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Race Orma Gender Female
Born 1st Era
Black Marsh
Resided in Mir Corrup
Caer Suvio

Catchica was a notorious poisoner hailing from the Black Marsh active at the end of the First Era and beginning of the Second Era. She originated from the tribal society of the Orma, a race of eyeless Men who had mastery of other senses. As of 1E 2920 she was already an experienced and elderly woman.

She was a character in the popular historical fiction 2920, The Last Year of the First Era according to which she was present at the camp of the Imperial Legion in Caer Suvio during the Four-Score War in 1E 2920. When she stayed at the camp Prince Juilek Cyrodiil was poisoned just before the battle of Bodrum. She was accused to be responsible of the crime by Potentate Versidue-Shaie to cover his involvement.

She later worked at the hot springs resort in the Mir Corrup to falsely implicate the Emperor's mistress in a plot to poison the Emperor. The mistress inadvertently met with her and soon afterwards was was arrested by the Imperial Guard.[1]


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