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Rhogar the Destroyer
Race Unknown Gender Unknown[nb 1]
Vaia's Golden Ash

Rhogar the Destroyer was a figure present in legends and myths of the Orc branch of the cult of Trinimac. Rhogar features in the Orsimer religious scripture The Book of the Warrior God in the passage devoted to the heroine Vaia, the Vaia's Courage.[1] Rhogar is also present in another passage from the same book,[2][nb 2] and in the text by Venerable Uugus.[3]

Rhogar was said to wield a powerful enchanted hammer. Using its power they shattered entire armies. At a certain point, Rhogar stood against Vaia, who wielded a simple shield of the ash wood. Despite Rhogars' power and superior weapon, Vaia stood her ground as the hammer fell. Holding her shield above her head and believing that Trinimac watched over her, her resolve was not dampened. After a loud crash, Rhogars' mighty hammer was shattered and the small wooden shield survived and managed to repel the blow. Over the ages, the shield became a symbol. Vaia's Golden Ash - the image of the ash tree, became the symbol of the strength, heritage, and unity of the Orsimer people.[1][3]


  • 1.  Rhogar the Destroyer is referred to as male in The Scroll of Vaia,[1] and as female by a priestess of Trinimac Ordatha, when she was reading the sermon from the Book of Trinimac.[2] Text authored by Uugus does not specify Rhogar's gender.[3]
  • 2.  Some readings of the Book of Trinimac erroneously attribute Vaia's feats to Rhogar.[2]

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