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The Orma were a tribe of Men native to Black Marsh, along with the indigenous Horwalli, Kothringi, and Yespest. How they arrived in Black Marsh is unknown, with scholars theorizing they were possibly sent there as refugees or prisoners, or settled along the coastal waterways on their own and adapted to the environment.[1] They were born without eyes, becoming masters of their other senses.[2] One of the few known members of the race was Catchica, who was with Reman's army at Caer Suvio when Juilek Cyrodiil was poisoned before the battle at Bodrum. She later worked at Mir Corrup, a resort in Nibenay, to falsely implicate the Emperor's mistress in a plot to poison the Emperor.[2]

The Orma lived well throughout the First and Second Eras, but were considered to no longer inhabit the province by the late Third Era.[1]

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