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Trinimac Cult Maces dubbed "fists of Usunok"
Race Orc Gender Male
Fist of Usnouk
"He hunted not for food or sport. He hunted not for the thrill of the kill. No, he hunted to prove his strength. The beast before him rose, taller than the trees. Usunok, armed only with his fists and the blessing of his god Trinimac, charged forward to deliver a single blow. For with Trinimac's blessing upon him, one blow was all he would need. In an instant, it was over. No amount of scales or fat or muscle could stop the force of Usunok's rage striking its target. The beast fell with hardly a cry or a whimper. Usunok did not celebrate. He did not cheer. He simply went hunting for his next challenge." —Excerpt from The Book of the Warrior God: 4:22—The Rage of Usunok[1]

Usunok was an Orc hero held in high regard by the Orc branch of the Cult of Trinimac. He features in the Orsimer religious scripture The Book of the Warrior God and has a passage titled The Rage of Usunok devoted to him and his deeds. In this passage, he is described as a great hunter and warrior, known for his fury, charging only with his fists and the blessing of Trinimac, delivering a single, fatal blow to his foe.[1][2] His deeds influenced the metalworking of the Trinimac Cult faithful. Those who follow the way of Trinimac call their rounded maces "fists of Usunok" in honor of his deeds. His strength was considered legendary, he could fall down a full-sized mammoth with a single punch.[3]

Usunok was associated with rage and strength and Orc priests of Trinimac could bestow his blessings to the faithful, which greatly imbued their physical strength for a short period of time.[4][5]

He was also revered by the extremist branch of the Orc cult of Trinimac, the Vosh Rakh and his blessings were bestowed during the ritual of the Gauntlet. They believed that to accept the blessing of Usunok is to obtain strength to overcome the challenge.[4][5]

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