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Bastian Hallix
Location Deepscorn Hollow
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly Class Dragonknight
Other Information
Follower Competition and Contracts
Bastian Hallix
Stalwart and true, Bastian Hallix personifies the best traits of High Rock nobility. But in a world of greed and broken vows, can a righteous man persevere? Call this companion to your side and prove that Tamriel still needs virtuous guardians.

Bastian Hallix is an Imperial Dragonknight Companion that can be recruited by the player. His rapport is negatively affected by vile actions.

Bastian is a twenty-seven-year-old Imperial and a ward of the Breton House Silvelle. He is a member of the former House Hallix, which was stripped of its titles following his father's betrayal of High King Emeric and subsequent execution. He was formerly employed in the service of the Silvelles.

If you are using an ESO Plus free trial and have not purchased the Blackwood chapter, Bastian will not appear.

Related Quests[edit]

Companion Data[edit]

Bastian Hallix
Racial Skill Tough: Increases Max Health by 3% and damage done by 3%.
Companion Perk Bastian's Insight: Potions looted from monsters have a 30% chance to be improved by Bastian's Insight.
Default Gear Medium Armor and Inferno Destruction Staff, fine quality Default Style Ancestral Breton Style Default Mount Sorrel Horse
Rapport Status
Cordial Bastian is happy he met you. Allied Bastian thinks you two make a great team. Wary Bastian tolerates you. Barely.
Friendly Bastian is glad to be traveling with you. Companion Bastian believes you to be brave and true, a real friend. Irritated Bastian feels you are driving him to drink.
Close Bastian trusts you with his life. Likes and Dislikes Disdainful Bastian sees this as a business arrangement, nothing more.
ON-icon-keepsake-Bastian's Julianos Medallion.png Gifted to Bastian when he was still a boy, this medallion depicts the logician's triangle in polished bronze. The edges have grown dull, the result of frequent use as a worry talisman.
Permanently grants the passive "Bastian's Insight" to the bearer.
Bastian's Julianos Medallion

Class Skill Lines[edit]


Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cost
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Unleashed Rage.png Unleashed Rage 20 2 seconds {{{target}}} 10 meters 200 Ultimate
Bastian Hallix builds up rage, then unleashes it in a devastating explosion around them. The explosion deals 4867/9270 Flame Damage to enemies and stuns them for 4 seconds, while also releasing four lines of fire in a cross formation that deal an additional 1216/2318 Flame Damage to any enemy they hit.

Ardent Warrior[edit]

Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cooldown
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Crag Smash.png Crag Smash 1 0.4 seconds Enemy 28 meters 8 seconds
Bastian Hallix hurls a chunk of rock at an enemy, dealing 3245/6180 Physical Damage.
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Fiery Flail.png Fiery Flail 2 0.5 seconds Enemy 5 meters 12 seconds
Bastian Hallix lashes an enemy with flame, dealing 3245/6180 Flame Damage and setting them Off Balance for 7 seconds.
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Scorching Strike.png Scorching Strike 11 0.2 seconds Enemy 5 meters 8 16 seconds
Bastian Hallix slashes an enemy with flame, dealing 3245/6180 Flame Damage and an additional 4864/9272 Flame Damage over 8 seconds.

Draconic Armor[edit]

Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cooldown
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Drake's Blood.png Drake's Blood 1 0.4 seconds Self 8 seconds 12 seconds
Bastian Hallix draws on their draconic blood, healing for 25% of their Max Health and reducing their damage taken by 20% for 8 seconds.
Used when Your Companion is below 75% Health.
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Crushing Claws.png Crushing Claws 5 0.6 seconds Area 6 meters 16 seconds
Bastian Hallix calls forth talons from the ground, dealing 1622/3090 Flame Damage to enemies nearby and immobilizing them for 4 seconds.
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Blazing Grasp.png Blazing Grasp 14 0.2 seconds Enemy 10 - 22 meters 8 seconds
Bastian Hallix launches a fiery chain to grasp and pull an enemy to them.
Used when the enemy can be moved and is further than 10 meters away.

Radiating Heart[edit]

Name Line Rank Cast Time Target Range Radius Duration Cooldown
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Kindle.png Kindle 1 0.3 seconds Area 28 meters 8 seconds
Bastian Hallix launches a searing fireball at themselves or an ally to cauterize their wounds, healing for 3150/6000 Health.
Used when Bastian Hallix or an ally is below 75% Health.
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Basalt Barrier.png Basalt Barrier 8 0.6 seconds Area 28 meters 6 seconds 12 seconds
Bastian Hallix calls the earth to their defense, granting a damage shield for them and their nearby allies that absorbs 1575/3000 damage for 6 seconds.
Used when Bastian Hallix or an ally is below 75% Health.
ON-icon-skill-Companion-Searing Weapons.png Searing Weapons 17 0.2 seconds Area 28 meters 8 seconds 16 seconds
Bastian Hallix charges their weapons and their allies' weapons with volcanic power, increasing their damage done with Light and Heavy Attacks by 15% for 8 seconds.

Likes and Dislikes[edit]

Ways for Bastian Hallix to lose or gain rapport
Amount Action Cooldown
Actions that give Positive Rapport
+500 Complete Things Lost, Things Found and Family Secrets companion quests Once each
+125 Complete a Mages Guild daily offered by Alvur Baren 0
+10 Visit or pass by a Mages Guild guildhall within Alliance zones 20 hours
+10 Visit Artaeum via portal in Keep of the Eleven Forces, the Grand Psijic Villa, quest specific zone, by stepping one meter away from the wayshrine, or Eyevea (cooldown shared across both) 20 hours
+10 Completing random Encounters that help people such as rescuing merchants from bandits, summoners from Daedra, and travelers during Ambushes. not sure about other encounters (?)
+5 Scry an Antiquity 5 minutes
+5 Loot a Psijic portal (?)
+1 Kill a Worm Cultist at the start of a Dark Anchor 5-10 minutes(?)
+1 Kill any Cultist 1 minute
+1 Killing bandits anywhere 1 minute
+1 Read a book 15 min
Actions that give Negative Rapport
-1 Cooking food with cheese (?)
-1 Attempting to flee from guards (?)
-5 Stealing (?)
-5 Pickpocketing (?)
-10 Getting caught stealing or pickpocketing (?)
-10 Attacking innocents (?)
-25 Murder (?)
Scrying for Gabrielle's Bottle of Proving during The Antiquarian's Art does not increase rapport.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Competition and Contracts[edit]

One the island where Deepscorn Hollow is, you will hear a voice call out to you:

Bastian Hallix: "Hey! Hey, over here! I need some help."

You will find a man tied up to a post by chains; speak with him to see who he is and how he got there:

"Thank the Eight Divines! I could really use some help. The name's Bastian.
Watch yourself, friend. I was accosted by a Dark Elf at this very spot. She went into the cave over there hours ago, but she might return at any moment."
What Dark Elf? What cave?
"The Dark Elf Tenarei Vels. She's a traveler I met along the road. The cave is Deepscorn Hollow—the entrance is over by the dock.
I'm here to retrieve a fellow named Quistley Silvelle. His family sent me to find him. I think he's in trouble."
What do you want from me?
"Untie me, please. The Silvelles will pay well if you help me get Quistley out of whatever trouble he's in, and I could use someone to watch my back. Interested?
Oh, and check the shack. I think Tenarei dropped something during our struggle."
I'll see if the Dark Elf left any clues behind. And I'll help you rescue Quistley.

Once you have freed him, he will stand up:

Bastian Hallix: "Ugh. Thank you. Look around, would you? I'd like to examine whatever my attacker dropped."

You can ask him some questions about the situation before investigating:

"I guess the Dark Elf thought she'd be back before I freed myself.
I should count myself lucky that she didn't simply murder me, but it feels like a Daedra is dancing inside my head."
Why do you think Quistley Silvelle is in this cave?
"I've been asking about Quistley all over Leyawiin for days. An innkeeper told me that he'd fallen in with bored nobles who like to sneak off to the caves along the coast for some sort of revels.
It's the best lead that I've got."
Did this Quistley run away from home?
"Oh, Quistley's no child. He came to Leyawiin on his father's business. The Silvelles want Quistley to be responsible and take an interest in filling the family coffers.
But his main pastime is living well off the family's wealth."
What sort of revels would he and his new friends find in a cave?
"The innkeeper told me that some of Leyawiin's upper-class folk like to dabble in dangerous stuff. He'd heard revelers talking about some sort of secret gatherings out here, daring each other to come.
Rich, young, and bored. Damned nonsense."
Secret gatherings?
"Skooma smuggling would be my guess. I haven't seen any obvious signs in the area, but caves like this are the perfect place for shady dealings. And the idea of trading in illicit goods would appeal to Quistley.
Until he had to actually work."
What is this place?
"I'm not from around here, but it's known as Deepscorn Hollow. The story I heard in Leyawiin is that a cult celebrated dark rites here long ago. Ever since, the place has had a bad name, but smugglers and other ne'er-do-wells use it from time to time."
Are the cultists still here? Or the smugglers?
"Someone is. Smugglers would see the value of hiding in a place with an evil reputation. It keeps away the locals. Or bored nobles might be curious about the stories of dark powers and bloody sacrifices.
Either way, I mean to take Quistley home."
Tell me about this Dark Elf that attacked you.
"She called herself Tenarei Vels. We were traveling in the same direction on the road out of Leyawiin and just sort of fell in together."
Did she say anything about her business in Blackwood?
"She said something about searching for an old smuggler's cave. But when I described Deepscorn Hollow, she said that wasn't the one she was looking for. We parted ways soon after.
From the bump on my head, it seems she wasn't being entirely truthful."

He makes a few comments while you're investigating the area:

Bastian Hallix: "A dock, an abandoned shack, a cave by the water … looks like a smuggler's den to me."

You'll find a letter during your search that he wants to read:

"Did you find something? Here, let me a look."
"A letter? I knew I saw something fall out of Tenarei's satchel when she ambushed me.
Why, this is a contract! Tenarei Vels is bringing Quistley in to pay debts in Leyawiin."
You and Tenarei Vels are after the same quarry.
"Damn it! I guess that explains why Tenarei knocked me out and tied me up.
Of course that … idiot … Quistley would gamble away more than he had in his coin purse. He's done it before. Usually begs his parents for help, though."
Tenarei's got a head start on you.
"I ought to just let the Dark Elf have him, but it would be … dishonorable. We better see if we can catch up to her.
I'd like to leave her tied up and empty-handed when I drag Quistley out of here by his arrogant nose."
Let's go find Quistely. (Progresses Quest)
Did you tell Tenarei you were going to Deepscorn Hollow?
"Probably? Yes, yes I did. We were just idly talking on the road. It never occurred to me that someone else might be looking for that petulant brat.
It's not the first time I've been asked to get Quistley out of trouble."
You don't sound very fond of Quistley.
"I should try to hide it better, I suppose. We were raised together, more or less. Except he was the firstborn of a wealthy family and I was the foundling they took in.
Something which Quistley never quite let me forget."
Have you been looking after Quistley all along?
"Well, it's the right thing to do. I mean, the Silvelles gave me shelter. Educated me alongside Quistley. Even hired a tutor for me when I showed some magical aptitude.
I owe them. And if looking out for Quistley is how I pay them back, so be it."
Did Tenarei react when you mentioned your task?
"No, not that I noticed. She said to keep an eye out for smugglers along the coast, and went a different way soon after.
She likely just hung back and followed me the rest of the way. Foolish of me. I should have been more alert."
How often do you work for the Silvelles?
"All the time. House Silvelle has interests in a dozen cities. I travel all over Tamriel, looking after their business. I'm a mage by training, but I spend my days dealing with contracts and cargoes.
And chasing after Quistley."
If you don't like the work, why do you do it?
"The Silvelles fostered me from the time I was small, seeing to my education and giving me a place in their home. As I grew older, Lord Silvelle employed me in the family's business.
What I want to do isn't important—I have an obligation."

Speaking to him again before you go inside the hollow:

"I wonder what Quistley's gotten himself mixed up in now. It's the first time he's led me to somewhere other than a disreputable tavern or a bedchamber where he didn't belong."

Bastian will then become your follower. If you talk with him, he will greet you differently, but the questions you ask will be identical to those above:

"This is different for Quistley. He's not one for any sort of rough living, other than maybe going to gambling dens and taverns in the seedier parts of town."

When you first enter Deepscorn Hollow:

Bastian Hallix: "Maybe there's more to this place than meets the eye."

Speaking with him while exploring the ruin:

"This place, something's not right. I have a feeling this is no smuggler's cave."

He may say the following lines during your exploration:

Bastian Hallix: "Quistley really got himself into it this time, the idiot."
Bastian Hallix: "How did Quistley stand it down here? It's not what I'd call luxurious."

In the first chamber, you will find a small camp and some Unmakers and Enthralled Socialites hanging around. Bastian comments on the decor:

Bastian Hallix: "First time I've had to look for Quistley in such a … rustic location. Not his usual style."

In the ruined shrine room:

Bastian Hallix: "This is definitely not a smuggling operation."
Bastian Hallix: "I wonder what this place was. It doesn't look Dwarven."

There is a hole in the wall:

Bastian Hallix: "Those roots! It looks like there's another passage beyond."

Through the tunnel, you will end up in a large cavern, the ruins still being partially accessible:

Bastian Hallix: "Looks like the ruin just sunk into the ground here."

Exploring the area, you will soon find some cages complete with prisoners. One of them will call for help:

Thadarond: "Help! Help! Somebody!"
Bastian Hallix: "Look! They have captives!"
Azbai: "Keep your voice down! Those lunatics will hear you!"
<Bastian approaches the cage.>
Bastian Hallix: "We mean you no harm! We're looking for someone."
Azbai: "Hsst! Over here! Let me out before these cultists kill me!"
Thadarond: "Let me out, too! There's a cult of Sithis in these caves. They sacrifice people!"

Speaking with Bastian before opening the cage:

"Prisoners? What exactly is going on here?
We'd better help them."

When you unlock the cage, Azbai will run for it while Thadarond stays behind. Bastian will ask you to speak to the Wood Elf if he saw Quistley:

"Ask the Wood Elf about Quistley. Maybe they've seen him."

You can ask him some questions about Quistley and the Bosmer mentions, that a Dark Elf passed by recently. Once you have asked your questions, Bastian will want to talk:

Bastian Hallix: "Before we continue, let's talk a moment."

You can then talk with Bastian. You may learn about his past:

"Cultists? That explains some of the decoration in here.
So much for the smuggler hypothesis. I didn't expect to have to fight through a nest of cultists to extract Quistley from this mess, but so be it. What's he gotten himself mixed up in now?"
Do you know anything about Sithis cults?
"What's there to know? They worship a god of death, darkness, and primordial chaos. Nothing good can come of that.
Quistley's always getting into trouble, but it usually involves love or dice. He could be in real danger this time!"
The Wood Elf saw Tenarei Vels come through not long ago. She wants Quistley alive, too.
"Allowing Quistley to be dragged off to angry criminals is not much of an improvement. While Quistley might deserve it, I can't let Tenarei Vels get him, either.
I want to try to grab one of these cultists and get some answers."
Why are you responsible for Quistley?
"It's a long story. Suffice it to say I owe his family a great debt.
Quistley and I were more or less raised together. The Silvelles count on me to watch out for him. Or help him if he needs it."
So you and Quistley are like brothers?
"That's what the Silvelles say when they need me to help him. But he's their son. I'm just someone they raised.
Forgive me if I sound ungrateful. They took me in and made sure I was clothed, educated, trained. They didn't have to do that."
How many times have you had to get Quistley out of trouble?
"I've lost count. He does as he pleases. Unfortunately what pleases him seems to land him in hot water. Every time.
This, though? How Quistley stumbled into a cult's clutches, I can only guess."
You said you owe the Silvelles a debt?
"I am the son of Lord Martel Hallix … the traitor."
A traitor? I haven't heard of him.
"I suppose the story's not well known outside of court circles. My father was one of High King Emeric's most trusted advisors. But when I was only a toddler, he plotted to secretly murder Emeric and appoint himself regent. Or so I'm told."
What happened?
"He failed, of course. Others in my family were implicated in the plot. The high king stripped House Hallix of its titles and domains. My mother died of shame. I was far too young to have been a part of it, though, so the Silvelles took me in."
I guess we should keep looking. (Progresses Quest)

You will now need to corner one of the cultists so you can interrogate them. Speaking with Bastian during the search:

"I know I grumble a lot about the pains he puts me through, but I don't want to see Quistley hurt. On the other hand, a scare might be good for him. He could use a hard lesson or two."

When you come across some Unmakers performing a ritual:

Bastian Hallix: "Let's corner one of these cultists. They might know what's happened to Quistley."

When you attack the group, one of the cultists will make a run for it:

Fluvius Salva: "I'm not really with them! Don't hurt me!"
Bastian Hallix: "You there! Stop!"
<Bastian chases Fluvius through the doorway.>

Following them, you will find that Bastian has subdued Fluvius Salva:

Fluvius Salva: "You'd better not lay a finger on me! You have no idea who you're dealing with."
Bastian Hallix: "Zenithar give me patience."

If you speak with Bastian, he will ask you to question the cultist:

"Could you talk to him? When I'm upset I can't seem to put two words together. These … cultists … have me riled.
Lady Silvelle says if I want to be treated like a noble I shouldn't let my temper get the better of me."

Questioning Fluvius, he will confirm that the Daughter of Sithis has Quistley, and that they are both at the Fane of Scorn. He also mentions that a Dark Elf they recently caught is currently being sacrificed to the "Fangs of Sithis". You can ask Fluvius about the Unmakers' beliefs before asking Bastian what he wants to do with Fluvius:

Bastian Hallix: "I don't believe him. I think he knows more than he says he does."

Continue talking with Bastian:

"The Daughter of Sithis? The Fane of Scorn?
I don't believe it. Quistley's fallen in with … with … death-worshipers?"
Is Quistley the type to join a cult?
"I'm not sure I believe this sniveling cultist, but we shouldn't let anyone get sacrificed. Not even Tenarei Vels.
Let's split up. You keep going, in case he's telling the truth. I'll see if I can find out more about the Daughter and the Fane."
I'll see you later.

As you head off to save Tenarei Vels, Fluvius and Bastian will continue to talk:

Fluvius Salva: "Please! I'll tell you anything you want. Just let me go!"
Fluvius Salva: "I know where a map of this place is. It's not far. Just, you know, don't hit me!"
Bastian Hallix: "Helpful of you. What else can you tell me?"

After you have rescued Tenarei Vels, she will speak with you about why she was hunting Quistley. Quistley owes the crime lord Larz-Tul alot of money and he was willing to consider Tenarei Vels' own debt paid if she brought him in. Tenarei will decide to help you reach the Fane of Scorn, though she warns you that Quistley may already be dead, and that she is ready to fight you and Bastian for Quistley if the noble lives. Eventually you will find a hidden passage which leads to the inner sanctum. After talking with Tenarei, Bastian will arrive behind you:

Bastian Hallix: "There you are! I'm afraid I wasted my time on that cultist—he knew nothing. Glad I caught up to you."
<Bastian notices Tenarei.>
Bastian Hallix: "Oh. I see you found that … that … Tenarei. Watch your back, friend."

You can then talk to Bastian about what he learned from the cultist:

"You put the fear of the gods into our captive cultist. He was sobbing on the floor when I gave up and left. I did meet a surprisingly talkative vampire, though. He told me which way you went.
And seriously, do not turn your back on Tenarei."
Have you learned anything more about this cult?
"Our weepy friend told me that Quistley's quite taken with this Daughter of Sithis. Figures. My guess is he told her his family is wealthy, so she's keeping him alive for ransom.
We'll probably find them in the shrine they call the Fane of Scorn."
Tenarei knows where the Fane is. Although she thinks Quistley may have been sacrificed already.
"She seems like the sort who expects the worst. I remain optimistic.
I don't always get along with Quistley, but I don't want him to end up sacrificed by the cult. Or turned into some crime boss's object lesson, for that matter."
Someone has to pay Quistley's debts in Leyawiin.
"Not at the cost of his life. I'll figure out something--I always do.
But just in case, warn Tenari that she'd better not try anything foolish when we get Quistley. She caught me off-guard once. It won't happen again."
Let's just find him first and then we can sort it all out.

Bastian will then ask for an apology from Tenarei:

Bastian Hallix: "You're not even going to apologize, are you?"
Tenarei Vels: "I'm sorry?"
Bastian Hallix: "Just keep your distance from Quistley. He's my responsibility."

Talking to him before entering the Hall of Sithis:

""I'm ready to be done with this place. And Quistley, too, for that matter."

Eventually you reach the Fane of Scorn. Both Lalais, Daughter of Sithis, and Quistley Sivelle will be waiting for you:

Bastian Hallix: "Quistley!"
Quistley Silvelle: "Bastian? What are you doing here? Go away!"
Quistley Silvelle: "I'll just … oh dear. I'll get out of the way!"
<Quistley runs through the door.>
Tenarei Vels: "I'm no use in a fight right now, I'll keep back."

Speaking with Bastian before fighting Lalais:

"Thank the Divines for small favors. Quistley hasn't gotten himself killed yet."

After you have slain Lalais, Bastian will be annoyed and wastes no time in nabbing Quistley:

Bastian Hallix: "I need to grab Quistley before he runs off again, the little bastard."
<Runs into the private chamber.>

Once inside the chamber, you will find Quistley arguing with Bastian as Tenarei watches on:

Quistley Silvelle: "How dare you! Lalais would never have hurt me. She said so!"
Tenarei Vels: "<snort laugh>"
Bastian Hallix: "She murders people, you … you … idiot. You were probably next."
Quistley Silvelle: "I'm not talking to you, Bastian. Nor to that rude Dark Elf that just laughed at me."

Speaking with Bastian before Quistley:

"Just once, it would be nice if Quistley showed some … appreciation … for having his chestnuts hauled out of the fire.
I don't think he understands how much danger he was in."

When you talk with Quistley, he will complain about his rescue as he is convinced he was going to become Lalais' consort. Despite this, he becomes very worried when you mention Larz-Tul to him. Bastian seems to be reaching his breaking point due to Quistley's poor survival instincts:

"This is a new low, even for Quistley. In love with a murderous cult leader? He has the self-preservation instincts of warm bread.
I don't think I can keep running after him. It's exhausting."

You can then speak with Tenarei Vels. While you were busy, she and Bastian came up with a compromise on what to do with Quistley. Talk with Bastian to hear his plan:

"Once we get Quistley out of here, I'm done. I've paid my debt to his family three times over.
All right, I think I know how to sort this out. If Tenarei is prepared to listen, that is. I'm willing to overlook the knock on the head to settle this."
What's your plan?
"First, we need to get Quistley out of Blackwood. Tenarei doesn't have anything personal against him—well, no more than anyone else who meets him—but the criminal she'd bring Quistley to might kill him."
Will Quistley go along with that?
"I'll threaten to tell his parents about this whole affair unless he cooperates and goes straight back to Daggerfall. Quistley knows that Lord Silvelle can cut him off. It's the only threat that actually scares him. He would have to earn a living."
What about Tenarei?
"I think we can all walk away from this. We ship Quistley home—secretly. Then we make sure that Tenarei has something she can take back to Larz-Tul.
Thank you, friend. I think Lord Silvelle would agree that you've earned your payment."

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, you can speak to Bastian who will explain the plan:

"All Tenarei has to do is tell Larz-Tul the truth about the Sithis-cult we found here. People have disappeared, and rumors about dark doings have reached Leyawiin. Let the criminal believe the Daughter of Sithis sacrificed Quistley."
What exactly do you propose?

Same ending quest completion text

Once you turn in the quest, you can witness Tenarei and Bastian put the plan in motion:

Bastian Hallix: "What do you think, Tenarei? Are you willing to give it a try?"
Tenarei Vels: "I'll need to bring Larz-Tul proof of Quistley's demise."
Bastian Hallix: "What kind of proof would you need?"
Quistley Silvelle: "I'm clearly not dead."
Tenarei Vels: "If I bring Quistley's signet ring to Larz-Tul, he'll believe me."
Bastian Hallix: "That's what I was thinking. I'll tell the Silvelles that Quistley sold the ring to pay his debt."
Quistley Silvelle: "I'm right here!"
Tenarei Vels: "That ring should work. It might even cover most of Quistley's debt."
Quistley Silvelle: "What? My ring? I'm not giving you a damn thing! Bastian, keep that woman away from me!"
<Bastian punches out Quistley, takes the ring and gives it to Tenarei.>
Bastian Hallix: "Here you go. I'll make sure Quistley understands to stay away from Blackwood."
Tenarei Vels: "Thank you. This should clear my account with Larz-Tul. And perhaps clear yours with this ingrate and his family, too."
Bastian Hallix: "We should leave this place. I'll see Quistley on his way when he comes around."

Speaking with Bastian before leaving:

"This day might have turned out very badly for all of us if you hadn't come along when you did. Thank you.
If you ever need a friend, you can count on me."

Things Lost, Things Found[edit]

Speak to Bastian when the quest marker appears.

"A messenger just brought me this letter. It's from my foster brother Quistley, of all people. I wasn't even sure he could write legibly.
And I have to say I'm not quite sure what to make of it."
What does Quistley's letter say?
"Quislet wants me to come to Daggerfall. He was even sort of polite about it. He says he needs my help with a personal problem - which, of course, is no great surprise.
But he offered an intriguing form of payment."
What kind of intriguing payment?
"He says he found an old letter in Lord Silvelle's study. A letter about my mother.
She died when I was very young, and I'm not sure how exactly she knew the Silvelles. But I want to know more. What do you think about a trip to Daggerfall?"
I'll come with you to meet Quistley in Daggerfall.
"Here - you can read the letter for yourself, if you're curious. I want what sort of mess Quistley's managed to get himself into this time?"
Quistley only reaches out to you when he's in trouble?
"I've seen it a hundred times. All of the Silvelles have a way of warming up when they need me to do something for them.
Offering something of value for my help, something about my mother? That's new."
What do you remember about your mother?
"Not much, I'm afraid. I was very young. But … I've always wondered why she left me with the Silvelles. They weren't related to her or my father. I never found a satisfactory answer as to how or why I ended up with them."
What did the Silvelles tell you?
"Only that I had not family left, and that I should be grateful they took me in.
In time, I learned that my father was the last of the Hallixes. My mother, though … I asked Lord Silvelle about her family a time or two, but he never said much."
Let's get going.
"He'll be in the Rosy Lion. It's his home away from home."
Could Quistley be lying?
"He could, but knows that I would break his bloody nose. No, Quistley got himself into some new trouble, so he went looking for something he knew I'd want. And he's right, damn it.
What has Lord Silvelle been keeping from me?"
Remind me. Who is Quistley Silvelle?
"My foster brother - you've met him. The Silvelles took me in when I was young, and we were raised together … although I never really belonged to the family. Quistlet is the Silvelle's son, no matter how many times he disappoints them."
How did I meet him?
"We saved Quistley Silvelle from being sacrificed by the Daughter of Sithis in Deepscorn Hollow, near Leyawiin. The idiot thought he was in love with the leader of a death cult.
Can you believe he was angry that we saved him?"

Go upstairs at the Rosy Lion Inn.

Quistley Silvelle: "Ah, there you are. I knew you'd come!"
Bastian Hallix: "I'm here, Quistley. What do you want? And what do you have for me?"
Quistley Silvelle: "Easy, Bastian. You seem a bit … irritated. Why don't I talk to your reasonable friend here?"
Bastian Hallix: "Now just … fine. That's probably for the best."

Speaking to Bastian here reveals the following.

"Quistley actually looks sober. And worried. Whatever trouble he's in, he's taking it seriously for once. Hmm.
Why don't you speak to him? You're a neutral party. He won't be as defensive or, well, weasel-ish with you.

After speaking to Quistley:

Bastian Hallix: "Ilessan Tower? Fine, let's be on our way. Quickly, before I'm tempted to beat some sense into Quistley."

Speaking to Bastian in the inn before you go to the tower:

"I'm half-ready to strangle Quistley for making me play his little game to get what should have been mine. But … it shows a bit more initiative on his his part. Bargaining rather than demanding.
Maybe he is trying to do better."
Quistley has no right to keep the letter from you.
"No, he doesn't. But as much as I'd like to simply threaten Quistley until he gives it up, there's the question of the missing ring. However, Quistley lost it, we should try to get it back."
Is the ring that important?
"If Quistley is supposed to give it to Mauriene Bouchend, then yes.
I don't want to see the Silvelles come to grief. A betrothal between the two houses? It's important for a lot of people. And maybe it's what Quistley needs."
You know Quistley's betrothed?
"Well, yes. The Bouchends are an influential Daggerfall family, just like the Silvelles. I known Mauriene since we were children. I'm not surprised that a match was made.
Funny. She always seemed to bring out the best in Quistley."

When you approach Ilessan Tower:

Bastian Hallix: "This looks like the place Quistley told us about. Hold up-let's talk before we go in."

Speak to Bastian outside of Ilessan Tower.

"Remember, rooting out a nest of bandits is a secondary concern today. We just need to find this Grenetta and convince here to give back the Silvelle heirloom ring … one way or another.
Then we'll see what Quistley found."
Didn't the Silvelles tell you anything about your family?
"I heard plenty about my father's treason. I think the Silvelles wanted me to understand how fortunate I was that they took me in. About my mother? The Silvelles only said she died of shame.
Oh, and I had an older sister. Who died too."
What are you hoping to learn from this letter?
"It may sound foolish, but I'd dearly like to know why mother decided to send me to the Silvelles. We're not even related. And I want to know more about how she and my sister died. Shame usually isn't fatal."
Let's see if we can find that ring in Ilessan Tower.
"This had better be worth it, or I'm knocking him out again."

Speaking to Bastian at any point in Ilessan Tower before finding the ring:

"I can't believe I'm in another old ruin, doing a favor for Quistley"
"I can't stop thinking about what might be in that old letter. Let's find that ring already."
"Did I ever tell you that I once found Quistley in a brothel, with his leg manacled to a bed? I didn't enjoy explaining that one to his parents."

Upon finding the ring, Bastian will say:

Bastian Hallix: "Well, it looks like Quistley's in luck. The ring is still here. He'd better be outside with my letter."

Speaking to him before leaving the tower:

"I suppose the gambler's luck ran out. She should have been more careful about the company she kept. Let's get out of here. The sooner we bring this ring to Quistley, the sooner I'll get some answers."

Upon arriving at Quistley:

Quistley Silvelle: "Over here! Did you find it?"
Bastian Hallix: "We found your ring. Now give me my letter."
Quistley Silvelle: "Ring first, please. I wouldn't put it past you to take it straight to Father and make me get it from him."
Quistley Silvelle: "Put it past me …? I keep my word, Quistley. But deal with my comrade if it makes you feel better."

After delivering the ring to Quistley:

Bastian Hallix: "Why would Lord Silvelle keep a letter intended for me? Read it, would you? If it's some sort of terrible news, at least you can break it to me gently."

Speaking to Bastian before reading the letter reveals:

"I know it's ridiculous, but … would you read that letter for me? I faced all kinds of dangers at your side, and now I find that I'm afraid of a bit of old yellowed parchment."

Speak to Bastian after reading the letter:

"You don't look horrified, so I suppose I should screw up my courage and read it for myself.
Let me see it, please."
You were not forgotten by your mother, even when she was dying.
"I think I remember Inalieth. A little Wood Elf lady. She was kind to me.
Why would Lord Silvelle keep this from me? What became of my mother's jewels? Why was I not sent to me sister?"
Didn't you say your sister was dead?
"That's what I was told, but I don't understand. Clearly my sister was alive at the time my mother told Inalieth to take me to her. Did she die before we left Daggerfall?
I need to go to Redfur Trading Post in Grahtwood. Inalieth might have answers."
I'll go with you.
"This all would have been much easier in Lord Silvelle hadn't concealed so much from me. I imagine he'd say that he did it for my own good, but I admit, I've got some ugly suspicions about his motived.
What game was he playing?"
What exactly happened to your parents, again?
"My father was Lord Martel Hallix. And he was a traitor to the crown."
A traitor?
"He was a trusted advisor to High King Emeric. But when I was only two, he plotted to arrange the king's murder and assume power. My father was found out, though. The king had him executed, and stripped House Hallix of its land and titles."
What about your mother?
"She was questioned rigorously, but the king's agents couldn't proven that she knew anything of my father's plot. Emeric spared her life. But the shame of the whole affair broke her heart, or so I've been told. She died shortly afterward."

Upon arriving at the Hearty Hoarvor inn:

Bastian Hallix: "I guess we should just … ask around? Someone must know Inalieth."

Speak to him before finding Inalieth:

"Maybe someone on the inn's staff knows Inalieth? Or remembers her, anyway."

Speak to him after finding out where Inalieth is.

"I suppose it would have been too easy if Inalieth was still working at the inn. Let's go find her, then."

Speak to him before speaking to Inalieth.

"Is that her? I wish I remembered her better.
You know, she might think I ignored the letter she sent years ago - and she might feel hurt by that. Why don't you talk to her? Ask if she's the Inalieth who once worked for the Hallix family."

After speaking with Inalieth.

Bastian Hallix: "Inalieth, I do remember you. Is … is what you say true? I was to be sent to my sister and her family?"
Inalieth: "Your mother insisted on it. She wanted you to be with your kin. Why that never happened, I don't know."
Bastian Hallix: "That is a mystery I want to solve. I need to speak to my friend here first, but I … I have so many questions for you!"

Speak to Bastian at this point.

"All these years I assumed my mother preferred to die instead of living with her disgrace, even if that meant leaving a small child alone in the world. But she didn't.
And the sister I thought was dead is alive? I am … stunned."
What do you make of all this, Bastian?
"I feel … relieved, I suppose. And confused. It's strange. My mother made arrangements for me? I wasn't just forgotten.
Why did Lord Silvelle ignore her wishes? Was it simple greed, or did something else happen?"
What about your sister?
"I want to meet her, of course. But I wonder if perhaps she didn't want a tie to our disgraced family. Or maybe she didn't want to be burdened with a child to raise.
I need to think. I don't want to just appear on her doorstep, you know?"
You know that talking to your sister may be the only way to get the answers you're looking for?
"I do. Unraveling my past has long been a dream of mine. But I have to admit I never expected to feel so, well, nervous about finding out how I came to be where I was raised.
I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you."

If you exit out of the complete quest conversation and before you turn in the quest, he will alternatively say:

"I have so many questions for Inalieth-about my mother, my sister, the friends and servants and more distant relations who knew my family before my father's disgrace. I hardly know where to start."
You know that talking to your sister may be the only way to get the answers you're looking for?

Speaking to him after the quest:

"I'm not far off any time you need me … but I'm anxious to learn more about my mother and sister. And I want to make sure Inalieth has somewhere safer to stay. I'd like to think the Hallixes owe her that much for her service."

Family Secrets[edit]

Speak to Bastian when the quest marker appears:

"I've been thinking about my sister Clairene. Why would Lord Silvelle tell me she was dead all those years ago? Why didn't I end up with her after my mother's death?
I think it's time to get some answers. I'm missing some part of the story."
Why is it you want to do?
"Now that I know Clairene is alive, I want to meet her. I don't hold any high expectations, but I need some answers.
I want to begin by calling on her husband. Count Auzin. He's a well-known noble who often visits Wayrest on the realm's business."
Why go through him?
"Clairene has had decades to reach out to me. Either she doesn't know I'm alive, or she wants nothing to do with me. Either way, my return may be unwelcome.
I should approach the matter with care. Would you come to Wayrest with me?
I'll go to Wayrest and help you find some answers.
"If Count Auzin's in Wayrest, we'll probably find him at the Cloudy Dregs Inn. Visiting nobles often stay there.
I do hope he can tell me something. After what I learned about my mother's last wishes, I don't know what to think."
Do you have any memories of your sister?
"I don't. I know she's about eighteen years older than I am - I was a late-in-life child. According to my mother's servant Inalieth, Clariene went off to marry Elmonde Auzin soon after I was born. Just before the fall of House Hallix."
Wouldn't your sister have tried to find you after your mother died?
"That's the question, isn't it? Why did she send me to the Silvelles? Was her own situation too precarious? Did she not want the care of a child?
Or perhaps she's dead. It's possible Inalieth is mistaken and Lord Silvelle told me the truth."'
What do you know about Count Auzin?
"I've heard his name a time or two, usually when Lord Silvelle and his visitors got to talking about court gossip. The Auzins are a minor house with lands in the countryside of Stormhaven. Elmonde Auzin is said to be respectable, at least."
Do you think he'll meet with you?
"I don't see why he wouldn't. The taint on the Hallix name makes other nobles uneasy, but that was many years ago now.
Of course, if he didn't know about my mother's arrangements, he might be very surprised to learn he has a brother-in-law."
Remind me. Why didn't you know you had a sister?
"Lord Silvelle told me years ago that my older sister died. I assumed that she'd been caught up in my father's treason, or had fallen ill and passed away like my mother.
I didn't learn I was wrong until a letter from an old Hallix servant turned up."
A letter from a servant?
"Inalieth, a Wood Elf. She wrote years ago, but Lord Silvelle hid the letter. When I finally saw it, I went to find her in Grahtwood.
Inalieth told me that Clairene was still alive. And that I should have been sent to her when my mother died."
I hope you find answers.
"If Count Auzin's in Wayrest, we'll probably find him at the Cloudy Dregs Inn. Visting nobles often stay there.
I hope he can tell me something. After what I've learned about my mother's last wishes, I don't know what to think."

Upon approaching Count Elmonde Auzin at the Cloudy Dregs Inn:

Count Elmonde Auzin: "You there! Do you bring news? Or are you here to deliver a demand?"
Bastian Hallix: "He looks upset. Maybe you should sound him out."

Speaking to Bastian before Elmonde Auzin reveals:

"That must be Count Auzin. I confess that I've got a pit in my stomach over all of these … these family matters.
Huh. Is it just me, or does he look upset about something? I wonder if I'm catching him at a bad time."

After speaking to Count Elmonde Auzin.

Bastian Hallix: "You … you … let your own wife believe that her brother was dead?"
Count Elmonde Auzin: "I made the decision many eyars ago, when I was young and new to my title. And newly married to a woman I wanted to protect."
Bastian Hallix: "You left a young child with strangers! They brought me up as … as a glorified servant."
Count Elmonde Auzin: "They were to use the funds you had to see to your education. And raise you as a gentleman."
Bastian Hallix: "It should have been her decision, not yours. Bah. I am going to find my sister. For her sake, not yours."

Speak to Bastian at this point.

"Count Auzin told Clairene I was dead? And he conspired with Lord Silvelle to keep me in ignorance, too? What kind of life would I have had if these cowards had just told my sister and I the truth?"
The count says he did it to protect his wife. And you.
"I … I suppose I can understand that. If the choice was telling a lie or risking the gallows for my sister, then Auzin made the right decision. It isn't cowardice to fear for someone you love.
And it's clear that he fears for Clairene now."
Count Auzin said the slavers are in Koeglin Mine.
"I know the place. Bandits and outlaws often lair there.
I'll sort the rest of this out later, after we make sure Clairene is safe. I couldn't bear it if I got so close to finding her, only to lose her now."
To Koeglin Mine, then.
"Lord Silvelle told me more than once that I should be grateful that he didn't just drop me off at some orphanage or another. But this whole business of buried secrets and deliberate lies is infuriating, regardless of the reasons for it."
Do you believe Count Auzin's story?
"It makes sense that the count wanted to protect my sister. I could almost forgive that. But I suspect he was also interested in protecting his own good name.
I can't help but wonder about the life I could have had if he'd chosen differently."
Did the Silvelles mistreat you?
"No. I was must better off than if I'd been left in an orphanage. But I wasn't family and I wasn't quite the help. If I hadn't met you, I would have spent the rest of my life looking after the Silvelles' interests without every really belonging."

Upon arriving at Koeglin Mine:

Bastian Hallix: "This looks like the right place. I'm not the praying sort, but I'm praying my sister is unharmed. Slavers are no joke."

Speaking to him at this point will have a couple of random lines:

"Slavers in Stormhaven? Appalling. I mean, it's appalling anywhere, but this feels like it's right under the High King's nose."
"What are the odds I'd find out I had a sister, only to learn the same day that she'd been captured by slavers?"
"I'm anxious to find Clairene, but I'm also terribly anxious to meeting her. Maybe that's normal when you learn you have surviving family all of a sudden."
"If these slavers have harmed a hair on Clairene's head, none of them are walking out of here. I swear it!"
"I still don't know what, if anything, I want to do about Lord Silvelle. Perhaps Count Auzin had his reasons. Lord Silvelle's motives seems more selfish. The gall of misleading me all those years!"

You'll get closer to the area where Clairene is held hostage:

Bastian Hallix: "I feel like we must be getting close. Hurry!"
Countess Clairene Auzin: "You won't get away with kidnapping a countess! If you had any brains, you'd flee now."

Speak to Bastian after rescuing his sister:

"I have so many questions, and no idea how to begin. Maybe … maybe you could speak to Clairene first? I feel like I could use a little more help. A word of introduction, I guess.
But let's make sure we're somewhere safe first."

After speaking to Countess Clairene Auzin after the rescue, she and Bastian will have a conversation.

Countess Clairene Auzin: "Bastian? The last time I saw you, you were only a toddler. I did not even know that you were alive."
Bastian Hallix: "I only just learned that you were alive. I wish … I wish I'd known sooner."
Countess Clairene Auzin: "You look so much like our father! But you probably have no memories of him, do you?"
Bastian Hallix: "Sadly, I do not. Nor you, Clairene. I would … I would like to find out what I've missed."
Countess Clairene Auzin: "I as well. Oh, I have so many questions for you! Do you know you have a niece and nephew to meet?"
Bastian Hallix: "I would like that. And I have many questions for you, too. But first let me speak to my friend here."

Speak to Bastian at this point to complete the quest:

"Clairene is a stranger to me, of course, but part of me feels like I know her, somehow. She said I favored my—our?—father. I've always wondered about that."
She appears as pleased to find you as you are to find her.
"Indeed. I confess, I was a little worried that she might not have much to say to me. After all, she's a countess, and we are strangers.
Clairene seems kind, though. I like her already. That feels rather good."
She certainly seems willing to treat you as family.
"Which is something the Silvelles could never do. She has a good heart, I believe.
It's strange, I left the Silvelles because I wanted to find my own place in the world. Discovering a family I thought I lost? It roots you properly. So to speak."
Do you want to stay in Wayrest with her?
"Not yet. Right now, I still want travel and adventure. Being part of my sister's family is something that will happen with time.
Thank you for seeing this through. I think I'd rather face a dozen Dragons than the ghost of the past."

If you exit out of the conversation before you complete the quest, he will alternatively say:

"I suspect things are going to be a bit awkward in the Auzin household the first time I come visit."
'Do you wish to go to Wayrest with Clairene?"

After the quest:

"I don't even know where to begin. My sister and I haven't seen each other in twenty-five years! She remembers me as a two-year old child, and I don't remember her at all.
What if we have nothing in common besides a name?"
You'll figure it out.
"For the first time since we started down this road, I think I believe that, too.
But we have so much time to make up for. And the thought that I missed the chance to be a part of this family decades ago is almost too much to bear."
Can you forgive Count Auzin for that?
"For all I know, Elmonde Auzin saved my sister's life by lying to her. And it's obvious that he loves her with all his heart. They are happy together. For my sister's sake, I can set aside old sorrows.
But I am done with the Silvelles."

Companion Dialogue[edit]

Much of Bastian Hallix's companion dialogue with you will depend on your current Rapport with him. The following sections lists his known dialogue:


When you talk with him, you can do the following:

  • Access the Companion Menu and customize his abilities etc.
  • Ask how he feels about you.
  • Ask about him.
Cordial-Friendly Close Companion-Allied Bad Rapport Probably Wary-Disdainful
"How can I help?" "At your service!"
"Can I help you with something?" "I'm here for you."
"Always ready to help!" "Is everything alright?"
"What can I do for you?" "Right here, partner!"
"What's on your mind?" "I'm with you."
"Did you need something?" "What do you need?"

"Let's talk about us."[edit]

With this option, you can ask about his feelings towards you and about himself:

"What would you like to talk about?"
How do you feel about our relationship? (Cordial to Companion)
Cordial/Friendly Close Alliedgreen end of the bar Companiongreen end of the bar
"I trust you. There aren't many people I would say that about." "I've always tried to look for the best in people. It's good to find it every now and then." "We make a great team, and I trust you with my life. What more is there to say?" "I'm glad we met. Together, there's no challenge we can't overcome and no foe we can't defeat."
"You're affable enough. Just be honest with me and we'll get along fine." "You're good company. I feel like we see things the same way." "I count myself lucky that Tenarei Vels knocked me out and left me tied up outside Deepscorn Hollow. I've had no truer friend in my life." "Life was made for good friends and great adventures."
"I like that you're a listener. So many people like to hear themselves talk." "You don't often find a traveling companion you can trust your life to. I'm glad we met." "Until I met you my life was tedious and uneventful. But now I feel the inexplicable need to endanger myself. Isn't that strange?" "I have never met someone braver or more true. I'm proud to call you friend."
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)
How do you feel about our relationship? (Wary to Disdainful)[verification needed — dialogue needs to be confirmed]
Wary Irritated DisdainfulRed end of the bar
"Let's make a deal. Don't ignore my concerns, and I won't badger you about your decisions. Agreed?" "You know, a few years ago I would have stormed off and left you to look after your own messes. I guess I've grown." "The less we say to each other right now, the better."
"Best if I keep my thoughts to myself right now. I don't want to argue." "I can suffer fools, dull blades, bland food, and miserable weather. But you … you are testing my patience." "I agreed to work with you, not flatter you. If you want false admiration, it will cost extra."
"I'm worried about the sort of choices you seem to make. I'm not sure we're after the same things." "Will you be quiet? You're driving me to drink!" "This is a business arrangement, nothing more. I said I'd work with you. I didn't say I liked you."
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)
Tell me something about yourself.
"I love the life of an adventurer, but I also find joy in simple things. Playing my flute. Reading a good book. I'm fascinated by history and magecraft. But I also love a good tale, well spun."
"I've had some mage training, so I'm pretty handy with a destruction staff. I'm also a decent sword and board man. You know, one-handed weapon and shield?"
"I'll take a life if I must, but I take no joy in it. Assassins and thieves who wrap their deeds in fancy oaths and guild trappings have no honor. Murder is murder, and taking things you've no right to is wrong in my view."
Let's talk about something else. (Returns to Greetings)


As a companion, Bastian will remark on various situations during your travels.

When summoned:

  • "I'm back. Where to now?"
  • "Monsters? Villains? What's the trouble?"
  • "What did I miss?"
  • "I'm ready to face anything!"
  • "Let's see what's around the next bend."
  • "Rested and ready for anything!"
  • "Let's go find someone to help."
  • "I'll be just a step behind you."
  • "What's new?"
  • "Let's go find a problem to solve. And maybe get paid for it."

When choosing to leave your service due to very bad rapport verify:

  • "I've had enough. You're on your own!"
  • "I can't stand it anymore!"
  • "Enough is enough!"

When Bastian levels up:

  • "When you stop learning, you stop growing. I don't intend to ever stop learning."
  • "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm well on my way!"
  • "Hard work pays off. Nobody ever drowned in sweat."

When you levels up/earn a champion point:

  • "Practice makes the master."
  • "You're never content to rest on your laurels. I admire that."
  • "There's always something new to learn."

When low on health:

  • "I can't take much more of this!"
  • "Can anyone spare a healing potion?"
  • "I'm wounded! I need some help!"
  • "I need a healer!"
  • "I'm not going to make it."
  • "I'm getting my arse kicked!"
  • "I think I'm bleeding!"

When getting healed after being low on health:

  • "Oh, that's it. Much better!"
  • "I'm not dead yet!"
  • "You're a lifesaver."

When you get knocked down or knocked back:

  • "The only shame in getting knocked down is in not getting back up!"
  • "Heroes don't give up; they get up!"
  • "They've got you!"
  • "Look out!"

When you become snared or immobilized:

  • "You need to keep moving!"
  • "Are you stuck or choosing to remain still?"
  • "Come on! Get out of there!"
  • "You're paralyzed! Don't think. Move!"

When you get stunned:

  • "What sorcery is this?"
  • "Clear your mind and break the spell!"
  • "Pull yourself together!"
  • "Shake it off! You can do it!"
  • "Steady there! Deep breaths!"
  • "Careful there!"
  • "Fight through it!"
  • "Wake up! Clear your head!"

When you're low on Health:

  • "You can't take another hit!"
  • "Find some cover!"
  • "You need healing!"
  • "Get out of there! You'll be killed!"
  • "Get your guard up!"
  • "Use a healing potion!"
  • "Retreat and heal yourself!"

When you're low on Magicka:

  • "You've got no power left! Use a potion!"
  • "If you can't rely on magic, change your strategy!"

When you're low on Stamina:

  • "It's do or die! Use a stamina potion!"
  • "You're exhausted. Pace yourself!"

When getting on a mount:

  • "Let's hit the trail."
  • "Let's ride!"
  • "Right behind you, partner."

When starting combat:

  • "To arms!"
  • "The day will be ours!"
  • "No remorse!"
  • "For glory!"
  • "Oblivion take you!"
  • "Let's go!"
  • "Attack!"
  • "Come and take us!"
  • "Taste our steel!"
  • "I am not afraid of you!"
  • "A fight? Good!"

When ending combat:

  • "Victory is cruel. Defeat is worse."
  • "Sheathe your weapons. The battle is won!"
  • "The day is ours!"
  • "That's over with, I suppose."
  • "That's it. Are you hurt?"
  • "Huzzah!"
  • "They made their choices. So be it."
  • "That's got it!"
  • "That was easy."
  • "Courage brings victory."
  • "That's the last of them!"

When you use an ultimate:

  • "Now you're just showing off!"
  • "Do you think that might have been excessive?"
  • "That's it, partner! Give them everything you've got!"

When you interrupt an enemy:

  • "You broke the spell!"
  • "Keep them on the defensive!"
  • "Good! Remember how you did that!"
  • "That's the way!"
  • "Well done!"
  • "That's it! Don't let them finish!"
  • "You're getting good at that."

When he casts an ability that lets you use a synergy:[verification needed — see talk page]

  • "Use my power!"
  • "Together now!"
  • "Work with me!"

When you attack an innocent:

  • "Violence is a hunger that can never sated. Don't go down that road."
  • "I can't abide a bully. You're better than that."
  • "Bullies are cowards who can only feel better about themselves by making others feel worse."

When you murder an innocent:

  • "There are many things worth living for, and a few things worth dying for. Nothing is worth murder."
  • "It's pointless to teach someone a lesson by killing them."
  • "Murder is a sin, no matter how necessary or justified you think it may be. Do not forget that."
  • "Cold blooded murder doesn't take courage. It's the act of a coward."
  • "There's a difference between killing in battle and killing in cold blood. I think you've forgotten that."
  • "Each life you take wrongly cuts away a bit of your soul. Keep on like that, and there will be nothing left."
  • "Killing an innocent? That's the sort of thing villains do. I won't abide it."
  • "Cruelty is never justified."

When one of your summoned pets (i.e.: Volatile Familiar) dies at the hands of an enemy or is unsummoned by you during combat:

  • "Your pet didn't make it!"
  • "They got your minion!"

When starting a fight with a boss (miniboss or higher):

  • "Careful! That one looks dangerous."
  • "That one's trouble!"
  • "We've faced worse than you, monster!"
  • "Prepare to die, villain!"
  • "Careful! I'm not sure what we're up against here."
  • "Take care! We shouldn't underestimate this one."
  • "Best not take any chances with this one."

When starting a Dragon fight:

  • "If we start this, we'd better be prepared to finish it!"
  • "You do know that's a Dragon, don't you? Are you sure about this?"

When you kill a Dragon:

  • "What do Dragons want with gold, anyway? They don't need to buy anything."
  • "You must be out of your mind. No sane person picks a fight with a Dragon."

When ending a boss fight against a non-humanoid enemy (miniboss or higher):

  • "That's the kind of beast that scares other monsters!
  • "If it bleeds it can be killed."
  • "That was a fight for the ages."

When ending a boss fight with a humanoid enemy (miniboss or higher):

  • "Underestimating you was their last mistake."
  • "Every villain is the hero of their own story. Funny, that."
  • "Life isn't a fairy tale. But sometimes villains get what they deserve anyway."

When you kill multiple enemies in rapid succession:

  • "That's how we do things in Daggerfall!"
  • "You mess with the swordsman, you'll get the point!"

When seeing an ally die:

If you're running content alone, Bastian says one of these lines while you're still dead, particularly if he has the chance to approach your corpse and kneel beside it.

  • "No!"
  • "You'll be avenged!"
  • "Rest in peace, brave friend."
  • "You won't be forgotten."
  • "I'll make them pay!"
  • "May the Divines welcome your soul."
  • "Farewell, my friend."

When spotting a Psijic portal:

  • "There's psijic energy here."
  • "Can you sense that? A psijic portal!"
  • "I smell magic!"

When you loot a Psijic portal:

  • "Psijic portals teach us that sometimes the unseen is not something to be feared."
  • "Now that's a neat trick!"
  • "Who says you can't get something for nothing?"
  • "Where the Mundus hides wisdom the Divines place their treasure. Or so the Psijic Order says."
  • "Fascinating. The Psijics manipulate magical forces to bypass the limitations of the physical world, creating mystical impossibilities like that portal."

When you loot an Epic item or better:

  • "Good eye!"
  • "That might be useful."

When you loot a chest/safebox: (He'll also use these when looting a Thieves Trove during cool down.)

  • "Nice haul!"
  • "Let's keep our eyes open for a tavern where we can spend that!"
  • "You've got a knack for stumbling across those things."

When spotting a heavy sack:

  • "Hello, what's this?"
  • "Look here! A stranger's loss might be our gain."
  • "Even an old sack might have treasure inside."

When you loot a heavy sack:

  • "Anything useful?"
  • "Find anything?"

When you harvest a node:

  • "That should come in handy."
  • "What do you think you'll make with that?"
  • "This is a great area for harvesting."

After you successfully scry for a lead:

  • "The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places."
  • "Your intuition is remarkable. Can you teach me that?"
  • "Do you sense something?"
  • "Have you found something?"
  • "Luck. It must be luck."
  • "Maybe there's no such a thing as magical clairvoyance. It seems more guesswork than wizardry to me."

After you read a book:

  • "My tutors liked to tell me that words and stories are a form of magic. If you put them together properly, you can weave entire worlds!
  • "I adore books. They're like magical keys that open up worlds and change perspectives."
  • "The worth of a book is measured by what you carry away from it."
  • "Books are whetstones that sharpen the mind and allow it to keep its edge."
  • "Nothing is quite so powerful as the temptation to look through someone else's bookshelves."
  • "Never trust anyone who doesn't see the value in reading."

When visiting Eyevea:

  • "Magical places are always so beautiful and inspiring. Well, most of them, anyway."
  • "I never thought to lay eyes on this place. In truth, I wasn't even sure it existed!"

When visiting Wayrest:

  • "Ah, this place brings back memories."
  • "This place is special to me."

When entering a city or town:

  • "There's something wonderful about wandering a city's streets with no destination."
  • "Cities are as alive, fickle, and uncertain as people. Some are good; some are bad. Some give you gifts; others rob you blind."
  • "I love cities — the rude people, the noise, the chaos. Is it strange that I find it comfortable?"

When entering a Mages Guild building:

  • "I wouldn't want to live in a world without magic. That would be a world without mystery and a world without faith."
  • "I don't believe that magic, in itself, can be evil. It's simply how you choose to use it."
  • "Love and imagination are the only magical powers that everyone possesses. If you can cultivate those, consider yourself a magician."

When completing a Mages Guild daily quest:

  • "Some say that the Mages Guild is just a fancy book club. A club with some very dangerous books, if you ask me."
  • "It occurs to me that love and magic have a lot in common. They both delight your heart and enrich your soul. And both can be dangerous to beginners."
  • "One of the greatest laws of magic is sympathy. The greater the sympathetic link between two objects, the more they influence each other. I find that … comforting."

When near a striking locale:

  • "Now here's a sight! What do you make of this?"
  • "The Divines were in a good mood when they made this place."
  • "I like places where things have happened, even if they were sad things."

When near a delve:

  • "I like to think fate puts us in dark places because it's our job to be a light there."
  • "I can't resist a passageway that leads to the unknown."
  • "I don't fear dark places so much as the things that lurk in them."

When near a dolmen, harrowstorm, or abyssal geyser:

  • "This looks ominous."
  • "This is a place of evil."
  • "The gates of Oblivion stand open!"

After completing a dolmen/harrowstorm/geyser:

  • "Never underestimate the power of a group working together!"
  • "Those who insist on working alone will have rivals instead of allies."
  • "It's good to work with others from time to time."
  • "Nothing creates allies faster than a common danger."
  • "Some threats are bigger than one hero. Or two."
  • "That was something I hope I don't see again."

When you buy/sell/repair items at an NPC vendor:

  • "Magic is like strong wine. If you're not used to it, it can make you drunk."
  • "Some say gold can't buy happiness. It seems to me they just don't know where to shop!"
  • "Unfamiliar magic is like drinking strange wine. Eventually there will be a price to pay."

After paying off a bounty:

  • "You seem to be respectable again. I think you got away with it this time."
  • "Just because you didn't get caught doesn't mean you didn't deserve to."

When near a cooking fire:

  • "I like campfires. They attract interesting people."
  • "Reachmen say that fires are only dangerous when they get bored. That's why we tell them stories and let them lick our food."
  • "Why is it my hands always seem to be cold?"

When you cook a provisioning item with cheese as an ingredient:

  • "Why are people so offended when you say you don't like cheese? I don't judge them for their dislikes. Do I?"
  • "People boast about how good stinky cheese is. Why would you want to eat something that turns your stomach at the first whiff?"
  • "I despise cheese. It smells awful. It tastes awful. Do you have any idea where cheese comes from and how it's made?"

After fighting Worm Cultists:

  • "What turns someone into a cultist? Is it just the desire to watch the world burn?"
  • "I saw all the cultists I cared to in Deepscorn Hollow. Yet here we are, dealing with cultists again."
  • "Daedric-worshipping murderers really make my blood boil. Is there no end to their wickedness?"

After fighting bandits:

  • "Killing robbers is a chore that must be done regularly. Like taking out the trash."
  • "A hard life and a violent death. Such is the fate of a bandit."
  • "Bandits should play to their strengths and go into politics. They'd live longer."
  • "Greed, stupidity, and violence. How many innocent victims suffered at this bandit's hands?"
  • "Brigands prey on the weak. To me, that's the definition of evil."
  • "Stealing from hapless travelers and preying on the those who can't fight back is despicable."

After defeating foes during (random encounters):

  • "You see? Anything is possible with a positive outlook. I never doubted the outcome!"
  • "It's never a mistake to help others. One of the most important things you can do in this life is to let other people know they're not alone."
  • "Nothing feels better than restoring a stranger's faith in the goodness of others."

When you're idle for a long time:

  • "You want the truth? The thing I hate most about cheese is that it does terrible things to my digestion."
  • "The good we do today will likely be forgotten tomorrow, but let's do it anyway."
  • "What's the green stuff between a Dragon's toes? Slow Goblins."
  • "I always try to be kind to people and give them reason to believe in the goodness of others. Set the example I'd like to see others follow."
  • "I'm not afraid of death in the slightest, but I'd like to put it off as long as possible."
  • "Be nice to strangers. You can always take a harsher stand later, but once you've treated someone badly, they won't believe the nice."
  • "I don't have a romantic partner back home, but I know a girl who would get mad if she heard me say that."
  • "A drunken Nord comes home carrying a duck. His wife says: What have you got there? The Nord says: This is the dragon I told you about. The wife says: That's a duck, you idiot! The Nord says: Quiet, you! I was talking to the duck!"
  • "Killing time is dangerous. Eventually time will return the favor."
  • "My only regrets are things I haven't done yet, so I prefer to think of them as goals."
  • "I try to think of the ghosts of my past as unfinished business I just haven't gotten to yet."
  • "You either make decisions or life makes them for you. Let's do … something."
  • "Time can be invested, spent, or wasted, but however you use it, you never get it back."
  • "We live our lives through action, not indecision. Shall we get on with ours, then?"
  • "What is it we're doing now? Meditating? Considering our options? Waiting for a wagon?"
  • "You realize that, while we're wasting time standing around, the fates are conspiring against us?"
  • "We don't need to be confident to get started. We need to get started to be confident."
  • "What are we waiting for? Are we meeting someone here?"

When stealing:

  • "I thought you gave up thieving."
  • "That's going to come back to haunt you. Mark my words!"
  • "Nothing good can come from this. You weave a tangled web with choices like this."
  • "You can't go back and make a new beginning, but you can always start over and make a new ending."
  • "Greed is a demanding master. Once you give it power over you, it will never let you go."
  • "We're free to make our own choices, but we aren't free from their consequences."
  • "There's no shame in having once been a thief. The sin is remaining a thief."

When stealing from a Thieves Trove:
In addition to the above responses for stealing, he may also say:

  • "Well, at least you didn't steal it yourself!"

When pickpocketing:

  • "You're nothing but a common thief!"
  • "Stop that. You're hopeless!"
  • "They're going to catch you and take your hand off at the wrist."
  • "What gives you the right to steal from others?"
  • "I'm losing my patience with your itchy fingers."
  • "You may feel no shame at being a criminal, but I'd sooner die of starvation."
  • "I saw you pick that pocket."
  • "We're not punished for our sins, but by them. Remember that."

When getting caught stealing or pickpocketing:

  • Now you've done it!

When you kill a passive creature:

  • "Stop it! That's cruel and wasteful!"
  • "Do you place such little value on life?"
  • "You're going to eat that, right?"

When summoned for the first time after completion of Brother-in-Arms achievement:

  • "I have a gift for you. A keepsake."

Traveling on horseback:

  • "Why is it that the next adventure always seems to be a long ride off?"
  • "Travel, excitement, new faces! It feels like the whole world is before us. I like it!"
  • "I reckon I can handle anything that comes at me on the road with good manners, common sense, and a full wineskin."
  • "Is this likely to be a long ride? We'll want to pace our mounts for the distance."
  • "You know the hardest thing about riding this fast? The ground!"

After selecting a non-combat pet:

  • "You can judge someone's true character by the way they treat their pets."
  • "Who's this, now?"
  • "Well, hello there."

After selecting the Great Daenian Hound pet:

  • "This one's my favorite!"
  • "There's my little friend!"
  • "This little fellow makes me smile."

When using a polymorph:

  • "Something's different. New hairstyle?"
  • "That's some impressive magic!"
  • "That's a good look for you."


Diligent and steadfast heroes like Bastian Hallix still need time to unwind. His chivalrous charm is sure to brighten up any room. After adding Bastian to your home, you can set him on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with him.
Bastian Hallix
ON-icon-furnishing-Bastian Hallix.png
Bastian Hallix
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Complete Family Secrets

You will earn the ability to have him as a houseguest once you've completed Family Secrets.

Houseguest Dialogue[edit]

After completing the Family Secrets quest, you will receive Bastian Hallix as a housguest. When placed within your home, he will say one of the following lines when spoken with. They are a combination of lines heard from his environmental voice-overs and unique lines:

"I'm ready to face anything."
"Let's go find someone to help."
"What's new?"
"Courage brings victory."
"Time can be invested, spent, or wasted, but however you use it, you never get it back."
"Killing time is dangerous. Eventually time will return the favor."
"I like places where things have happened, even if they were sad things."
"Cities are as alive, fickle, and uncertain as people. Some are good; some are bad. Some give you gifts; others rob you blind."
"The warrior who has never been defeated is the warrior who has never truly fought."
"Some say that the Mages Guild is just a fancy book club. A club with some very dangerous books, if you ask me."
"I'm always nervous about taking my horse to Altmer lands. I'd hate for him to meet Elven mounts and pick up bad habits."
"Lord Silvelle taught me that a good horse is smarter than his rider, but under no circumstances should the horse be allowed to know this."
"I reckon I can handle anything that comes at me on the road with good manners, common sense, and a full wineskin."
"You want the truth? The thing I hate most about cheese is that it does terrible things to my digestion."
"I always try to be kind to people and give them reason to believe in the goodness of others. Set the example I'd like to see others follow."
"I try to think of the ghosts of my past as unfinished business I just haven't gotten to yet."
"My only regrets are things I haven't done yet, so I prefer to think of them as goals."
"The good we do today will likely be forgotten tomorrow, but let's do it anyway."
"I love the life of an adventurer, but I also find joy in simple things. Playing my flute. Reading a good book. I'm fascinated by history and magecraft. But I also love a good tale, well spun."
"Humility. Always humility. The only victories that matter in life are those you win against yourself."


Once you reach maximum Rapport with Bastian Hallix, he will soon send you a letter along with Bastian's Julianos Medallion.

A Token of Friendship

We have come a long way, my friend. When we saved my foster-brother Quistley from the Daughter of Sithis, I never imagined where our road would lead. Dark dangers and hard-won victories, mystic Eyevea, even a reunion with a sister I thought long dead. Through it all you have been the truest comrade I could ask for.

I have never been good at talking about such things, so let me simply thank you with a token of our friendship. My old tutor Thierren gave me this medalion when I earned my staff. It depicts Julianos, patron of mages. I have always regarded him as my protector, and I hope he will watch over you as well. In years to come, let it remind you of our journeys together.


  • A Meet the Character segment was written about him. It originally referred to him a number of times as a Breton, but was quickly changed to remove said mentions. Bastian also wears Ancestral Breton armor.
  • Bastian Hallix is voiced by Griffin Puatu.[1]
  • During Wolves in the Fold, when you expose a Camlorn Refugee as a Werewolf, Bastian will use a phrase for when you attack an innocent even though the refugees turn aggressive before you attack. This, however, does not count towards lowering his rapport.
  • Bastian will often mimic other followers or active quest characters:
    • When passing an NPC that salutes, Bastian salutes back.
    • During A Step Back in Time when Commander Parmion delivers his rousing speech, Bastian will cheer at the end along with the other soldiers.
    • During Delaying the Daggers, when Garyn Indoril escorts you to the West Gate, Bastian will mimic Garyn's moves, including running ahead of you along side Garyn, and running back into the city and dismissing himself once you reach Holgunn.
    • During Beasts of Falinesti, if Thonoras slays Pariel, Bastian will go down as if he had been stabbed, then rises again as if nothing happened.
  • Notably, Bastian does not show up in Heroes of Blackwood.
  • Bastian tattoos "became an occasional outlet for processing his own frustration or unhappiness or as reminders of fun times and interesting places".