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Queen Euraxia Tharn
ON-npc-Euraxia Tharn.jpg
Queen Euraxia Tharn in her throne room
Race Imperial Gender Female
Born 2nd Era
Died 2E 582
Rimmen Palace, Rimmen
Reign 2E 576-
2E 582
Previous Ruler Hemakar
Next Ruler Khamira
Resided in Rimmen
Appears in ESO, Legends
"Euraxia's ruthlessness is exceeded only by her ambition."Abnur Tharn

Queen Euraxia Tharn was the Imperial queen of Rimmen during the Interregnum. Euraxia hailed from the royal House Tharn of Cheydinhal. Euraxia had become the strict ruler of Rimmen following an event known as the Frostfall Coup in 2E 576, where her militia, known as the Euraxians conquered Rimmen, and she proclaimed herself as Queen. She was the mother of Javad Tharn, who led an invasion against the region of Reaper's March, but was defeated by forces allied to the Mane of Elsweyr in 2E 582.[1] She was also the half-sister of Abnur Tharn, chancellor of the Elder Council, and an ancestor of unknown relationship to Jagar Tharn.[2]


Euraxia was born into the Tharn family, who are nobles of Cheydinhal. Euraxia was the half-sister of Abnur Tharn, but was only a year younger than one of Abnur's many daughters, Clivia Tharn, child of his seventh wife.[2] Ever since the age of six, Euraxia wanted to be the Queen of Rimmen. Over this, she would often feud with Clivia Tharn. Euraxia was known for having an "instinctive grasp of power politics".[3] In 2E 576, Euraxia Tharn was dispatched to Elsweyr on a fact-finding mission as an envoy of the Empire.[4][5] Entering the province accompanied by an Imperial contingent and an army of Nibenese mercenaries,[4] she was received by King Hemakar of Anequina at Rimmen. In breach of Imperial protocol, however, she turned on Hemakar, murdering him and his family and usurping his throne in an event known as the Frostfall Coup, and conquered a portion of Anequina for herself.[2][5][6] Her reign over Rimmen was strict, and full of strife.[5]

Euraxia Tharn had sought to expand her small kingdom when she learned about the legend of Khunzar-ri and the Wrathstone. In an elaborate scheme, Euraxia would bring the Wrathstone to Abnur Tharn's attention, who wanted to end the raging Alliance War that occurred in Cyrodiil. And knowing Abnur's ambition, she would wait for Abnur to assemble the Wrathstone and bring it to the Halls of Colossus, where he would inadvertently bring a legendary Demon Weapon to the hands of the Euraxians.[6][7] However, the Euraxians failed in defeating Abnur Tharn and his entourage, and Dragons, who had been imprisoned in the Halls, were unleashed upon Elsweyr.[8] Euraxia subsequently attempted to ally herself with the dragons led by Kaalgrontiid, answering to Mulaamnir.[9]