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Location Varies
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly Class Healer
Other Information
Follower Grim Situation
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion

Shazah is one of the Lunar Champions alongside her twin sister Khali. Both were born under the Dark Moon, meaning they are both eligible to become the next Mane. If she completes the Two-Moons Path, she could become the next Mane.

Shazah is a sorcerer and is more studious than her sister. Her alchemist father Ubraz, who succumbed to the Knahaten Flu when she was young, was an important guiding figure for her. Through the events of the Moonlit Path, she learns not to fear plague victims with help from her father's spirit and the Moon Hallowed.

If you choose to make Khali the Mane, Shazah will become corrupted by the Dark Mane. You and Khali will be forced to kill her.

Her old diary can be found within the city of Orcrest.

Related Quests[edit]

Depending on your choices, the following quests may not involve Shazah as a companion

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Striking at the Heart[edit]

Shazah along with her sister, Khali, and their mentor, Kauzanabi-jo, can be found outside Hectahame by order of Mane Akkhuz-ri:

"Shazah worries for the people here. Mane Akkhuz-ri brought us to learn and assist, but sadly, there was nothing to be done."

After you defeat Naemon, she says:

"Shazah has never witnessed such a scene. Kauzanabi-jo thought this experience dangerous, but the history this one has learned. Shazah's sister may disagree, but the trip was well worth it."

Once Queen Ayrenn announces Indaenir as the new Silvenar, she'll say:

"Now to journey to Malabal Tor, another land this one has never seen."

After completing the quest, she'll say:

"Lord Gharesh-ri spoke of the ceremony between the Silvenar and the Green Lady. This one hopes to be there."

Grim Situation[edit]

"Bright Moons light your path. You have chosen a particularly poor day to visit the Grimwatch."
Can you explain what's happening here?
"Shazah will tell you what she can. This one and her sister arrived just a few days ago. We came to Grimwatch on news of the Colovian invasion from the north. A siege sat at the fort's front gate."
A siege? The scout said something about spirits.
"Indeed. We had just begun to push back against the invaders when a dark spot appeared in the sky. The Mane! Shazah and her sister have known Akkhuz-ri for years. He pulsed with dark energies and spoke in a profane voice."
What happened then?
"The Mane merely gestured and the earth shook beneath our feet. The ground split open and ruins thrust up from deep underground. Dark spirits, the children of Lorkhaj, boiled up from the depths. Dro-m'Athra."
I'm here to help. What can we do?
"Sharp claws on you, my friend. You know, since we were cubs Shazah and I prepared for this day. I studied the combat techniques of past Manes, past Moon Hallowed. Nothing can really prepare you, though."
Let's see it done.

You can ask her about the Mane:

"I'm with you. Strange, how this one feels an instant connection with you. Fast friendships formed in battle, yes?"
What can you tell me about the Mane?
"Akkhuz-ri, as the Mane, is the spiritual leader of the Khajiiti people. Gharesh-ri, the Speaker for the Mane, does most of the actual governing. He was the one who signed the Elden Accord, after all."
What happened to him?
"Dark moons, Shazah has no idea. Akkhuz-ri is ... was a wise and gentle soul. He led our people with a deft claw, and always deferred to Gharesh-ri in political matters. This one grows cold at the thought of a future without him."
Help Shazah seal the corruption

You must seal the spots of corruption in three waves. She will call out to you as they appear with random lines:

Shazah: "Sharp Claws, let's see this done!"
Shazah: "Jone and Jode protect us."
Shazah: "I can see why the ancients locked these things away!"
Shazah: "Children of Lorkhaj! Begone!"
Shazah: "Return to your prisons, spirits! Return to your ruins."
Shazah: "Return them to the shadows!"
Shazah: "The monks taught us well. You will not take us, spirits!"

After purging the first:

Shazah: "That is one. Now let's head to the next site."

After purging the second one:

Shazah: "Only one remains."

After you purify all three spots:

Shazah: "Well done! Let's head to the central tree. There, I can force out the rest."

Entering the central tree:

Shazah: "This should seal Fort Grimwatch for now."
Shazah kneels before the first Mane

Suddenly, a spectre of pure moonlight appears: Rid-Thar-ri'Datta, the first Mane.

Shazah: "The first Mane? Incredible!"

After speaking with the first Mane, talk to Shazah.

"That light ... the first Mane. What did he say? What did he want?"
He said I could pass through some flames?
"Bright moons be praised! The fire barrier into the temple! My sister Khali led some of the remaining soldiers down into the temple below the fort. She was cut off when a barrier of dark flame went up."
Where do I go?
"The entrance to the temple is below, in the rift formed when the Mane tore at the ground. Find Khali and see what you can do. Shazah will do what she can to aid the soldiers here before she follows."
I'll find her, Shazah.

Speaking to her again:

"Go, my new friend. We will be fine for now. Knowing Khali, she is hip-deep in bodies and her sword arm grows weak. Just the way she likes it."

After Khali takes care of the crystal, Shazah will enter and announce:

Shazah: "You've done well! Now, we must secure this place."

Speak with Shazah:

"Everyone dead and an ancient relic destroyed. I see Khali has been here."
What's next?
"I sense the source of this corruption is beyond the door up ahead. There's sure to be some kind of defense. Between the three of us, I'm sure we can see it done."
So what do we do?
"One of us should stay behind to hold the door. Shazah suspects this silence is merely the calm before the storm. The 'mathra are gathering in the shadows. I can smell them."
Which of us should stay behind?
"You must go. Rid-Thar has given you his touch of grace. Either Khali or I would be fine, here. As you've seen, I'm something of an accomplished spellcaster. And Khali has waved a sword around once or twice."
I'd like you to come with me.
"Very well. Let's be done with this dark business."
Let's go.
I'd like you to stay and watch the door, Shazah.
"Very well. I will remain and lead the defense. May your victory be swift and sweet."
Thank you.

Afterwards, if Khali is holding the door:

"That was deftly done. I'm reminded of a warrior poet from midway through the First... Era. Never mind."
Was that it?
"Yes, I can already sense serenity return. We've capped the source here. Without new spirits to replace their fallen comrades, we should have the Fort cleaned soon. Let's get back to Khali. Make sure she hasn't destroyed any other priceless relics."
I'm with you.

Speak to her again and she'll comment, "Come, let us find my sister. She gets up to all kinds of trouble if I leave her alone for too long." After speaking to Khali, Shazah will only say, "This one is certain the clergy will confirm what we suspect. To think, a Moon Hallowed in our midst!"

However, if Shazah was left behind, when you return she'll say:

"She wouldn't know an epic poem from a lunar chant, but Khali certainly is good with a blade. Well done."
Thank you. I think we've contained the Dro-m'Athra.
"Bright moons! It's been a privilege to fight by your side. I know now why Rid-Thar would choose you. Why he appeared to us. You are the Moon Hallowed. You must be!"

A Door Into Moonlight[edit]

If you speak to her before leaving, she'll only say:

"This one is certain the clergy will confirm what we suspect. To think, a Moon Hallowed in our midst!"

The First Step[edit]

The candidates begin the trial

Upon entering the temple, she'll greet you with:

"I just knew you had the makings of a Hallowed! I am very glad you're here. With you at our side, there are no questions we can't answer. No puzzles we can't solve."

After taking the elixir:

"Hmm. You know, that elixir was actually pretty tasty. They never mention that in any of the texts."
Are you all right?
"Oh, sure, of course, Hrm, are the walls supposed to wobble like that? Never mind. Are you ready?"
I'm with you, Shazah.
"That's the kind of confidence that we'll need. Let's do this."

Speak to her any time during the trial and she'll say, "Hallowed, without your wisdom I don't know if I could stand to be here. Thank you."

The trial:

Shazah: "That hut. This place... are those supposed to be Knahaten Flu victims?"
"I just knew you had the makings of a Hallowed. I am very glad you're here. With you at our side, there are no questions we can't answer. No puzzles we can't solve."
Shazah: "This must be where I am to meet my guide."
Ubraz: "Shazah. My daughter. It's good to see you again."
Shazah: "Father?"
Ubraz: "You've become so adept with magic, my daughter. Your wisdom has far exceeded my own."
Shazah: "Father, you are my guide. Why are you here? What am I to learn from this cleansing?"
Ubraz: "My Shazah, always eager to learn. Cub, you and your sister have a connection that transcends knowledge. Now, you must face my past. Pray at the lunar shrines."

Speaking with Shazah:

"You heard my father, yes? We must pray at the lunar shrines to learn more of his... my past. Let's do it."

During the first vision:

Ubraz: "This disease... we've been here for weeks, and we still know nothing about it. If we can't understand how it's spread, how can we treat it?"
Edhelruin: "We've already lost Nien and Lanelor! If we don't leave Orcrest now, the whole team will succumb!"

During the second vision:

Edhelruin: "The flu has ravaged the city and the Colovians will be here in days. You have to get your daughter out of here!"
Ubraz : "Old friend, it's too late for me. Shazah is in your hands now. Get her home safely. I'll do what I can before the end."

During the third vision:

Ubraz: "Shazah, please try to be brave. I'm sorry I won't be there for you and your sister. I pray that the Flu never reaches Dune. Look after our family, and remember always. Your father loves you. Moons above, he loves you."

Speak with Shazah:

"My father... I should have known it would be one of our parents. Just like Mane Zebiden-jo four hundred years ago."
What happened to your father?
"Father was sent to treat the Knahaten Flu outbreak in Orcrest seventeen years ago. The disease proved too potent, and... he and his team died. I was there, as a cub."
How are you feeling?
"I'm... I'll be fine. Khali and I have known we would face darkness here since we were cubs. I just wonder... I want to know what he meant, earlier. Let's go, and find out."
Why was your father leading the team?
"Father was the most talented alchemist in all of Dune. When we were young, clients would come from as far away as High Rock to consult him. I think the Mane himself asked Father to tend the sick."
The Knahaten Flu?/You mentioned the Knahaten Flu?
"A disease, a mysterious illness, that swept across the face of Tamriel. It is said that it was a punishment from the Argonians, a retribution for the dark deeds done against their race by the Dark Elves. But no one knows for sure."
It created zombies?
"No! Not at all. The creatures in these visions, I don't know... I don't. Wait, actually, it makes perfect sense. These visions are part of me, as much as memories. I was terrified of plague victims. So... so many bodies."
Are you ready to move on?
"I'm ready. I should warn you, though... we'll probably see some more of those flu victim monsters in the next room. I was so frightened of them as a child. Get ready, and... thank you."
Lead on, Shazah.

Speaking with her after this:

"Those men and women worked with my father. Nien used to cook for us. She'd even stew vegetables, when we asked nicely."
I'm sorry, Shazah.
"No need for sympathy, Hallowed. This is what my father meant. This is what he spoke of, when he spoke of decisiveness. I need to move forward. No looking back."
Like your sister?
"Yes. Like Khali. I've spent so much of my life studying. So much spent examining texts, words. Action, though. Action is needed to be a true leader. Let's go, Hallowed."
"It is interesting, yes? Shazah read for so long, she studied so hard... and yet I still feel like I was unprepared for this. She is very grateful she had you at her side, Hallowed."

After the trials she will say, '"It is interesting, yes? Shazah read for so long, she studied so hard … and yet I still feel like I was unprepared for this. She is very grateful she had you at her side, Hallowed."

The Path to Moonmont[edit]

"We never really got to say thank you, Hallowed. You stood beside us at Rawl'kha. Saw our parents, saw our past. Thank you for your guidance and friendship. It means a great deal to us."
You are welcome, Shazah.
"But then, enough about the past. Khali has already laughed at my attempts to write down what happened. We have much more dangerous, immediate threats ahead of us."

Motes in the Moonlight[edit]

"Khali has been champing at the bit. She has grown tired of these Dro-m'Athra, and hungers for bigger game."
Bigger game?
"We hunt the Dark Mane, who has taken root deep within Moonmont. His legions have boiled up from below, killed most of the monks.
And the beacons that mark the site as holy ground are grown dark. They fuel a ward lock upon the temple door."
What's the plan?
"Take this prayer to the Bright Moons. We must go to the beacons, the large pillars around the temple. There, we pray. We cleanse the beacons and drive away this darkness. Hallowed, I know together we can see this done. What do you say?"
I say let's see it done.

Shazah and Khali disappear in a flash.

At the southwest Beacon, you'll find Shazah waiting:

"Hallowed, this one is glad you are here. This beacon has an intensity to its corruption …. It is teeming with the energies of the Dro-m'Athra.
Shazah must perform the purification."
Why do you have to do it?
"You are powerful, my friend. But Shazah has long experience dealing with the dark energies here. She must be the one to dispel them.
Besides, the ritual will no doubt draw attention. You must protect Shazah as she works."
I'll protect you.

Dro-m'Athra start to appear:

Shazah : "They come for the beacon!"
Shazah : "More of them! Watch yourself!"

After the last wave, she'll remark:

Shazah : "It is done. Thank you, Hallowed. I shall meet you at the temple entrance."
Shazah opens the door

At the temple entrance you'll find the sisters waiting for you:

"This one prepares herself to crack the ward. A moment, Hallowed, and she shall be ready."

Shazah lights the braziers, but there's a sudden explosion:

Khali : "Shazah! What happened?"
Shazah : "That thing was stronger than it looked. I'll be fine. Let's get inside."

Inside you can talk to her again:

"Hallowed … we are here. Within the walls of Moonmont."
How are you doing, Shazah?
"She's nervous, but also very excited …. Look at these runes! And the scrollwork over the doorways …. If we had more time, I'd take rubbings of some of the more involved inscriptions. Fascinating!"
You're excited by the architecture?
"Oh, yes, Hallowed. I've been reading tomes about Moonmont since I was a cub, and to see this place with my own eyes …. It's … to be honest it's easier to focus on the ancient knowledge around me than to think about tomorrow."
Thinking about tomorrow?
"We spoke for the first time last night about … about the Mane. About all the pressures that one of us will assume. She, of course, says I would be better at the job than she would. Says, 'my wisdom and intelligence are what our people need.'"

In the next room, the ladies will take the lead:

Shazah : "Try to keep up, Hallowed!"

At the far side will be another door:

Shazah : "Dark Moons! This one is even stronger than the one outside."

Once you've solved the puzzle, Shazah is able to open the second door:

Shazah : "Let's see this done!"
Khali : "Right behind you, sister."

In the next chamber, you'll hear the haunting voice of the Dark Mane:

Dark Mane : "You're mine now, "Champions!""
Shazah : "Khali! Watch out!"
Khali : "What?"

The sisters are suddenly bound by magic:

Shazah : "Aah!"
Khali : "Aah!"

After wearing the Dark Mane down, he'll try to flee, but suddenly find himself bound in magical chains:

Dark Mane : "Enough of this! I'll return to Tharn, and together we'll …."
Dark Mane : "No! Damn you, First Mane!"
"Khali has been champing at the bit. She has grown tired of these Dro-m'Athra, and hungers for bigger game."

Choosing the Dark Mane:

"Hallowed, Khali is not prepared for what's required here. Choose me to contain the Dark Mane."
Can we talk about this, Shazah?
"Of course, Hallowed. I will answer any questions to make your decision easier."
If you become Mane, what would you do?
"I would... I would try to lead with wisdom. As the monks taught us, as I learned from my father."
What would your parents think?
"Mother was always so proud of Khali's bladework. She used to have her demonstrate for the other children. I'm sure they would want Khali to be the next Mane. She is far stronger, braver, than I am. She is a better leader and a proud warrior."
Do you want to take on the Dark Mane's mantle?/Are you sure you should become the Dark Mane?
"Absolutely. Khali would make a far better Mane. Her strength and resolve would serve her well. Shazah is well acquainted with the darkness of the Dro-m'Athra. She knows what must be done."
What about you?
"I can do this. This is my responsibility. Take Khali and leave this place. Hallowed, she should be the next Mane. I am just a scribe who was born on a particular day, at a particular time. I do not deserve to be Mane."
[Shazah Holds the Dark Mane]Thank you for your sacrifice.
<Ends the conversation>
Let me think about this for a moment.
<Ends the conversation>

If Khali is to become the Dark Mane:

Shazah: "Sister! Please reconsider!"
Khali: "This is the way it must be. Sister, do not weep for me."

If Shazah is to become the Dark Mane:

Khali: "Sister! Please reconsider!"
Shazah: "This is the way it must be. Sister, do not weep for me."

Speaking with Shazah after Khali becomes the Dark Mane:

"Khali... why? Damn that Javad Tharn to Oblivion!"
We'll get him, Shazah.
"I won't let her live like this, Hallowed. I won't. You and I are going to walk the Path together. We;ll destroy Tharn and I will return with the most powerful sages in Tamriel. Together we'll free my sister from this torment."

If Shazah becomes the Dark Mane, you will not be able to speak to her, and she'll only say:

Shazah : "This creature is now contained. Leave this place … sister."

The Fires of Dune[edit]

"Khali... damn it. So strong, so forceful. So stupid when it comes to things like this.
I suppose there's nothing else for it. We have to make for Dune."
What do we have to do?
"Walk the Two Moons Path. It's been my destiny since I was a cub. I know that now. We walk the path, and I become the new Mane. Then we get my sister back."
I'll meet you there, Shazah.

Speaking with her after this:

"Go, my friend. Without the blessings of Jone and Jode, without the completion of the path of the Mane, Khali is doomed. We must go to Dune, walk the Path. I will meet you there."

Arriving at Dune, you find it under siege by Daedra:

"Hallowed! Bright moons, it's good to see you. I've been conferring with this Mage from the Guild, working on a way to solve our portal problem."
"Portals have opened across Dune, allowing Daedra into the streets. I saved Esan here from being an ice sculpture, and in return, he's proposed a bold plan. One I think may give us the upper hand."
What's his plan?
"When he saw Daedra, Esan may have raided a vault at the temple. He stole a fang talisman, a magical relic. He's attuned it such that we can focus its power and seal the portals. I'm sure the priests wouldn't approve, but they're not here."
So what do we do?
"The Fang lay dusty on a shelf for many years, and its power has waned. Esan's attunement, though, has made it such that we can gather power from the Atronachs. We can revitalize the Fang."
We gather power from the Atronachs? How?
"The hard way, I'm afraid. With claw, and blade, and spell. Destroy the Atronachs while you hold the Fang, and their essence will be transferred into the relic. Once it's primed, it should be simple to seal the portal."
I'll see it done, Shazah.
"I know you have what it takes to see this through, Hallowed. You always have before. Khali loved that about you. You're almost as brave as she was!"
How are you, Shazah?
"Since Moonmount, you mean? I am well enough. I miss my sister deeply. Since arriving at Dune, I can't tell you the number of times I've wanted to ask her a question. Wanted her fighting at my side."
Who's behind this?
"Tharn. You can be sure of that. It wasn't enough that he inflicted the Dark Mane upon Akkhuz-ri, or spurred the Colovians to assault Arenthia. Now he must work to shatter the jewel in the desert. Our great city of Dune."
Do you think we'll ever get Khali out of there?
"I honestly... I hope so. The first Mane seemed convinced that she would have to remain beneath Moonmont. But perhaps, if I walk the Path. If I become Mane. Perhaps I will be strong enough to free her from the Darkness."

After closing the portals:

"You did it! Bright moons hang above us."
What now?
"Esan left to investigate the second portal near the Mages Guildhall. He may have sought out the advice of his peers in the Guild. They're over in the merchant district, my friend. I'd like you to see if you can find him."
You're not coming with me?
"I need to report to the Thalmor Council. The Queen and Speaker Gharesh-ri will want to know we've had some success here. This one trusts you to get the job done."
Good luck, Shazah.
"Bright moons, my friend. This invasion, it smacks of desperation. Until now Tharn has been content to pull the strings from the shadows. To openly attack a Dominion icon like Dune... he must have a plan."
I'll find the Guildhall and close the portal.

Find Esan and restore the Merchant's District. Track Shazah to the Temple District:

"Hallowed. I take it you've restored order to the Merchants District?"
Yes, we retook the merchant district and I closed the portal.
"Bright moons, you are talented. I have the soldiers hanging back. The temples here venerate Jone and Jode, and I do not think the lunar clergy would appreciate mass bloodshed here. In fact, the cult has befouled the shrines. Darkhearted bastards."
What do we do?
"I don't see a portal, but … I have to trust my instincts. Let's cleanse the shrines and let the bright moons shine down on this place. You see to the temples of Jone and Jode. The old shrine to Lorkhaj still stands. I'll take care of that one."
I'll meet you there, then.
"The shrine of Lorkhaj is old and decrepit. I'll need to focus my energy on it. Go cleanse the other shrines and meet me afterward."
Shazah is bound by Javad Tharn at the Dark Anchor

Meet Shaza in the shrine of Lorkhaj and destroy the Dark Anchor:

"Hallowed... you saved my life."
Are you all right?
"I'll be fine. That was some damned impressive work. Khali would, I'm sure, offer you some kind of critique on your technique. I'm just glad I have you here today. Especially for what must come next."
What comes next?
"We have pushed back the Daedra. You heard the Tharn, he means to walk the Two-Moons Path himself. I can't... I can't put this off any longer. We must make for the Temple of the Dance. Follow me. I'll lead the way."
After you, Shazah.
"My friend, the Moon Hallowed. Thank you for all you've done here today. And all you will do."
I'm proud to stand with you, Shazah.
"And I'm proud to be standing with you. Ahem. Now then. Let's focus our wits, and prepare. Let's walk the Path and see this through. The way Khali would have wanted."

The Moonlit Path[edit]

"I'm frightened, but I won't let fear hold me back."
I'm ready as well.
"Good. Since we were cubs, Khali and I have studied the Path. I've read many accounts of past trials. What the Hallowed and the candidate went through … but nothing can prepare you. I know that now."
We'll see it through together, Shazah.
"We'll walk the path together, yes. I'll be relying on you, Hallowed. To be brave for me, for her."
May I ask you a few questions?
"I'll tell you all I can, Hallowed. I've read almost every tome in the Tales of the Two Moons Path series, and studied at the side of Moon-Bishop Hunal himself. When I could understand him, anyway."
This will be dangerous, right?
"I'm almost certain it will be dangerous, yes. Tharn promised us he'd walk the Path, didn't he? He's powerful and capable of almost anything. If he has been able to warp and twist the shape of the Two Moons Path, there's no telling what we'll face."
What can we expect?
"According to the stories, the Path is a spiritual one. We're walking into the heart of my people, the very soul of the lunar faith. Each part of the Path represents something about the candidate, the Hallowed, and the Khajiit."
Represents something?
"Yes, manifestations. In the past Manes have fought in climactic battles on the Path. They've loved and lost, seen distant shores and spoken to inhuman spirits. Whatever we face will represent the challenges of here and now."
How do we get to the Path?
"The monks have done all the work for us. We'll just walk into the temple, and from there onto the Path. I believe I read once that the whole temple is suffused in moon-sugar vapors that allow for the mind to open to what can't normally be seen."

In the Temple:

"I've heard of these! Mane Jinninji-ri had them installed almost six hundred years ago during one of the many temple refurbishings. They were thought lost!"

The first vision:

Queen Ayrenn: "Mane Akkhuz-ri, it is a pleasure to meet you. The Khajiit and their faith will be the Dominion's bulwark against the darkness."
Akkhuz-ri: "Thank you, my Queen. May the Bright Moons guide us in our endeavor."
Shazah: "I recognize this moment. The day the Elden Accord was signed! The Mane was a good leader, Hallowed. A good soul."

The second vision:

Moon-Bishop Hunal: "Jone and Jode have spoken. Shazah, Khali... you were both born beneath the same moon. Never before has this happened. Never before have the Bright Moons gifted us this way. Forevermore, you will be known as the "Lunar Champions.""
Shazah: "We... we understand. The Mane is strong, and we are... we are new."
Khali: "Yes, we understand. We're an embarrassment! We didn't ask for this. We were born this way, moons-be-damned!"
Shazah: "Khali was so angry. We both were. The priests were never very kind to us... but look at you and I today. Khali... I wish you were here."

The third vision:

Rid-Thar-ri'Datta: "Jone and Jode, you have shown the way to Rid-Thar-ri'Datta. This one is your humble servant."
Rid-Thar-ri'Datta: "By your light this one will lead his people. By your light will this one imbue balance to the Khajiit."
Shazah: "The day, so long ago, Rid-Thar-ri'Datta first became Mane. A controversial moment, at the time. But an important moment for my people."
Shazah: "Look up there! The top of the central pillar."

Speaking with Shazah during any of the visions:

"That was fascinating, Hallowed! If I had my way the whole Path would be learning about history. Heh, I'd bet if Khali were here she'd be bored silly about now."

Within the Demi-Plane of Jode:

Shazah: "Where are we? What is this place?"

Speak with Shazah:

"Have you ever seen a place like this, Hallowed? Even in my dreams, I never imagined it would look like this..."
Where are we?
"I never thought I would see this place. I've seen drawings in the oldest texts... the Plane of Jode. The place where the Bright Moons dwell, the home of the gods. It's... different than I expected in some ways. But that makes sense."
What do you mean?
"The Path is changing to suit us, reflect the challenges we face. Just like for Zibbiden-jo... the Argonian soul reavers... sorry, Hallowed. Just thinking of one of the stories I read."
Where do we go from here?
"Let's just... wait a moment. If I'm right, the Path will show us they way."
All right, patience it is.
Shazah: "You see! A vision of a Wood Elf. That must be where we should go. Come on, Hallowed!"

After the vision of the Bosmer:

"The texts never made it sound … like that. What we did. We killed the Silvenar! The heart of the forest, the Green Lady is dead."
We did what we had to do.
"It was the Khajiit. We failed them. Because, here, no one became the Mane after Akkhuz-ri."
That's not going to happen.
"Let's … let's continue on the Path. If the Bright Moons felt we needed to see the future of the Bosmer … perhaps we shall now see the future of the High Elves. Let's hope it is not as bleak."
Let's hope.
"The Bright Moons will see us through this, my friend."

After the vision of the Altmer:

"I never thought it could be this bad. I'm used to being able to think through my problems. Using my books and spells to … there's no solution to this in a book."
What we saw … could it be the future of the Dominion?
"Not if I have anything to say about it. I know what this is, Hallowed. These visions … they're a future where the Mane does not lead her people. With strength as well as wisdom. This will not be our future."

The Den of Lorkhaj[edit]

"We've walked the Two Moons Path, the path of Jone and Jode. But there is a third moon: The Dark Moon, the enemy of the Khajiit, Lorkhaj, the Missing God. This is the secret at the end of the Path … we must travel to the Den of Lorkhaj."
It's going to be that bad?
"It gets worse. Legend says that the Missing God is dead. That the Den … it is his body. The great emptiness of the Den is the decaying corpse of a dead god. I don't know if … what's that?"
What's what?
Shazah: "Wait! That's my sister! After her, Hallowed!"

Speaking to Shazah here:

"Quickly, Hallowed. After her!"
"She led us here... Khali led us to the threshold. Hallowed, I … I've never been afraid like this before. But I don't know if I can do it. I don't know if I can take the last step."
What's left to be afraid of?
"There's been so much fighting, so much death. Even if we walk the path through the Den of Lorkhaj … seeing those visions has made me realize how critical the Mane can be. I don't know if I'm ready."
You're ready, Shazah. You can do this. Just one more step on the path.
"Perhaps … for you, Hallowed. For Khali … for the Khajiiti people. Hallowed, we owe you so much. I don't know if I can ever thank you properly."
Let's take that last step.
"This is it, Hallowed. We stand on the threshold of our final challenge. The end of the Path."

Shazah as the Dark Mane[edit]

Location Den of Lorkhaj
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 133844 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Condition Dro-m'Athra
Shazah possessed by the Dark Mane

If Shazah has been chosen to mantle the Dark Mane, you'll enter the Den of Lorkhaj with Khali:

Khali : "The Den of Lorkhaj … it's even more beautiful and horrible than I could have imagined. Come, Hallowed."
Javad Tharn : "Ahh, you remember her?"
Shazah: "Khali … I've missed you. You left me alone in the dark."
Khali: "Shazah? Is that you? You're alive? You're safe?"
Shazah: "Of course I'm alive. Safe and sound …."
Javad Tharn: "Your sister is safe. Her soul has been purified by darkness. Come, join her. Come join your sister."
Khali: "Let her go! Show yourself, you bastard! I'll take your face off with my claws."

You will then be forced to fight Shazah who has been transformed into a dro-m'Athra.

After the Dark Mane has been defeated, Shazah will appear as a ghost:

Khali: "Shazah? Are you all right?"
Rid-Thar-Ri'Datta: "Your sorrow is misplaced. Your sister is at peace. Together, you and she have walked the Two Moons Path to its end."
Khali: "No! Damnit … I had to let you go once already. I'm not ready to lose you again."
Rid-Thar-Ri'Datta: "Her soul is at peace now. She has traveled beyond the Path to Aetherius. The light of the Bright Moons surrounding and guiding her."
Khali: "How can I trust anything I've seen? The Path has shown me terrors, lies... failure."
Shazah: "Khali … don't cry. Tharn can't hurt me now. I'm at peace. Soon I'll be with mother and father."
Khali: "Please … don't leave me."
Shazah: "Goodbye, my sister. You will be the Mane. You will lead the Khajiit with wisdom and strength. Know always that I love you."

Shazah dies.

Rid-Thar-Ri'Datta: "Hallowed, Champion, your journey is complete. Return now to Dune, and begin to walk the next path in your lives."

Shazah as the new Mane[edit]

Shazah in the Den of Lorkhaj

If Khali has been chosen to mantle the Dark Mane:

Shazah: "The Den of Lorkhaj... it's even more beautiful and horrible than I could have imagined. Come, Hallowed."
Javad Tharn: "Ahh, you remember her?"
Khali: "Shazah... I've missed you. You left me alone in the dark."
Shazah: "Khali? Is that you? You're alive? You're safe?"
Khali: "Of course I'm alive. Safe and sound..."
Javad Tharn: "Your sister is safe. Her soul has been purified by darkness. Come, join her. Come join your sister."

She'll say either:

  • Shazah: "Let her go! Show yourself, you bastard! I'll take your face off with my claws."
  • Shazah: "Let her go! Show yourself, you bastard! I'll burn your flesh from your bones!"
Javad Tharn: "Oh, you want her free? Here is your sister, free. Your sister, my new Dark Mane!"

After defeating the Dark Mane:

Javad Tharn: "It seems I have the wrong sister... weakling child!"
Javad Tharn: "Fine! I'll take care of you myself!"
Javad Tharn: "Dark Mane! Attend me! May the shadows of your dead god imbue you with strength!"

After Javad Tharn is defeated and the Dark Mane is destroyed once and for all:

Shazah: "Khali? Are you all right?"
Rid-Thar-ri'Datta: "Your sorrow is misplaced. Your sister is at peace. Together, you and she have walked the Two Moons Path to its end."
Shazah: "No! I... I had to let you go once already. I'm not ready to lose you again."
Rid-Thar-ri'Datta: "Her soul is at peace now. She has traveled beyond the Path to Aetherius. The light of the Bright Moons surrounding and guiding her."
Shazah: "How can I trust anything I've seen? The Path has shown me terrors, lies, failures..."
Khali: "Shazah... don't cry. Tharn can't hurt me now. I'm at peace. Soon I'll be with Mother and Father."
Shazah: "Please... don't leave me."
Khali: "Goodbye, my sister. You will be the Mane. You will lead the Khajiit with wisdom and strength. Know always that I love you."
Rid-Thar-ri'Datta: "Hallowed, Champion, your journey is complete. Return now to Dune, and begin to walk the next path in your lives."
Shazah's ascension ceremony
Shazah as the Mane

Speaking with Shazah back on Nirn:

"We... we did it. We walked the path and lived I'm... I'm going to be the Mane. And my sister is dead."
I think they're waiting for you, Shazah.
"They await you as well, Moon Hallowed. Come, let's... let's see this done. And stay after the ceremony, please. I'd like to speak with you when it's all said and done."
Of course.
Moon-Bishop Hunal: "Champion. It is time. You are at the end of your path."
Moon-Bishop Hunal: "As the Lunar Champion, you have proven yourself time and time again a leader of our people, but do you truly understand what it means to be the Mane?"
Shazah: "Yes. I've walked the path and know what lies ahead and honor those left behind."
Moon-Bishop Hunal: "You've begun the path and know what lies ahead of our people. Are you prepared to lead your people?"
Shazah: "Yes, I accept this role in service of kith and kin."
Moon-Bishop Hunal: "Then wear this as leader of our people and rise, Mane of our people."
Rid-Thar-ri'Datta: "You've come through these trials and emerged victorious."
Rid-Thar-ri'Datta: "Continue the path, young one, and accept this blessing for the journey ahead."
Moon-Bishop Hunal: "Rejoice one and all! Long live the Mane!"
"I'm... I'm the Mane! Hallowed, we survived!"
Congratulations are in order.
"My friend, this could never have happened without you. Your strength at Arenthia. Your wisdom at Rawl'kha. Your bravery at Moonmont. And here... we saved the Jewel of Elsweyr! Dune is safe. Javad Tharn is dead, and I have walked the Path."
What now, Mane?
"The end of one path, and the beginning of another. As you well know, the path never really ends. Here in Reaper's March I will restore the soul of the Khajiit and you... will travel on."
Bright Moons, Shazah.
"Bright Moons, Hallowed. Wherever Jone and Jode take you next, I hope you will remember your friend Shazah. And her sister Khali. The sisters, and the Khajiit... they will never forget you."
"I have much to discuss with the Bishop and Gharesh-ri, my friend. I'm sure we will see each other again. You are the Hallowed, after all."


The following line offers a possible origin on the Dro-m'Athra. It is unknown if it appears in-game.

"As best Shazah can tell, they were trapped within the old ruins. How they got down there … she has read old stories of Khajiiti warriors going to war with the stars. Trapping them beneath the earth. Perhaps they referred to the Dro-m'Athra."

Old Life Observance[edit]

Shazah appearing at an Old Life shrine

If Shazah dies during the Reaper's March storyline, her spirit may return from Aetherius and appear to you during the New Life Festival event quest Old Life Observance when you perform a remembrance ceremony at one of the Old Life shrines.