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Type Ayleid Ruin
Continent Tamriel
Province Valenwood
Region Greenshade
Appears in ESO
Inner Hectahame circa 2E 582

Hectahame (meaning "Home of the Exiles" in Ayleidoon) is a large Ayleid ruin located in the region of Greenshade, within the province of Valenwood. Hectahame is the home of the Heart of Valenwood, the physical embodiment of the soul of Valenwood, despite the name. Because it contains this tree, the ruins of Hectahame are also called the Heart of Valenwood, once being an illustrious Ayleid city before it was made into a prison for a Necromancer attempting to harness the power of the Heart.[1]


The Heart of Valenwood

Hectahame was once a great city of the Ayleids, meaning the Home of the Exiles in their native language. It was founded in the aftermath of the Alessian Slave Rebellion, like many other Ayleid settlements in Valenwood.[2] Hectahame, in particular, is supposedly the refuge for those who lived in the White-Gold Tower in Cyrodiil.[3] It was during the Ayleid's occupation, one of the earliest attempts to claim the Heart of Valenwood's power had occurred. A notorious necromancer had invaded Valenwood with an army of undead, hoping to use the power of the heart to create an unstoppable army of undead Ayleid spirits. The Wild Elves of Hectahame fought a prolonged battle against the undead but were unable to defeat them. But in a last ditch effort, the Ayleids had sealed the army into Hectahame using their Welkynd Stones. The undead returned to the ground when the seal was unbreakable, with only stronger magic able to cancel out the Ayleid's seal. Ever since then, Hectahame had been abandoned fallen into obscurity and legend. The modern-day Wood Elves look at it in a mix of awe and superstition, revering the powers that the Heart bestows, all the while fearing the ancient past. Supposedly, the last person to enter Hectahame was one of the Silvenar, sometime around 2E 382, however, this particular Silvenar was known for being mad by his contemporaries.[1]

During the Interregnum in 2E 582, the region of Greenshade had waged war with the last remnants of the Veiled Heritance, a radical group of High Elves that were, at the time, under the command of Vicereeve Pelidil. At one point, Pelidil had resurrected Prince Naemon with the stolen Staff of Magnus from the city of Marbruk. The Shade of Naemon had led an undead army across Green's Marrow, moving northeast into Hectahame to garner the powers of the Heart of Valenwood. Naemon's forces were able to bypass the Ayleid magic by entering the Shadow Wood, a wild and feral version of Valenwood. The Aldmeri Dominion had fought against the Heritance while the Bosmer Mage, Indaenir and a Dominion Agent infiltrated Hectahame to secure the heart and confront Naemon. The Lich had corrupted the Heart, and so the three faced each other in the inner sanctum. When Naemon was defeated, Indaenir had drawn the corruption into himself, dying in the process. Taking pity on him, Y'ffre, the Wood Elven God of the Forest, had brought life into Indaenir, proclaiming him to be the new Silvenar. With the Veiled Heritance ultimately defeated, the coronation for the Silvenar begins.[4]


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