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The Five Year War was a war that took place between the Bosmer of Valenwood and the Khajiit of Elsweyr. The Bosmer claim that the war began in 3E 394 when Khajiit bandits started attacking wood caravans headed for Valenwood. The Khajiit claim that the war began in 3E 395 when the Bosmer attacked the city of Torval in retaliation for the bandit attacks. This border dispute soon turned into a bloody war that lasted for 4 years and 9 months.[1] Thus it was named the Five Year War. Eventually, Elsweyr defeated Valenwood and expanded its territory slightly west, taking both banks of the Xylo River.[2]

Major Battles[edit]

  • Slaughter of Torval, 3E 395. The Bosmer attacked the city of Torval and killed over a thousand citizens before being driven off by reinforcements from a nearby jungle tribe.[3] This battle is considered to be the starting point of the war.
  • Battle of Zelinin. Elsweyr lost due to the tactics proposed by some Nord advisors from Solitude. Khajiit troops engaged in battle in heavy armor, with which they were not very skilled.
  • Heart of Anequina. This battle happened not long after the battle of Zelinin. Elsweyr got rid of the Nordic advisors and wore their traditional, medium armor into battle. This battle is considered to be the turning point of the war. One of the participants of this battle was Cherim, maker of the tapestry "Heart of Anequina", that depicts the battle.[1]
  • Battle at Fort Sphinxmoth, 3E 396. The battle occurred not far from Fort Sphinxmoth near the city of Dune, in the north of Elsweyr. Although outnumbered, the Khajiit prevailed using some unconventional tactics.[3]
  • Sack of Athay, 3E 397. After a truce was made between the warring sides, Khajiit broke it by crossing the Xylo River and attacking Valenwood's borders. One of their first targets was the village of Athay. They burned the harbor and left only a handful of survivors. The nearby village of Grenos was destroyed soon afterwards as well.[4]
  • The Vindisi Wild Hunt, 3E 397. The desperate Bosmeri survivors of the recent truce-breaking attacks retreated to the ancient hamlet of Vindisi, where, being forced by the impending Khajiiti attack, summoned a Wild Hunt that completely destroyed the attacking forces. After being sealed off in the valley where Vindisi was located, the Wild Hunt turned on itself in a horrid display of "cannibalistic orgy", destroying the hamlet and all of its former mer-turned-monster occupants.[5]


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