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Emperor Uriel Septim VI
Race Unknown Gender Male
Born 3E 285
Died 3E 320
Reign 3E 290-
3E 320
Previous Ruler Thonica
Next Ruler Morihatha
Resided in Imperial City

Uriel Septim VI was crowned when his father, Uriel V, was killed in Akavir on the battlefield of Ionith in 3E 290 when Uriel VI was but five years old. In fact, Uriel VI was born only shortly before his father left for Akavir. Uriel V's only other progeny, by a different woman, were the twins Morihatha and Eloisa, who had been born a month after Uriel V left. The consort Thonica as the boy's mother was given a restricted Regency until Uriel VI reached maturity. The Elder Council retained the real power, as they had ever since the days of Katariah I. The Council so enjoyed its unlimited and unrestricted freedom to make laws (and profits), Uriel VI was not given full license to rule until 3E 307, when he was 22 years old. He had been slowly assuming positions of responsibility for years, but both the Council and his mother, who enjoyed even her limited regency, were loath to give him reign. By the time he came to the throne, the mechanisms of government gave him little power, but the power to veto.[1]

Uriel VI's power to veto was regularly exercised, and by 3E 313, he could boast with conviction that he truly did rule Tamriel. At some point, he journeyed to Lynpan March and encountered King Dead Wolf-Deer.[2][UOL 1] He utilized defunct spy networks and guard units to bully and coerce the difficult members of the Elder Council. Morihatha became his staunchest ally, after her marriage to Baron Ulfe Gersen of Winterhold brought her considerable wealth and influence. However, Uriel VI died in 3E 320 when he fell from his horse and could not be saved by the finest Imperial healers, leaving Morihatha to take the throne.[1][3]


  • Beginning with Uriel VI, all emperors before Martin (Morihatha, Pelagius IV, and Uriel VII), have been suspicious of the Psijics enough to refuse ambassadors from the Isle of Artaeum within the Imperial City.[4]


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