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Achievement Furnisher
Home City Rimmen
Location Baandari Bazaar
Store Fine Furniture
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Achievement Furnisher

Lathahim is a Redguard achievement furnisher who runs Fine Furniture at the Baandari Bazaar in Rimmen along with his colleague, the Home Goods Furnisher Yatava.


If you don't own a house:

"You wish to buy my furnishings, though you have no home? A bold choice, I suppose."
"You have no home, yet still you wish to see my wares? Very well."

If you do own a house, his dialogue will vary depending on how many achievements you've completed in Northern Elsweyr:

Stage 1

"Are you newly arrived in Elsweyr, traveler? Come back to me when you have done great deeds, and I shall have more wares to offer."
"I may have some wares to offer, but not much. Most of my stock is meant for those of greater deeds."
"My wares will celebrate your greatest accomplishments. Once you've accomplished them, of course."

Stage 2

"I have heard a little of your adventures in Elsweyr. Still, I sense you have more to do, just as I will one day have more wares to offer."
"I have some wares for sale, but not all. You must accomplish far greater things to see my entire collection."
"I sense a hero's heart beating within your chest. And I have just the thing to commemorate such bravery. Come, have a look."

Stage 3

"Your great deeds echo across Elsweyr like a Dragon's roar. I am sure you'll be pleased with what I offer."
"A great hero such as you deserves only the best! And the best is only what I offer you."
"So many now speak of you, the wind itself seems to carry your name. Come, have a look at the wares I offer."


Image Name Type Cost Achievement Description
ON-item-furnishing-Akaviri Table, Stone.jpg Akaviri Table, Stone Dining
0001000010,000 Gold Quest: Descendant of the Potentate
This hefty Akaviri table can dominate a room or help pull together the stone elements in your landscape.
ON-item-furnishing-Banner, Anequina.jpg Banner, Anequina Parlor
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Tharn's Aide-de-Camp
The arid northern region of Elsweyr, called Anequina, has bred hearty warriors and pragmatic thinkers, though some have learned to work the land. Show your respect for the traditions of Anequina by hanging this banner in your abode.
ON-item-furnishing-Banner, Rimmen.jpg Banner, Rimmen Parlor
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Rimmen Revolution
Show your support for Rimmen's independence from tyranny by hanging this colorful banner in your home.
ON-item-furnishing-Barrel, Riverhold.jpg Barrel, Riverhold Workshop
000010001,000 Gold Quest: The Riverhold Abduction
A barrel can contain many things, such as, say, skooma stashes. But you wouldn't have any skooma, now, would you?
ON-item-furnishing-Cage, Small Animal.jpg Cage, Small Animal Workshop
000040004,000 Gold Quest: The Riverhold Abduction
Whether it's skeevers or pebble pals, this small cage can hold the creature or thing of your choice.
ON-item-furnishing-Column, Fatal Warning.jpg Column, Fatal Warning Undercroft
(Symbolic Decor)
000030003,000 Gold Achievement: Anequina Dragon Hunter
Sometimes you need to mark an area as dangerous. Or maybe you just want to provide a gentle "please do not bother me" warning to those who would pester you. This column? Excellent for both such scenarios.
ON-item-furnishing-Crate, Riverhold.jpg Crate, Riverhold Workshop
000010001,000 Gold Quest: The Riverhold Abduction
You might think that a crate is utilitarian, but your housecats will prize it almost as much as they prize the sound of you adding food to their "empty" bowls.
ON-item-furnishing-Door, Akatosh Chancel.jpg Door, Akatosh Chancel Structures
00100000100,000 Gold Achievement: Sunspire Completed
Make an entrance! (Truly, make an entrance with this door!) This gorgeous metal door features a mirrored depiction of Akatosh. Doubly impressive!
ON-item-furnishing-Khajiit Burial Mound.jpg Khajiit Burial Mound Undercroft
(Grave Goods)
00000500500 Gold Achievement: Rimmen Necropolis Conqueror
Khajiit of Anequina often build cairns of local stone to mark their dead. Perhaps you need such structures for your own land?
ON-item-furnishing-Khajiit Lion Crest.jpg Khajiit Lion Crest Lighting
0001500015,000 Gold Achievement: Assassination Cessation
This fierce fellow can make any bit of wall look more imposing. An excellent touch for those seeking a sense of dominance over others. As a bonus feature, you can activate him to become a wall torch!
ON-item-furnishing-Khajiit Wagon, Merchant.jpg Khajiit Wagon, Merchant Courtyard
000010001,000 Gold Achievement: Anequina Dragon Stalker
Due to an unfortunate mishap, it cannot be used to move goods, but it certainly sets the tone for the area.
ON-item-furnishing-Khajiit Wagon, Ruined.jpg Khajiit Wagon, Ruined Courtyard
00000500500 Gold Achievement: Anequina Dragon Killer
Are you a fan of fake ruins? Do you want to lend a lived-in look to your garden? This Khajiit wagon is a match for both of these décor choices.
ON-item-furnishing-Map of Elsweyr, Hanging.jpg Map of Elsweyr, Hanging Library
0001000010,000 Gold Achievement: Northern Elsweyr Master Explorer
This map of Elsweyr, when hung on the wall, can help you plan your next adventure. (Plus you can point to it if someone asks you if you're lost in your own home.)
ON-item-furnishing-Moon Gate.jpg Moon Gate Structures
00100000100,000 Gold Achievement: Moonwalker
Add a miniature version of a Moon Gate to your home. It's the perfect size for your favorite housecat! (Just don't try to use it. It's there to make an impression, not actually work!)
ON-item-furnishing-Moon Temple Pad.jpg Moon Temple Pad Structures
0002000020,000 Gold Achievement: Betrayer Breaker
That floor that seems so empty? Add some color with this Moon Temple Pad. The rich blue adds serenity to any space.
ON-item-furnishing-Projection Stone, Moons.jpg Projection Stone, Moons Undercroft
(Sacred Pieces)
0002000020,000 Gold Achievement: Betrayer Breaker
Both shiny and colorful, this projection stone shows the phases of the moons. Perfect for your midnight garden or bedroom!
ON-item-furnishing-Replica Dragon Horn, Large.jpg Replica Dragon Horn, Large Gallery
0003500035,000 Gold Achievement: Assassination Cessation
This replica of the Dragon Horn found in Anequina can lend a certain air of majesty to your home or landscape. You might find cats or even Alfiq making use of it as a comfy sleeping spot.
ON-item-furnishing-Replica Dragon Horn, Small.jpg Replica Dragon Horn, Small Gallery
0001200012,000 Gold Achievement: Assassination Cessation
Have an alcove that needs a touch of ancient charm? This small Dragon Horn replica is perfection itself for just such a space!
ON-item-furnishing-Riverhold Defense Spikes, Piled.jpg Riverhold Defense Spikes, Piled Structures
(Building Components)
00000500500 Gold Achievement: Riverhold Defender
Everyone needs these "go away, and I mean it" spikes. Everyone. (Especially those in Riverhold.)
ON-item-furnishing-Riverhold Defense Spikes, Roof-Mounted.jpg Riverhold Defense Spikes, Roof-Mounted Structures
000010001,000 Gold Achievement: Riverhold Defender
These roof-mounted spikes signal to those who see them that you are definitely planning to hold your home fast against any nuisances, including Dragons.
ON-item-furnishing-Riverhold Defense Spikes, Tripod.jpg Riverhold Defense Spikes, Tripod Structures
000010001,000 Gold Achievement: Riverhold Defender
Are your neighbors jumping over the wall of your yard and into your garden, disturbing your hard-won natural aesthetic? Just place this tripod where they normally land, and watch the result!
ON-item-furnishing-Statue, Lokkestiiz.jpg Statue, Lokkestiiz Courtyard
0003500035,000 Gold Achievement: Stormchaser
Perched on an hourglass, the silver statue form of Lokkestiiz can impress those who visit your home.
ON-item-furnishing-Statue, Yolnahkriin.jpg Statue, Yolnahkriin Courtyard
0005000050,000 Gold Achievement: Stoking the Fire
With spread wings, the golden statue form of Yolnahkriin can preside over your home or garden, lending it the majestic presence of a Dragon.
ON-item-furnishing-Tojay-Raht Statue, Monk.jpg Tojay-Raht Statue, Monk Courtyard
0007500075,000 Gold Quest: The Lunacy of Two Moons
Want to bring the elegant solemnity of an adeptorium to your home or garden? This statue, with a Khajiit adept performing a kata, will do exactly that.
ON-item-furnishing-Wrathstone, Replica.jpg Wrathstone, Replica Parlor
0005000050,000 Gold Achievement: Tharn Collaborator
Rest assured, you won't be releasing Dragons into Tamriel by possessing this replica of the ill-used Wrathstone. (Just don't let Abnur Tharn see it—unless you like pouring salt into wounds.)