to Remember Me By

I was talking with dad, telling him what I've been up to. It made me realize how much you and I have done since we crossed paths at that shattered doomvault. I think we've visited half the Daedric shrines and ruins in Tamriel. Not to mention all those dolmen.

I want you to have this family heirloom. Traditionally, it's handed down from mother to daughter. My family isn't big on traditions, but we are sentimental. When mom gave it to me, I thought she was reminding me I wasn't getting any younger. But she told me to give it to the right person when I found them. I'm not sure what that means, but after all we've been through, I thought you should have it. As a remembrance of our adventures.



  • If you and Mirri are mounted when you hand in one of Numani-Rasi's daily quests, it does not increase Mirri's rapport.
    • Make sure you are not mounted when handing in quest.
  • Sometimes Numani-Rasi's quests do not give rapport at all, though all requirements are met and you're not mounted.