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Location Outside Do'Krin Monastery
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Order of the Claw

Azahrr is a Khajiit moon priest and member of the Order of the Claw found at Do'Krin Monastery.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

She can be found on the side of the road outside the monastery, clearly distressed. If you approach her:

Azahrr: "Do'Krin is lost. Please, you must help."

Speak with her.

"Please, traveler. You must help us. We've been driven from the temple, and the Claw is in terrible danger!"

If you've been recognized as the Moon-Hallowed, her greeting will be different.

"You … you are the Hallowed! You have come in our hour of need! Please, Moon Hallowed. We've been driven from the temple, and the Claw is in terrible danger!"
What happened here?
"The Stonefire cult happened. They and their Dro-m'Athra beasts slaughtered our holy order, all at the behest of that avad Tharn. Jone and Jode preserve us, I think they mean to take the Golden Claw. The holy symbol of our order!"
How can I stop them?
"You must get the Claw, take it somewhere safe. You'll need the blessings of our high priests to see you safely through. I think the Stonefire have taken them prisoner. Seek them out in the shrines east and west of the main temple."
I'll find them, Azahrr.

You can ask her more about the monastery after accepting the quest.

"The holy waters of Do'Krin have kept the Claw safe for years. I pray they keep you safe as well."
Who are you people?
"We are the Order of the Claw, the keepers of Do'Krin. This one has protected the sacred Claw all her life. Prayed to the Bright Moons for guidance and the safety of the Khajiiti people."
The Order of the Claw?
"Within the lunar clergy there are many orders—the Order of the Crescent, the Brotherhood of the Fang. We keep the Claw safe here and train in our martial vows. If these brutes weren't aided by dark spirits, they would never have taken the site."
Why do you trust me to take this sacred relic? / Why do you trust me with this relic?
"You're obviously the capable sort. And if you're willing to help us, I would be a fool to deny the mercy of Jone and Jode. The alternative is Javad Tharn with his hands on the Claw. That must not come to pass."
What is this relic?
"An artifact sacred to my Order. A holy relic from the era of the Mane Tullar-dra. Today it signifies the martial vows we take when we join the order, the pious nature of our contemplation. A symbol of the Bright Moons."
What is this place?
"Do'Krin Monastery. "The Warrior's Grin," in the Tamrielic tongue. A holy site to those of us in the lunar clergy, a stopover for pilgrims, and a training ground for those who practice the martial vows."

Acquire the claw and you'll be returned to Azahrr:

"You have saved the Claw from true darkness. It is your sacred charge, now."
The First Mane told me to bring you the Claw, actually.
"Truly? Rid-Thar-ri'Datta himself? This one is humbled by his faith in Azahrr. She will do her best to make him proud.
The Order of the Claw will protect their most sacred relic, and the March will one day be cleansed of these shadows."


  • She uses the same dialogue pleading for your help when spoken to after giving her the Golden Claw and completing the related quest. ?