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The Halls of Colossus
Type Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Elsweyr
Region Quin'rawl Peninsula
Appears in Arena, ESO, Legends
The Halls of Colossus ca. 2E 582
Halls of Colossus (Arena)

The Halls of Colossus is an ancient set of ruins found in the province of Elsweyr, deep in the reaches of the region of Pellitine. It overlooks the Great Divide, a stretch of road that runs along the Quin'rawl Peninsula. These ancient ruins have existed in the area long before recorded history, with no indication of who built them, or why.[1] But as the eras go by, the Halls of Colossus was used to contain ancient weapons, from Numidium, to a piece of the Staff of Chaos.


The Halls of Colossus was constructed long before recorded history, leaving the people of Tamriel wondering who built them or why. Because of their obscurity, many people believe that the ruins are nothing but a myth, that contains an ancient weapon.[1] While no one knows the origins of the ruins, it does not mean it did not leave people to speculate. A largely agreed upon theory is that the Halls of Colossus was built to honor an ancient race of Giants, even though they have not been seen for ages. A riddle found in the Halls of Colossus explains that the ruins were constructed by an architect known as Theodorus.[2] Some people believe that Numidium, the Brass God of the Dwemer, is stored inside the halls,[3] or that the halls were even built by Tiber Septim to test the Numidium.[UOL 1]

During the time of the sixteen kingdoms, the Khajiiti hero, Khunzar-ri, and his band of heroes, sealed a group of Dragons in the Halls of Colossus when they threatened to conquer all of Elsweyr, and consume the lunar energy of the moons.[4] These Dragons were sealed into the Halls of Colossus for many years and became known in legend as the Demon Weapon. The location of the Halls of Colossus was inscribed onto a stone tablet known as the Wrathstone, and three triangulates were needed to fully decipher it.[5] The stone was split in half and lost in history. The Wrathstone was needed to release the Dragons from their imprisonment.[6]

At some point, the Khajiit built a temple in Rimmen known as the Hall of the Lunar Champion as a tribute to Khunzar-ri. Within, they established portals to several sites associated with Khunzar-ri's great deeds, activated only by means of placing stone tablets documenting his deeds. One such portal connected to an overlook high above the Halls of Colossus. Elsweyr's greatest champions were permitted to assume stewardship of the hall.[7]

During the Interregnum around 2E 582, Abnur Tharn, Grand Chancellor of the Elder Council, and his half-sister, Euraxia Tharn, Queen of Rimmen learned about the Demon Weapon, and the Wrathstone, both wanting to use them for their own purpose. Abnur Tharn employed the treasure hunter, Tharayya to find the two pieces of the Wrathstone, all the while, Euraxia's militia located the Halls of Colossus, and waited to ambush Abnur for the Wrathstone tablet.[5] After finding the triangulates, Abnur Tharn, Khamira, who was an Agent of Gharesh-ri, and the Vestige, located the Halls of Colossus, and fight their way through the Euraxians. In the end, Abnur Tharn unknowingly released the seal that trapped the Dragons, and unleashed them across Elsweyr.[6] The Vestige later assumed stewardship of the Hall of the Lunar Champion and reestablished the portal to the Halls of Colossus.[7]

Years later amidst the Tiber Wars, Tiber Septim was gifted Numidium, the Brass God of the Dwemer from the Tribunal of Morrowind. The Halls of Colossus and the city of Rimmen were used as a testing ground for Numidium before Tiber Septim used it to demolish the Second Aldmeri Dominion.[8][UOL 1]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late Third Era, the ruins of the Halls of Colossus were used to contain the fourth piece of the Staff of Chaos. After acquiring it from the depths of the Elden Grove, the Eternal Champion traveled to Elsweyr, to uncover the location of the Halls of Colossus. Their journey took them to Corinth, where they retrieved a tablet from the Temple of Agamanus, in exchange for help from Turamane ap' Kolthis. In the end, Kolthis revealed the way to the Halls of Colossus, where the Eternal Champion obtained the piece of the Staff of Chaos. They left for the Summerset Isles.[2] The Halls of Colossus became a pilgrimage spot for Imperial loyalist that want to re-trace the steps of the Eternal Champion.[9]


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