Lore:Imperial Province of Akavir

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Imperial Province of Akavir
Type Province
Continent Akavir

The Imperial Province of Akavir was a short-lived province created in 3E 288 during Emperor Uriel Septim V's invasion of Tsaesci, Akavir. Septimia, a Tsaesci port town, was the first colony of the province. The settlement of Ionith was the invasion's headquarters.[1]

The province encompassed the lower stage of a large river, along which both of the settlements were located. The surrounding land consisted of rich, well-watered fields. The four legions present during the invasion constructed a road between Septimia and Ionith.[1]

The province was abandoned in 3E 289 due to extreme weather conditions and Tsaesci attacks. Uriel V died in battle during the retreat. The area was retaken by the natives and has never been revisited by Imperial forces since.[1]