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Emperor Uriel Septim V
Race Imperial Gender Male
Born 3rd Era
Died 3E 290
Ionith, Akavir
Previous Ruler Cephorus II
Next Ruler Thonica
Resided in Imperial City

Uriel Septim V was an Emperor of the Septim Empire, crowned in 3E 268. He turned opinion back toward the potential power of the Empire. Turning the attention of Tamriel away from internal strife, Uriel V embarked on a series of invasions. In 3E 271, he conquered Roscrea, which would remain under the Emperor's direct control until the late Third Era, when it was annexed by Solitude.[1][2] In 3E 276, Cathnoquey was conquered; in 3E 279 Yneslea; and in 3E 284 Esroniet was conquered.[1] The Emperor is said to have been influenced in these early years by the Psijic Order.[3]

In 3E 288, Uriel V invaded Akavir, which was ultimately a failure. He was reportedly killed in Akavir in 3E 290 on the battlefield of Ionith. Nevertheless, Uriel V holds a reputation second only to Tiber Septim as the great warrior emperor of Tamriel.[1] He fathered two twin daughters, Eloisa and Morihatha. Uriel V was succeeded by his wife Thonica as regent, and eventually by his son, Uriel VI, when he came to age.[4] Despite his ultimate failure, his many successes along the way earned him a reputation as a military genius.[5] He employed a battlemage named Hethoth who fought in Akavir, though he was never formally appointed as Imperial Battlemage.[6] Details of his defeat in Akavir can be found in Disaster at Ionith.


  • According to Todd Howard, one of the original Skyrim design drafts Uriel V returning with his army of dragons from Akavir to retake his throne.[UOL 1]


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