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Whisper Grove
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Valenwood
Region Greenshade
Appears in ESO
Whisper Grove shortly after its abandonment

Whisper Grove (later known as the City of Ash) was a Bosmeri city in northern Greenshade. A graht-oak settlement located deep in the region's pristine jungles, many Bosmer who were unhappy with Valenwood joining the first Aldmeri Dominion retreated to Whisper Grove as a refuge.[1] The leader of the community, Erthas, voiced the dangers they saw in allying with the Altmeri and the Khajiit. They built the city at his behest and attracted some of the brightest Bosmer to live their in harmony for many years.[2] However, he was secretly leading a cult of Dagonites as their Razor Master, and attacked Whisper Grove, opening a portal to the Deadlands and burning the settlement to the ground. With the help of the Undaunted, the Bosmer defenders were able to push the Daedra back. After the death of Erthas, Mehrunes Dagon himself agreed to seal the portal in return for the settlement's leader, Gilraen.[3]

The cindering ruins of Whisper Grove became known as the City of Ash, and it was soon abandoned by the few Bosmer that remained. Nature quickly reclaimed the area, and dangerous wildlife moved into the ruins. Gilraen's husband, Fingaenion, hired the Undaunted to mount an invasion of the Deadlands in order to rescue his wife. The Oblivion Gate was reopened, but the invasion attempt failed and the mercenaries were captured by the Daedra. Faced with an unsealed portal to a region of the Deadlands known as the Knives of Discord, Fingaenion sought the help of another group of Undaunted and re-entered Oblivion. After rescuing the scattered mortals, this group defeated Valkyn Skoria and took the Gate's Sigil Stone, permanently severing the link.[4]

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