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Help Orzorga prepare a dessert for the King's feast.
Zone: Wrothgar
Quest Giver: Orzorga
Location(s): Orzorga's Kitchen
Prerequisite Quest: A Healthy Choice
Next Quest: A Feast to Remember
Reward: Orzorga's Blood Price Pie Recipe
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
ID: 5471
Orzorga continues to restore the long-lost reputation of Orc cuisine. She needs additional rare ingredients for a special dessert.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Gather ogre intestines, ogre heart, and echatere moss.
  2. Bring the ingredients to Orzorga.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Following the conclusion of A Healthy Choice, Orzorga will continue preparation of food:

"I have a drink and an appetizer, but I need a few more dishes before I'm ready to enter the competition."
What's next?
"The main course requires more planning. For now, I need a dessert.
The ingredients are closer this time. It'll be a walk through an ogre-infested park!"
Sounds good. Tell me what you need.
"You'll want to look for echatere moss, preferably untouched by any echatere. It's the subtle glue which will hold the ogre heart and intestines together.
There's … no actual glue. It's just an expression."

At this point, you can proceed to the collection of ingredients or further question Orzorga:

I had some questions about the ingredients.
"Of course."
What can you tell me about echatere moss?
"It thrives in freezing temperatures, which is why it's confused for a weed. It's actually quite healthy to eat, for echatere and people alike.
Try to get the stuff before the echateres do. The taste of their drool would not add to the dish."
What about the ogre heart and ogre intestines?
"There's an ogre outcast who's said to eats [sic] nuts, berries, and vegetables—never meat. It's like the opposite of a Valenwood Bosmer.
Think how tender his organs must be … mmm!"
What if I find another Wrothgar ogre with healthy organs? Would those work?
"Of course."
Eating an ogre sounds like cannibalism.
"I know, I had the same idea. But I asked a priest of Malacath who assured me—ogre innards were commonly found in ancient Orc dishes.
Does this mean the Daedric Prince of Vengeance favors pies? I forgot to ask the priest."
I don't know. It still seems like cannibalism
"That's what I thought—so I hunted down a cultist of Namira. After a series of beatings, he confirmed the Lady of Decay would strike him with five kinds of pox if he offered up a slice of ventricle pie.
Two Daedric Princes agree—not cannibalism."

Head southeast to the Shatul Range, and harvest Echatere moss from the ground. Once there, you'll also find the Ogre outcast: Numakelurruz the Radish-Eater. Kill him and extract his viscera. Once you've claimed the ingredients, return to the chef:

"Interesting taste, but nobody will eat a dish that smells like old greaves."
I have the ingredients you requested.
"Perfect! Ventricle requires the freshest ingredients. Ogre hearts don't exactly keep unless you bake them quickly."
I have one last slice from my previous attempt. You're welcome to it!"
"I'm not asking you to eat the whole thing. But if you don't mind, I'd like to know if it's good enough to round out a meal."
No, I'll pass.
I suppose I could try a bite.
Sure, why not?
"Here you go, have a slice. Large bites, as the chiefs of old would do.
So? How did it turn out?"
It's sweet, but not too sweet.
"Surprising, isn't it? A bit nutty from the moss, but the intestinal quiche contrasts well with the vascular cream pockets. Chewy, too!
In the halls of Old Orsinium, no meal was complete until they served ventricle pie."
Thank you for sharing this.
"They say it's a real tusk-cleaner. It should round out the meal nicely."
My tongue feels furry. Why does my tongue feel furry?
"It must be a reaction to the ogre intestines. I assure you, I cleaned them thoroughly before ....
No, it's the echatere moss! I should have broiled before baking. Try running your tongue across your teeth--back and forth, as fast as you can."
You're right, it stopped. Thanks for the advice.
"They say it's a real tusk-cleaner. It should round out the meal nicely."

Quest Stages[edit]

Thicker Than Water
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Orzorga asked me to bring her echatere moss, some ogre intestines, and an ogre heart.
Objective: Gather Ogre Intestines
Objective: Gather Ogre Heart
Objective: Gather Echatere Moss: 0/8
Hidden Objective: Kill Numakelurruz the Radish-Eater
I have the ingredients Orzorga requested. I should bring them to her.
Objective: Bring the ingredients to Orzorga
☑Finishes quest I tasted the "ventricle pie." I should let Orzorga know what I thought of it.
Objective: Talk to Orzorga