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ON-qico-Companion.png Investigate a local cave taken over by cultists.
Zone: Blackwood
Objective: Deepscorn Hollow — Help Bastian Hallix retrieve a wayward nobleman.
Quest Giver: Zeechis or Bastian Hallix
Location(s): Deepscorn Hollow
Next Quest: Things Lost, Things Found
Reward: Bastian Hallix, Companion
Average Leveled
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 6626
Help Bastian track down Quistley
I met a traveler who told me about rumors of strange happenings at a smuggler's cave called Deepscorn Hollow: missing people, sinister figures in masks, dark revels. I should look into this.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. (Optional) Talk to Zeechis.
  2. Talk to Bastian.
    • If you are using an ESO Plus free trial and have not purchased the Blackwood chapter, Bastian will not appear.[verification needed — Does this make the quest unavailable in the first place?]
  3. Enter Deepscorn Hollow.
  4. Discrupt cultists and free some prisoners.
  5. Question a nervous cultist
  6. Find Bastian's competitor.
  7. Deal with a cultist leader and her brother
  8. Talk to Tenarei, Bastian, and their quarry.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Crystal Fang

You can begin this quest in one of three ways: by speaking to Zeechis south of a fort, by speaking directly to Bastian outside of a cave, or by equipping Bastian into an Allies quickslot and attempting to summon him. Either way, you'll end up heading to the Hollow. If you find Zeechis first, he'll be fretting over whether or not to pursue rumors about the Hollow.

"I am Zeechis. I deal in rumors, especially the sort that hint at opportunities. For example, there is a cave called Deepscorn Hollow on an island by the coast. It is said to be a smuggler's den. But that is not the only rumor about the place."
What else have you heard about Deepscorn Hollow?
"Strange figures in hoods. Travelers who disappear. Masked nobles and dark revels. Smuggler's tales to scare off the locals, or something more? You seem brave. Perhaps you are interested? Remember your old friend Zeechis if you find riches there!"

Agreeing to pursue these rumors, you'll head south, crossing a bridge to an island, and find Bastian Hallix and untie him. He says he was tied up by a Dark Elf. He'll ask you to search the area for something she dropped during their struggle. The item turns out to be a contract, and now he realizes both he and the elf are after the same quarry: Quistley Silvelle. Bastian feels honor-bound to find Quistley first and bring him home to his family.

Inside Deepscorn Hollow, you'll find some cultists and their lackeys to fight as you make your way through the winding caverns and underground ruins, before hearing and freeing two prisoners, Thadarond and Azbai, from their cages. Thadarond sticks around long enough to relay that they were being held by these cultists, who worship Sithis. Bastian is astounded that Quistley has gotten mixed up with such a group. If you press him for more information, Bastian reveals Quistley's family raised him, and that he is the son of Lord Martel Hallix, who infamously betrayed King Emeric.

Continuing on, you'll find more cultists to deal with, breaking up their ritual, and one nervous cultist who flees. Chase the fleeing cultist into an abandoned excavation and question him. He is Fluvius Salva, and he is familiar with Quistley. If you have the Intimidate skill, you can cut through his bravado:

"Quistley Silvelle? He belongs to Lalais now. She is the Daughter of Sithis, and none dare defy her! Leave while you can —- you're fools if you think you can save him from her."
[Intimidate] If anything happens to Quistley, you're not walking out of here.
"No, no! Quistley is Lalais's consort. You'll find them in the Fane of Scorn, I think the way there is back the way you came. Or ... or maybe ahead? He's safe for now, though. They've got someone else to sacrifice today. Please don't hurt me!"
Another sacrifice?
"They caught a Dark Elf sneaking around. Even now she faces the Death of the Crystal Fangs in the ritual room just ahead, but Lalais isn't there. She and her brother are in the Fane, below. Your Quistley is with them, I think."
Lalais in the Fane of Scorn

After leaving Fluvius with Bastian for more questioning, you'll come to another ritual, this one centered on Tenarei Vels, who is magically restrained. Killing the cultists and destroying the three Crystal Fangs will free her, after which you can follow her into the next area. She confirms what you've learned about her contract to find Quistley, and reveals she's seen a map of the caverns.

Exploring the caverns with her, you'll find and speak with a vampire being held prisoner. He points you to a hidden door switch. Optionally, if you find him trustworthy, you can free him from his cell. Enter the hidden passage. Tenarei will stop to talk with you, asking you to ensure she at least gets Quistley's signet ring if he's dead, so she can show it to her employer, and Bastian will catch up with the two of you. The three of you come to the conclusion that you need to move forward and see what's what before making any decisions about what to do with Tenarei and Bastian's competing interests.

Entering the Hall of Sithis, you'll have to defeat more cultists to reach the Fane of Scorn. Once inside, you'll hear a brief conversation between Quistley and Bastian, then you'll need to kill the so-called Daughter of Sithis and her brother, a large flesh atronach. After dispatching them, head into the Private Chamber and talk to Quistley, Tenarei, and Bastian to close out the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

Competition and Contracts
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Zeechis told me that Deepscorn Hollow is said to be a smuggler's den on the coast. I should go there to investigate the rumors. It might be profitable.
Objective: Go to Deepscorn Hollow
There is a man tied up on the island. I should talk to him and find out what happened.
Objective: Talk to Bastian Hallix
Latest start Bastian said that the Dark Elf who knocked him out dropped something by the nearby shack. Maybe there's a clue here. I should look around for it.
Objective: Search the Area
I found a contract between Tenarei Vels and a criminal in Leyawiin. It appears that Bastian's assailant is also looking for Quistley Silvelle in Deepscorn Hollow. I should talk to Bastian about the contract I found.
Objective: Talk to Bastian Hallix
I agreed to help Bastian retrieve Quistley Silvelle, but it appears that the Dark Elf Tenarei Vels is also looking for him. This should be interesting. Time to go down into Deepscorn Hollow.
Objective: Enter Deepscorn Hollow
At first glance, this appears to be a deserted cavern. There's no sign of Tenarei Vels or Quistley Silvelle, so there must be more to this place. I should look around more.
Objective: Search the Cave
Bastian and I entered Deepscorn Hollow. This does not appear to be a common smuggler's cave. I should continue exploring.
Objective: Explore Deepscorn Hollow
Bastian and I found some people locked in a cage in the second cavern. We should help them.
Objective: Free Captives
Hidden Objective: Unlock Cage
A frightened prisoner is anxious to get out of these caves, but he seems willing to speak to me. I should see if he knows anything.
Objective: Talk to Thadarond
The prisoners we freed told us that these caves are occupied by a cult dedicated to Sithis, not smugglers. They believe the cultists are planning to sacrifice people to their god. I should confer with Bastian.
Objective: Talk to Bastian Hallix
Deepscorn Hollow appears to be a maze of caves and passages. We should continue our search.
Objective: Continue Exploring Deepscorn Hollow
We came upon culists of Sithis performing a ritual in one of the caves. We should interrupt the ritual and attempt to corner a cultist for information.
Objective: Continue Exploring Deepscorn Hollow
Hidden Objective: Stop the Cult Ritual
We interrupted cultists performing some ritual in the lower cavern. One cultist was hiding and tried to sneak away. Bastian thinks we should grab him and interrogate him.
Objective: Follow the Cultist
I cornered a cultist who was participating in a ritual in the cavern nearby. He might know something about where Quistley Silvelle is being held.
Objective: Talk to the Cultist
I interrogated a captured cultist. He told me that the Daughter of Sithis, leader of this cult, has Quistley. He also says that Tenarei Vels may have been caught by the Sithis cult. I should see what Bastian suggests.
Objective: Talk to Bastian Hallix
Bastian and I agreed to split up. He wants to question the cultist more closely about the Daughter of Sithis, but it sounds like Tenarei Vels is in immediate danger of being sacrificed. I need to find her.
Objective: Find Tenarei Vels
Hidden Objective: Continue Searching for Quistley Silvelle
I found Tenarei Vels suspended in the middle of some ritual. I should free her before the Cult of Sithis completes their sacrificial rite.
Objective: Free Tenarei Vels
I freed Tenarei Vels from the cultists' ritual. She suggested that we find a safe place to talk. I should follow her.
Objective: Talk to Tenarei Vels
Tenarei offered to help me find Quistley Silvelle. I should continue to explore the lower caverns of Deepscorn Hollow.
Objective: Continue to Explore Deepscorn Hollow
The cultists have a vampire imprisoned. He may be able to help us.
Objective: Talk to the Imprisoned Vampire
Optional Step: Talk to Tenarei Vels
The vampire held prisoner in this dead end told me there's a switch concealed beneath a crate nearby that opens a hidden passage. I should look around for it.
Objective: Find the Switch for a Hidden Door
The vampire directed me to a switch that revealed a hidden passage. I should see where it leads.
Objective: Open the Hidden Passage
Optional Step: Talk to Greywyn Blenwyth
Optional Step: Free Greywyn Blenwyth
The hidden passage led us to a door. If Tenarei is right, this should lead to the inner sanctum of this cult. I should continue on.
Objective: Go to the Inner Sanctum
I explored the lower levels of Deepscorn Hollow. Tenarei Vels believes we are drawing close to the lair of the Daughter of Sithis, but she wants to speak with me before we go on. I should see what's on her mind.
Objective: Talk to Tenarei Vels
I believe I'm close to finding Quistley Silvelle. Bastian has just caught up with Tenarei and me. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Bastian Hallix
We discovered the inner sanctum of the cult. Quistley should be somewhere inside … and possibly the woman who calls herself the Daughter of Sithis.
Objective: Reach the Fane of Scorn
We found Quistley Silvelle and the Daughter of Sithis. It's time to save Quistley, whether he wants to be saved or not.
Objective: Kill the Daughter of Sithis
The Daughter of Sithis had Quistley Silvelle, but she wasn't holding him prisoner. He was very upset when he saw Bastian and fled into another room. I need to talk to him and see if I can sort this out.
Objective: Talk to Quistley Silvelle
Quistley Silvelle had no idea what sort of danger he was in. I must decide whether I allow Tenarei Vels to take him back to the gangster Larz-Tul, or let Bastian get him away from Blackwood.
Objective: Talk to Tenarei Vels
Both Bastian and Tenarei have a claim on Quistley Silvelle, but it sounds as though Bastian has an idea on how to solve this dilemma. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Bastian Hallix
Finishes quest☑ I rescued Quistley Silvelle from Deepscorn Hollow, but what to do with him? Bastian says he has an idea that should satisfy Larz-Tul. He's going to strike a deal with Tenarei.
Objective: Talk to Bastian Hallix
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