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Home City Rawl'kha
Location Rawl'kha Temple
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Kauzanabi-jo is a Khajiit moon priestess found inside the temple located in the city of Rawl'kha. She belongs to the Broken Paw, a clerical order of the Lunar Clergy.

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"Bright Moons hang above us, child. What brings you all the way out here?"
Someone told me I might be something called Moon Hallowed?
"Truly? This one thinks you may have been led astray. The Moon Hallowed is a sacred and terrible burden, a role only for one soul in thousands."
Is there any way to find out if I'm Moon Hallowed?

The First Step[edit]


"The ceremony begins with the consumption of the moon-sugar elixir. This unique brew will make your mind more receptive to the touch of Jone and Jode."
What then?'
"We have prepared the temple for this... unique trial. Never in recorded history have there been two candidates for the position of Mane. You will walk with each Champion, meeting their guides and exploring their past."
Meeting their guides? What does that mean?
"Every candidate that undergoes this ritual is met by a figure from their past. The trial path is meant to cleanse the candidate of doubt and regret. The guide aids in that process."'
And the elixir?
"The moon-sugar elixir is the gateway to the ritual. It allows you to open the doors of your mind, bask in the light of the moons. The touch of Jone and Jode will permeate your senses."
What's the point of this ritual?
"To prove worthy, a candidate must walk the trial path to its conclusion. Here in the March, that is the temple at Dune. Here Shazah or Khali will walk the final path: The Two Moons Path. We may speak more of that day later, Hallowed."
There's never been two candidates for the Mane at the same time before?
"Never. The Champions were born under a unique alignment of the stars and moons. All the candidates are. But never, in all our history, have twins been born at the exact right time together. Eventually, after all, a decision will have to be made."
A decision? A decision about what?
"There cannot be two Manes. Eventually, a decision will have to be made between Khali and Shazah. And as Moon Hallowed, you will be the one to make that decision."
Thank you, priestess. I'm ready.
Kauzanabi-jo: "We have gathered here to usher the Champions onto their next path The trial path."
Kauzanabi-jo: "These three cups contain moon-sugar elixir, a sacred potion. They will allow the light of the moons into your souls. Champions, step forth and drink the elixir."
Kauzanabi-jo: "The third cup is for the Moon Hallowed, who will walk with the Champions on their path. Hallowed, step forth and drink the elixir."

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