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Tamriel's inhabitants engage in a multitude of activities to pass the time.

Card Games[edit]

  • Five Card Wisp[1]
  • Noddy - A card game played with a peg board[1]
  • Pranks & Pleasures - A game which uses a specialized deck of cards popular in Daggerfall and other cities[1]
  • Shenanigans - A Dark Elf game which uses a specialized deck of cards[1]
  • Tales of Tribute
  • Three-Stab Crony - A card game with rules and terminology that paint the Tribunal as betrayers which has been condemned by the Tribunal Temple[1]
  • Towers-Eight - A collectible card game renowned for its beautiful art and opaque rules popular among Summerset's youth[1]
  • Venom Heart[1]

Board Games[edit]

  • Altmer Heritage - A stacking puzzle game which uses stacked pairs of pieces representing ancestors where breeding mismatches result in tumbles[1]
  • Angles and Arcs - A game in which players compete to calculate the most complex shapes in the shortest time played on a blackboard with a mathematical compass[1]
  • Chess[1]
  • Cross Stones - A popular High Elf board game[1]
  • Crystal-Column - An expensive tower-stacking game enjoyed by High Elves played with crystal blocks that tend to break on their first tumble[1]
  • Cut It Until It Dies - A deadly Iron Orc game[1]
  • Diamond Duel - An ancient Imperial board game adapted from a long-forgotten Aldmeric ritual enjoyed by Nibenese nobles[1]
  • Dragon's Duel - A complex strategy game played with a board and pieces in which dragon cults vie for power[1]
  • Hammergammon - A board game played with pieces and a multiplier die[1]
  • Honeycomb Checkers - A simple board game of hopping marbles over each other[1]
  • Nine-Shells[1]
  • Nine-holes - A game played with pieces and a base[1][2]
  • Payback - An Orcish game played with 32 pawns: two sets 16 of a color[1]
  • Pearls of Pyandonea - An incredibly complex High Elf board game played with hundreds of tiny pieces[1]
  • Perchance Acorn - A classic Wood Elf acorn-hiding puzzle game played with an acorn, cups, and a board[1]
  • Shellback-gammon - A board game played with tiles and a board[1]
  • Snips and Tails - A less deadly version of Cut It Until It Dies[1]
  • Spoils of War - A popular game played with pieces and a board with a hexagonal grid[1]
  • Strife - An Imperial game played on a board with a series of triangular patterns[1]
  • Triangle Chess[1]
  • Veloth's Conundrum - A traditional Dark Elf puzzle game[1]
  • Where's Falinesti? - A casual board game played with pieces and a board[1]

Dice Games[edit]

  • Deceiver's Dice - A Nord drinking game[1]
  • Draugr, Draugr, Lich - A popular dice game[1]

Children's Games[edit]

  • Daedra and Battlemages - [3]
  • Hide-and-Seek — A simple children's game where one player covers their eyes and finds other players who have hidden within a set timeframe
  • Hunt The Elf - A children's game like hide-and-seek, the hider is the 'Elf'.[4]
  • Keepers - A Dark Elf children's game played with small, round marbles[1]
  • Seek The Wumpus - [5]
  • Spry Spriggan - A children's game in which a large wooden hoop is spun overhead[1]
  • Khimera Game - A traditional Breton Yard-Game themed around the Chimeras of Galen [6]
  • Tag — A children's game where one player is "it" and has the goal of passing the "it" to another player

Other Games[edit]

  • Akaviri Domination - A competitive game which had a revival in Hakoshae circa 2E852[1]
  • Bowling[1]
  • Chase the Pea - A popular Nord guessing game played with three cups and a pea[1]
  • Chukoo - A fortune telling game played with animal bones[1]
  • Cut-It-Til-It-Screams - An orc pastime[7]
  • Dragonshout - A popular belching game[1]
  • Forks Akimbo - A juggling game played with three forks popular at Redfur Trading Post[1]
  • Glass Jacks - A game of reflexes[1]
  • Hoops & Holes - A game played with mallets enjoyed by nobles[1]
  • Intrigue on the Nibenay - A strategy game which can sometimes last days popularized by legendary battlemage Leona Bascilius[1]
  • Kick the Khajiit[1]
  • Netch, Kwama, Netch - A Dark Elf drinking game[1]
  • Ogrim Toss - Played by kicking a crude ball; it is unclear if the game even has any rules[8]
  • Rajhin's Dance - A game in which pyramidal objects are thrown into an area and players must pass through the area blindfolded without stepping on one[1]
  • Sheep, Sheep, Goat - A Nord drinking game[1]
  • Shells - A Dunmer game where a coin is placed under one of three mudcrab shell pieces which are then mixed up.[9]
  • Sparkleball's Demise - A game in which players shred as many sparkleballs as possible in a certain amount of time[1]
  • Stillrise Stagger - A game in which a top is spun to determine how long a player must hop without falling[1]
  • Strapping Skyrim Skald - A game played with a false beard and mustache[1]
  • The Burrowing Horkers - A game played with pairs of mittens and wrist grommets[1]
  • The Toad Flies at Dusk - A traditional Murkwater game played with a flinging-stick with a shallow cup at its end[1]
  • Traitor's Tor - A strategy game that recreates the last battle in Ranser's War[1]
  • Which Head, Whose Head? - A traditional Tanglehaven game played with a scalp on a stick[1]


  • Bretonball - a breton sport played with rackets[10]
  • Chapel Climbing - Done by acrobats in the Imperial City.[11]
  • Dwarf Ball - A Nord sport in which players smack around a small Dwemer gyro-sphere with sticks[1]
  • Frog Racing - Altmer are known to race specially bred frogs. [12]
  • Gulob - A violent sport played with wooden cudgels[1]
  • Lizard Racing - Redguards and Khajiit are known to race lizards, with the lizards being specially bred and trained. [13][14]
  • Mammoth-Ball[1]
  • Spikeball[1]
  • Teeba-Bassu - A popular game in northern Black Marsh played with wooden racquets[1]
  • Teeba-Enoo — An enigmatic Argonian sport that not even many Argonians understand.
  • Teeba-Hatsei — An Argonian sport where the ball is hit with one's hips, elbows, and tail.
  • Vosh Ball — An Orcish sport played by the Orc clans in Tamriel.

Blood Sports[edit]

Arena Combat[edit]

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In an arena, combatants fight to the death before an audience of spectators. Spectators may place bets on which combatant will win. There are also many other blood sports venues throughout Tamriel of varying legality.[citation needed][15]

  • Dragonwood Arena - This arena is among the oldest ones still in service. Legend says the great First Era warrior Gaiden Shinji was a regular fighter there before he went on to found the Imperial City arena.
  • Frozen Battleground
  • Hammerdeath Arena
  • Heroes Hall
  • Imperial City Arena
  • Kvatch Arena
  • Rivercrest's Old Arena
  • Thizzrini Arena - An arena in Elsweyr.
  • Warriors Field


The Bards College has official rules and judging guidelines for scoring bar brawls.[1]


  • Crab dueling[1]


Music (Emeratu in Ayleidoon) is a major part of most cultures across Nirn with music and poetry commonly being heard in taverns and cities, and dedicated schools and institutions for the musical arts existing across Tamriel. There are a wide variety of musical instruments found across all races and cultures, and music is also heavily featured in Tamrielic religions.


Drugs are addictive, illicit, and often illegal substances with hallucinogenic or mood-altering effects which are ingested for recreational or ritualistic purposes. Many different drugs exist in Tamriel, and abusing them is generally disapproved of, with some exceptions.

Many of these drugs are just variants of moon sugar, such as skooma and the rarer potion known as Balmora Blue. Other notable drugs are greenmote and felldew. Of course, Tamriel is also filled with many popular alcoholic beverages, such as Jagga, fermented pig's milk which is popular in Valenwood. Various alchemical ingredients could be construed to have drug-like effects, but most are covered separately in the Alchemy section.


Sex is intimate physical contact between individuals, typically for the purposes of reproduction or pleasure. This article documents not just the biology, but also the various customs, stories and reputations the different cultures, religions and races of Tamriel (and beyond) have regarding sex and reproduction. This article also touches on the reproduction of animals and on sexual dimorphism found both in fauna and in the various races.