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Pacrooti as seen in the Crown Crate UI

Pacrooti is a Khajiit adventurer who can be hired as a reliable source of crafting materials as part of the Woodworking skill line. He also appears in the Crown Crate UI.


The following are all known mail messages from Pacrooti as of the 1.1.2 patch (23 May 2014)

Crown Crate UI Dialogue[edit]

Pacrcooti has a vast amount of randomized dialogue referring to the Crown Crates or Crown Store.

Greeting Dialogue
"Pacrooti is pleased to see you!"
"Pacrooti welcomes you! So much of his business is carried out through couriers, it is nice to finally place names with faces!"
"Pacrooti welcomes you! Are you interested in excitement and valuable rewards? This one can help!"
"Greetings, my friend! Are you ready for excitement and outstanding rewards?"
"Greetings, my good friend!"
"Ah, my friend returns! This one thinks there is nothing better than a good friend, unless it is a good friend bearing moonsugar treats."
"Bright moons! Pacrooti welcomes you and prays that the Divines grant you luck and great fortune!"
"Pacrooti is excited you're here! But you're missing the most important thing - a crate! You can purchase them in the store. Go ahead… Pacrooti will wait."
"This one welcomes you, and wishes you good luck! Pacrooti thinks we place too high a value on the luck of the early bird. Isn't the early worm even luckier?"
"Hello, my friend! You seem to think that Pacrooti is a good egg, even though you know he is slightly cracked. Pacrooti appreciates that."
Farewell Dialogue
"Until next time."
Crate Opened Dialogue
"This part always excites Pacrooti!"
Bonus Reward Appearance
"Wabbacat! A bonus reward!"
Flipping a Card
"Very practical." (Potions etc reward.)
"This looks valuable."
"A suitable reward."
"Very sleek!"
"Very nice!"
No More Crates Dialogue
"Sadly, you have no more crates. But you can always purchase more!"
"Do not be sad, my friend. There are always additional crates available for purchase!"
Idle Dialogue
"Pacrooti is waiting!"
General Dialogue
"When Pacrooti was young, he often ran in circles trying to catch his own tail. Then he decided it was much easier to catch his friends' tails. Pacrooti had fewer friends after that."
"Pacrooti tries to keep things simple. What he will never understand is why others insist on making them so complicated. Also women. Pacrooti will never understand women."
"Our friendship pleases Pacrooti. He believes that a good friendship is like peeing his pants in public. Everyone can see it, but only Pacrooti can feel the warmth inside."
"Pacrooti would like to remind you that tips are appreciated. It is far easier for a mammoth to pass through the eye of a needle, if it is slightly greased, yeah?"
"Pacrooti really enjoys those small flatbreads baked by the High Elves. They are like tiny, edible plates."
"This one is not always a good sleeper, but he is willing to put in a few extra hours every day to practice. It is just the kind of hard worker Pacrooti is."