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Location Star Haven Adeptorium, Riverhold
Species Dragon
Health 6,539,706
17,439,212 (Riverhold)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Varies

Bahlokdaan is a feldgrau-green dragon who serves as an underling of Kaalgrontiid. When first encountered, he has attacked Star Haven Adeptorium. You are tasked with grounding him with the dragonhorn and distracting him, though he flies off afterwards.

You'll face off with him for a final fight during the Battle for Riverhold.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Bright Moons, Warm Sands[edit]

Bahlokdaan is first encountered after you have finished sparring with Grand Adept Ma'jha-dro‎‎. He flies up and burns the adeptorium as the Euraxians invade the premises. When you reach Dragonhorn Tower and sound the horn, Bahlokdaan will shriek and crash-land inside the Adeptorium, where he will be fought.

Bahlokdaan: "Burn, fools!"
Kaalgrontiid: "Bahlokdaan, return to my side!"
<Bahlokdaan flies off>
Zamarak: "The beast departs. Quick, let us leave."

The Battle for Riverhold[edit]

Once you have dealt with the undead, a rage of dragons will arrive in the skies above Riverhold. Bahlokdaan will be among them, along with Mulaamnir and Kaalgrontiid. After Khamira confronts Kaalgrontiid, he will have Bahlokdaan stay behind to deal with the defenders. The green dragon will land on the roof of Tajirri's House, conveniently in range of a nearby ballista.

After he is hit by a bolt, he will land in the center of the market:

Bahlokdaan: "A cowardly attack! Bahlokdaan will crush you!"

During the fight:

Bahlokdaan: "Bahlokdaan needs no wings to crush you!"[verification needed — found in LANG file]

Once he is slain, his body will remain within the town for some time afterwards. It will be guarded by Defense Force Warriors, with some hold rakes meant to soon dispose of the giant beast.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Flame Aura
Sweeping Breath
Unrelenting Force
Rift Pull
Earth Spike



  • His name either means "Hunger-Doom" or "Wrath-Sky-Doom" in the Dragon Language.
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