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Vaia's Golden Ash, present on Orsimer shields represents unity, strenght and heritage of their people
Race Orc Gender Female
Vaia's Golden Ash
"As the hammer fell, Vaia stood her ground. Rhogar the Destroyer had shattered entire armies with the power of his enchanted hammer. But this did not dampen Vaia's resolve. Holding her shield above her head, she knew that Trinimac watched over her. A loud crash, a thunderous boom, and a crack that toppled nearby trees echoed throughout the land. But when the dust settled, it was not the small wooden shield that Vaia held that lay shattered on the ground. It was Rhogar's mighty hammer." —Excerpt from The Book of the Warrior God: 4:18— Vaia's Courage[1]

Vaia was an Orc hero held in high regard by the Orc branch of the Cult of Trinimac. She features in the Orsimer religious scripture The Book of the Warrior God and has a passage titled Vaia's Courage devoted to her and her deeds. In this passage, she is described as a valiant defender, who managed to shatter the enchanted hammer of Rhogar the Destroyer with her small wooden shied.[1]

Vaia's Golden Ash symbolizes the strength, heritage, and unity of the Orsimer people. The symbol originates from the ash tree, from which she carved out the shield that repelled the blow of Rhogar the Destroyer. Her deeds influenced the metalworking of the Trinimac Cult faithful. Those who follow the way of Trinimac often emboss their axes and shields with Vaia's Golden Ash.[2]

Vaia was associated with resolve and protection, and Orc priests of Trinimac could bestow her blessings to the faithful, which greatly imbued their physical defenses for a short period of time.[3][4]

She was also revered by the extremist branch of the Orc cult of Trinimac, the Vosh Rakh and her blessings were bestowed during the ritual of the Gauntlet. They believed that Vaia's resolve protects them from the coming trials.[3][4]


  • Some readings of the Book of Trinimac erroneously attribute her feat to her foe Rhogar. In this version, Rhonar is referred to with the female pronoun, although all other sources describe him as male. The passage states that it was Rhogar who held her shield above her head, knowing that Trinimac watched over her.[5]

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