Lore:Malacath's Brutal Breed

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A Brutal Band

Malacath's Brutal Breed was a cult formed by an Orc named Borug gro-Bashnarz from the ashes of Orsinium around 1E 1000. The group were Malacath fanatics that were intent on wiping out Bretons and Redguards for every real and imagined slight perpetrated by them against the Orcs. The Brutal Breed cultists all had heavy iron rings known as Brutal Bands. When a Brutal Band is worn, the wearer's hands instinctively curled into fists and the sound of distant drums and crashing steel filled the ears of the wearer, imbuing them with all the bitterness of Orckind and Malacath's strength. An Orc named Borug served as the cult's head supplicant. Legend holds that he received the Brutal Bands from Malacath himself after the cult sacrificed an entire Breton village to the Ashpit. The rings were purportedly forged in the Ashpit, and there was enough rings for every member of the cult to have one.

Ritual dust from the Ashpit was given to the most devout followers of Malacath in the Brutal Breed by Malacath himself, these followers would place their Brutal Bands in the dust while they slept, believing that it would charge the Band with energy from the Ashpit. Ritual oil was also carried in urns that bore the symbol of the Brutal Breed, with this oil being carried and used on the Brutal Bands by every cultist as a form of prayer and as a request for perseverance in the face of endless adversity. The Brutal Bands of the supplicants have portions of Malacath's true name on them. The upper hoops on the Bands represent the blessing of Scourge.

Some Orcs believe the Brutal Breed had the right idea and were saddened when they were wiped out.[1]