Lore:Caer Suvio

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Caer Suvio
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Nibenay

Caer Suvio is a settlement located in Cyrodiil. From its hilly, forested terrain one can clearly see the spires of the Imperial City. There is a luxurious villa, famous for its hot springs, that overlooks the settlement.

During the Four-Score War in 1E 2920 the villa belonged to Lord Glavius, and was used as a base for the Imperial Legion, with their tents lining the hillsides. Catchica, an Orma tribeswoman and notorious poisoner from Black Marsh, was present at the camp when Prince Juilek Cyrodiil was poisoned just before the battle of Bodrum, and so she was accused by Potentate Versidue-Shaie to cover his involvement.

On the 8th of Evening Star, the Tribunal God Vivec arrived in Caer Suvio, where he met with Lord Glavius and Versidue-Shaie to sign the Cervant Truce for peace between the Empire and Morrowind.[1]