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Lord Gharesh-ri
Home Settlement Haven
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion
Lord Gharesh-ri

Lord Gharesh-ri is a Khajiit acting as the Speaker of the Mane. He is tasked with going to various places across the Aldmeri Dominion to speak on behalf of the Mane. He is also a long-time friend of the current Mane, Akkhuz-ri.

Related Quests[edit]


Unsafe Haven[edit]

The Speaker is found in an Abandoned House inside the city of Haven. If you somehow managed to sneak into the building without starting the related quest, he'll only say, "The pirates took Haven, but we'll get it back." Otherwise, he'll elaborate:

"Without the weight of numbers, we can't retake Haven by direct assault. The key to victory is the fort."
Lieutenant Kazargi said you needed some help.
"Sharp clawed, that one. It's why I left her in charge. This has been enlightening [sic] training cruise for my soldiers. I wanted to show them life outside of Elsweyr, for them to see what it means to be a Dominion citizen! I never expected this."
Lieutenant Kazargi mentioned something about Haven's garrison?
"Ah, yes. The great General Endare! I wanted to introduce my soldiers to a real Dominion hero. Shame that she's gone. Pulled her fearsome Jade Dragons out of town before we arrived, and left the place defenseless. Seems the pirates decided to fill the void."
Why would she leave?
"A question for another time. Right now, we need to deal with these pirates—Jackdaws, they call themselves. We spotted a few giving orders to the others. These Jackdaw lieutenants are the key."
What do you mean?
"We must know why have [sic] the Jackdaws lingered in Haven. What do they plan for its citizens? Take my notebook and find the Jackdaw lieutenants. Make note of anything they say which gives us a clearer understanding."
Can't I just kill them?
"I can't see why not. If they're of any importance to the Jackdaw's captain, they'll have written orders. As long as we learn their plans, I don't care how you do it."
I'll see what I can learn.

Talking to him again, he'll warn you of the pirates, "Their streets are thick with Jackdaws. They're celebrating, so they aren't too alert … but if they see you, they'll sober up fast.'

After infiltrating the fort and opening the gate from the inside, the Speaker will stand outside with Lieutenant Kazargi. He'll commend you:

Lord Gharesh-ri: "You've done it! Excellent work!"

Speak to him.

"Well done, my friend! Lieutenant Kazargi brought me what you found."
What should we do next?
"The pirate leader intends to fill Haven's streets with undead slaves, but there's still time to stop them. They're coming from the Fighters Guild. I need someone I can trust to get inside and disrupt their foul rituals. Can I count on you once more?"
Why me?
"My soldiers are loyal, but if I'm not beside them they'll fight with half a heart. And this way, we keep the pirates' focus on the Speaker for the Mane's flashing weapons and luxurious hair. Meanwhile, you can gut them when they aren't looking."
All right, I'll do it.
Of course.
"By Alkosh's scaly nethers, I knew you'd come through! Now, the pirates are likely to have the Fighters Guild heavily guarded and locked down."
How do I get the key?
"I hand it to you. Found it on a pirate's corpse and recognized the markings. The luck of Rajhin was with me! I'm sure the Fighters Guild will approve of you smashing anything that doesn't belong. When you finish, inform Lieutenant Kazargi of your success!"

Talking to him again before entering the Fighters Guild, he'll urge you once again:

"We'll distract the pirates while you slip into the Fighters Guild. Hurry, before they can arm their undead with every weapon in that building."

Talk to Lord Gharesh-ri after stopping the necromantic ritual:

"Ha! I knew you'd done it the moment those undead fell to tatters! Half of the pirates surrendered on the spot. They must've thought whatever you did to the undead would happen to them next!"
The pirate leader is dead.
"This means three things. First, you were instrumental in crushing the pirate invasion of Haven. Second, the Dominion's leadership owes you a debt of thanks. And third, I am privileged to be the one who pays it. An honor to fight beside you."

This will complete the quest, though you can tell him about Kazargi's wounds:

"I'd like to know why General Endare pulled her Jade Dragoons from Haven. Their absence nearly led to the Jackdaws' success."
Lieutenant Kazargi was seriously wounded.
"What? The last I saw, she was carving her way through undead warriors. How bad is it?"
It seemed bad. She didn't want you to worry.
"Nonsense. I'll send for Mages Guild healers to treat her immediately. Don't you worry about Lieutenant Kazargi. She fought like she was born with six claws. There's no way she'll go without a fight."

The Dark Mane[edit]

needs dialogue

The First Step[edit]

"Hallowed. Strange to refer to you by that title after everything else you've done for the Dominion. But then, I suppose this was ordained in the moonlight, yes?"
It's been a journey. How does the common Khajiit feel about this?
"News of Akkhuz-ri's fall has spread as fast as the wind. All of Elsweyr is talking about these two young women. As you probably know, this is the first time we've had two candidates for the Mane at the same time. There's a great deal of … talk."
Are you worried about how your people will react?
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