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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Defend Riverhold from Euraxia's attack forces.
Zone: Northern Elsweyr
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Faction: Northern Elsweyr Defense Force
Quest Giver: Abnur Tharn
Location(s): Riverhold, Greenleaf Farm, Temple of the Purifying Moons
Prerequisite Quest: The Usurper Queen
Next Quest: Two Queens
Reward: Riverhold Dragonfeller
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6296
"Flee before Kaalgrontiid, you insignificant morsels!"
Euraxia, the Usurper Queen of Rimmen, has ordered her forces to attack Riverhold. I need to help defend the town.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Khamira.
  2. Accompany Zamarak to help those at Greenleaf Farm.
  3. Help Captain Nala-do disrupt Euraxian supply camps.
  4. Assist Cadwell in setting traps.
  5. Talk to Cadwell.
  6. Return to Riverhold and defend it.
  7. Protect Zamarak at the three Blessed Pillars.
  8. Ground Bahlokdaan.
  9. Kill the dragon.
  10. Talk to the war council.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Cadwell with his homemade traps
"Well, that's an evil-looking Orc. A necromancer, I do believe."

With the impending attack on Riverhold by Euraxian forces, talk to the war council—Khamira, Gharesh-ri and Tharn. They will have some ideas as to what to do. Your first task is to accompany the monk Zamarak and warn the people of Greenleaf Farm which is to the west of the town. When you arrive, it is already besieged by Euraxian troops, and the lady of the house won't leave without her husband and brother, so you have to go and find them. The husband is still safe, unfortunately the brother has been killed. Zamarak stays behind to give him the last rites, while you follow the husband back to the farm and talk to Khamira, who sends you off to assist Captain Nala-do.

Nala-do's plan is to harass the Imperial supply camps by scaring off their horses and setting fire to their supplies. Do this in two camps—as well as killing everybody in them. Then Nala-do will send you to assist Cadwell.

Zumog Phoom turns Euraxians into shambling undead.

Cadwell is busy setting some exploding traps along the routes that the invading army will take. He manages to set one off by accident and is knocked down, but asks you to arm a couple more. When you return to Cadwell you will find him having another episode of visions. Speaking with him about them, you will learn that an Orc Necromancer is leading his forces to Riverhold. While he puzzles over why he keeps seeing what the Betrayer's Head sees, you can broach the idea that he and the Betrayer are the same person. While he initially dismisses the idea, Cadwell does have a faint memory of once being called that.

That aside, you need to go warn the defenses at Riverhold about the approaching invaders. As you leave, Cadwell's traps will do their work and dispatch some Euraxian Soldiers traveling down the road.

"The Moon Pillars are activated. Riverhold is sanctified."

Riverhold has to be told that it will be fighting off not just human troops, but necromantically animated undead, and that anyone who dies, friend or foe, is likely to be reanimated to add to the ranks of the invaders. As you go to warn Nala-do, you'll find that she has already found this out the hard way by killing off a number of invading troops only to see them be reanimated. Fight them off all around the square: you'll be interrupted by Zamarak who suggests performing a holy ritual to counteract the necromancer's raise-dead animation.

"A cowardly attack! Bahlokdaan will crush you!"

Head to the Temple of the Purifying Moons with Zamarak while he first learns the words of the blessing, and then speaks it at three different sites. You'll have to keep undead off him as he does so. When he finishes the ritual, all the invading undead will collapse, the battle will seem to be won... until three dragons appear in the sky. Khamira roars out defiance, and reveals herself as the surviving daughter of the late King and Queen, who were killed by Euraxia during the Frostfall Coup and the rightful Queen of Rimmen. The dragons' leader—Kaalgrontiid by name—tells one of his followers, Bahlokdaan, to finish off the resistance, before flying off with the second dragon (Mulaamnir, who you encountered earlier).

"Well fought! We have shown that the Khajiit will not run. Not even from a Dragon!"

However, Bahlokdaan is the weakest of the three dragons, and there just happens to be a ready-loaded ballista nearby: which you are told to fire, and when you hit Bahlokdaan, it will injure and ground him. Finish him off on the ground: just be careful not to stand for too long within his aura of incineration on the ground, but you can reach to hit him in melee even without doing this (and step out of it occasionally, just in case.)

Returning to the war council after your victory: Tharn had no more idea than anyone else about Khamira's true heritage, but is happy to support it, and advises taking the attack to "Queen" Euraxia as soon as possible, before she can recover from this defeat. You'll get a decent greatsword as a reward, and some gold.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Battle for Riverhold
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Gharesh-ri put Khamira in charge of the defense of Riverhold. I should find her and see what I can do to help.
Objective: Talk to Khamira
Optional Step: Talk to Gharesh-ri
Khamira sent me to the Greenleaf Farm to convince the farmers to get inside the town before Euraxia's forces arrive. Zamarak asked to tag along to help me.
Objective: Go to the Greenleaf Farm
Optional Step: Talk to Zamarak
We reached the Greenleaf Farm. Now I should locate the farmer Tsazii and convince her to move her family into the town.
Objective: Talk to Tsazii
Tsazii won't abandon their farm while her husband Kinaro and her brother Hursh are still out in the fields. She suggested we might find them hiding in the hills to the west.
Objective: Find Tsazii's Brother and Mate
We found Tsazii's husband and brother. Unfortunately, Euraxian soldiers killed her brother. Zamarak wants to stay behind to perform last rites. Now I need to return to the farmhouse and convince Tsazii to take her remaining family into town.
Objective: Talk to Tsazii
Khamira arrived after I finished with the farmers. I should talk to her and see what she wants.
Objective: Talk to Khamira
Khamira wants me to cause mayhem and destruction at the Euraxian supply camps by scaring off their horses and setting fire to their carts. The confusion should also allow Nala-do's soldiers to steal some supplies for the militia.
Objective: Disrupt the North Supply Camp
Objective: Disrupt the South Supply Camp
Hidden Objective: Startle the Horses
Hidden Objective: Burn the Carts
After disrupting a few Euraxian supply camps, Captain Nala-do signaled for me to talk to her. I should go and see what she wants.
Objective: Talk to Captain Nala-do
Captain Nala-do asked me to head to the road south of Riverhold to help Cadwell set traps of his own design. I wonder if these traps will really hinder the approaching Euraxian army?
Objective: Help Cadwell
Cadwell asked me to help him arm the traps he set along the road. I should arm them before the Euraxians arrives. Carefully.
Objective: Arm Cadwell's Complex Traps
Hidden Objective: Listen to Cadwell
After I armed the traps, Cadwell acted strangely. Well, more strange than usual. It seems like he had another one of his dream-visions. I should talk to him about it.
Objective: Talk to Cadwell
I need to find Khamira and warn her about Cadwell's latest vision. He saw Zumog Phoom accompanying the Euraxians as they march toward Riverhold. They're bringing undead to attack the town!
Objective: Talk to Khamira
The Battle for Riverhold has begun. I should meet up with my allies and find out what I can to aid the Khajiit defending the town.
Objective: Meet Allies
Gharesh-ri wants me to find Captain Nala-do and warn her about the necromancer Zumog Phoom before his undead can bolster the Euraxian forces.
Objective: Warn Captain Nala-do
The dead are rising all over town. I need to help Captain Nala-do deal with the group Zumog Phoom sent against us.
Objective: Defend Town Center
The Desert Wind adept, Zamarak, has an idea on how we can disrupt Zumog Phoom's necromantic spell and return the dead to rest. He wants me to meet him at the temple in Riverhold.
Objective: Meet Zamarak at the Temple
Zamarak needs to enter a peaceful, meditative state to memorize the ancient prayer that will activate the Moon Pillars around the town. I need to protect him from the attacking undead.
Objective: Protect Zamarak
We need to find the blessed Pillar of the Spring Moon. Then I need to protect Zamarak while he conducts the ancient prayer to activate it.
Objective: Activate the Blessed Pillar of the Spring Moon
We need to find the blessed Pillar of the Summer Moon. Then I must protect Zamarak while he conducts the ancient prayer to activate it.
Objective: Activate the Blessed Pillar of the Summer Moon
We need to find the blessed Pillar of the Winter Moon. Then I must protect Zamarak while he conducts the ancient prayer to activate it.
Objective: Activate the Blessed Pillar of the Winter Moon
The blessed Moon Pillars sanctified the town and took care of the undead problem, but now Dragons have arrived! I should observe what happens and wait for orders.
Objective: Watch the Dragons
Kaalgrontiid, Mulaamnir, and a third Dragon flew over the town. The two elder Dragons flew off, but the third Dragon has attacked. I should use the ballista to knock it to the ground so we can kill it.
Objective: Ground the Dragon
The ballista worked and the Dragon has been grounded! Now to attack it and kill it before it can once more take to the air.
Objective: Kill the Dragon
The war council is reconvening in the Riverhold town hall. I should go there and join them.
Objective: Go to K'har Zhab Hall
We successfully defended Riverhold from Euraxia's forces. Now I should talk to Abnur Tharn so we can figure out our next move.
Objective: Talk to Abnur Tharn
Finishes quest☑ Abnur Tharn has a plan for how to deal with Euraxia. I should talk to him and find out what it entails.
Objective: Talk to Abnur Tharn
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