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Green's Marrow
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Valenwood
Appears in ESO
Green's Marrow circa 2E 582
Map of Green's Marrow

Green's Marrow is the northernmost region of the greater Greenshade region of Valenwood. Green's Marrow is the largest region of the other two and it houses a wide variety of settlements.[1] The hidden city of Whisper Grove once served as a hideaway from the Aldmeri Dominion before it was burned to the ground by the followers of Mehrunes Dagon.[2] The township of Vullain is located in the western grove, overlooking the Drowned Coast. The city of Falinesti has its Spring Site located in Green's Marrow, not far from the Drowned Coast.[1] Hectahame is the location of the Heart of Valenwood, the single thing that gives life to the vast forest of the province.[3]


The Green's Marrow region was colonized by Daedraphile Ayleid tribes during the Ayleid Diaspora, a migration wave which occurred during the many centuries of Ayleid decline in Cyrodiil following the fall of White-Gold Tower in 1E 243. They established the great city of Hectahame and were received warmly by their Bosmer hosts.[4] However, a necromancer subsequently invaded Valenwood and took control of Hectahame, and the Heart of Valenwood contained within. Using its power, he raised a great host of undead Ayleid spirits. Unable to defeat him, the Ayleids used Welkynd Stones to create powerful necromantic wards, sealing this undead army within Hectahame.[3] Within only two thousand years of the Diaspora, Ayleid culture had vanished from the region, the tribes having seemingly integrated with the native Bosmer.[4]

In time, the local Bosmer began to view Hectahame with a mix of superstition and awe, fearing the ancient past but revering the life-giving power that flows from within. Although many individuals plotted to make use of the Heart of Valenwood over the ages, none barring the Silvenar made it past the ancient wards.[3]

At some point, General Malgoth of the Blackroot Clan attempted to unite all of Northern Valenwood under his leadership, and began his conquest with the town of Vullain. However, the inhabitants of Villain had poisoned their bodies in advance of the attack, resulting in the deaths of Malgoth and his forces after they consumed the bodies of the dead in accordance with the Meat Mandate.[5] Vullain thereafter was known as Dread Vullain, and became a haunted site.[6]

Circa 2E 572, the Shade of Prince Naemon plagued the Green's Marrow region with an army of undead, spreading corruption throughout the forest. He created a parallel realm known as the Shadow Wood, pockets of which were established throughout the region. These fragments formed part of a greater reality designed to supplant the Valenwood, culminating in Naemon's use of the Staff of Magnus to bypass the wards at Hectahame and corrupt the Heart of Valenwood. The future Silvenar Indaenir put a stop to this plot, confronting Naemon and destroying the Shadow Wood before the corruption could spread.[7]

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