Lore:Great Spirits of the Reach: Volume 3

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Writer Leamon Tuttle and Andrew Young
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Great Spirits of the Reach: Volume 3
by Vashu gra-Morga, Chief Daedrotheologist at the University of Gwylim
Overview of Namira's veneration in the Reach

Reachfolk recognize only two worlds: the world of flesh and the world of spirit. While Hircine reigns supreme in the world of flesh, Namira, the Spirit Queen, rules over the infinite realm of spirit.

Even among Daedra worshipers, Namira is usually regarded with fear and suspicion. Her traditional sphere of influence inspires instant revulsion in mortals. Chilling mysteries and the inevitability of decay lie at the very heart of most mortal fears. But in the Reach, her dominion extends far beyond mere slugs and darkness. Reachfolk see Namira as the avatar of all primal dualisms. Life and death, beginnings and endings, possibility and entropy—all fundamental competing forces flow from her realm of spirit. While most religions strive for some sense of harmony, Reach theology is inextricably linked with conflicts like these. This obsession with conflict as an essential force of existence no doubt plays a role in their belligerent attitude toward outsiders and each other.

Paradoxically, most Reachfolk do find some measure of peace in Namira's teachings. Clan witches often describe Namira as one who gives and takes; giving life and taking life until the spirit finds deep wisdom.