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Help remove a coven of Hagravens.
Zone: The Rift
Objective: Northwind Mine — Discover the Reach plan at Northwind Mine.
Quest Giver: Tovisa
Location(s): Northwind Mine
Prerequisite Quest: Scouting the Mine
Reward: Tovisa's Dagger
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 4176
There's a coven of Hagravens in Northwind Mine. They need to die.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Lure out Dyta with Reachmen's eyes.
  2. Lure out Jadwiga by killing her attendants.
  3. Kill Matriarch Kasmira.
  4. Talk to Tovisa.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Tovisa asks you to kill Dyta and Jadwiga. To do this, you must lure out Dyta and Jadwiga out by luring her with eyeballs and killing her attendants, respectively. You can do each in either order.

To lure Dyta out, kill nearby Reachmen or loot them from dead bodies. Each action will give you two eyeballs. Once this is finished, go to the northern sector of the cave and offer the eyeballs on the bowl. Dyta will show herself. Kill her and take her head.

To lure Jadwiga out, go to the southern sector and kill her two attendants, Brunna and Konia. Jadwiga will show herself. Kill her too and take her head.

Once this is complete, you can use the Hagraven Sisters' heads to lure the Matriarch Kasmira out. This can be done in the western sector of the cave. Place the sisters' heads on the spikes and Matriarch Kasmira will appear. Kill her and lead Tovisa and Porath out of the cave, whom will appear as soon as the Matriarch is dead. Complete the quest by talking to Tovisa outside.

Quest Stages[edit]

Breaking the Coven
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to kill the twin Hagravens and collect their heads.
Objective: Get the Head of Dyta
Objective Hint: Use Reachmen's Eyes to Lure Dyta Out: 0/6
Hidden Objective: Put Eyes in Bowl
Objective: Get the Head of Jadwiga
Objective Hint: Kill Her Attendants to Lure Jadwiga Out
Now I have to kill the matriarch.
Objective: Kill Matriarch Kasmira

I must mount the twin Hagraven heads to draw out the matriarch.

Objective Hint: Place Hagraven Heads on Pikes
Hidden Objective: Place Dyta Head on Pike
Hidden Objective: Place Jadwiga Head on Pike
With the Hagravens dead, I should tell Tovisa that it's over.
Objective: Talk to Tovisa
I've done what I came for in the mine. Time to get out and see how Tovisa's doing.
Objective: Meet Tovisa Outside
Hidden Objective: Unbar the Exit
Hidden Objective: Leave the Mine
☑Finishes quest With the Hagravens taken care of, I should make sure Tovisa can get home before I leave the area.
Objective: Talk To Tovisa
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