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Do'Krin Monastery
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Elder Sa-m'Athra, Sa-m'Athra, Stonefire Battlemage, Stonefire Defiler, Stonefire Pyromancer, Stonefire Quickblade
JodewoodReaper's March
Northwest of the Grahtwood tunnel
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Still magnificent even in decay, Do'Krin Temple is the crowning architectural achievement of the reign of Darloc Brae, the Golden Beast of Anequina. It was built with the loot of the Anequine Conquests, when Darloc Brae ruled from Rimmen to Arenthia.
The Do'Krin Monastery

The Do'Krin Monastery is a Khajiiti temple located in western Reaper's March, northwest of the Grahtwood tunnel.

It was constructed in Anequine-stone style to endure and to protect the Golden Claw, a holy artifact of great power from the time of Mane Tullar-dra. A martial order known as the Order of the Claw was created by the Lunar Clergy to guard the monastery and its relic.

The Golden Claw proved interesting enough of a target to draw the attention of the Stonefire Cult, who attacked the monastery and drove out the priests, followed by their attempts to breach the sanctum to obtain the relic.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Do'Krin Monastery Objective: Safeguard the Golden Claw at Do'Krin Monastery. / You retrieved the Golden Claw from Do'Krin Monastery.
  • An Offering: Pray for a Khajiiti soldier on the front lines in Cyrodiil.
  • Prisoner of Fate: Stop Torvesard from freeing Prince Ithelia!


Do'Krin Monastery
Azahrr Quest Giver


A bridge east of the holy site connects it with the roads of the March. The many waterways and falls in the area are believed to be moon-blessed by the Order, a blessing which keeps the Claw safe from any danger. The main temple building rises above the surrounding terrain and is cornered by four smaller stupas, all of them decorated with reliefs which depict Khajiit of old. Of the four stupas, only the northeastern one is in ruins.

A short passage in the temple's interior leads to the first chamber, which contains the New Moon Altar. To the right is the Waning Moons Altar chamber, and to the left, the Waxing Moons Altar. The Full Moons Altar lies on the other side of the temple. Each one of these four rooms have an attached inner chapel. Beyond the Full Moons Altar lies the entrance to the Sanctum. The Do'Krin Sanctum is not the largest chamber in the Temple, but it is the most decorated: eighteen lesser senche statues guard the center of the room. Between the Sanctum and the New Moon chamber is the most important room of all: the Do'Krin Temple Reliquary, where the Golden Claw is kept safe by the Order.

During events of Prisoner of Fate, you find an entrance to an old shrine dedicated to Boethra.




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