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Location Do'Krin Monastery
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Health 0 (Dead)
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Ehtayah's Spirit

Ehtayah is a dead Khajiit found at Do'Krin Monastery. You can see her spirit during the related quest.

She was killed by the Stonefire Cult while she was visiting the monastery to make an offering for her brother, Indal, who is fighting on the front lines in Cyrodiil.

Related Quests[edit]

  • An Offering: Pray for a Khajiiti soldier on the front lines in Cyrodiil.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you examine her body:

"<The body of this young Khajiit is still warm. One hand clutches a letter. The other holds a small offering pouch.>"
<Take the letter and pouch.>

You then hear a voice behind you:

Ehtayah: "Please, speak with me. I have no one else to turn to."

Speak to Ehtayah's spirit:

"Kindly traveler, thank you. I thought I'd never see another friendly face again."
What happened here?
"I came to make an offering to the Bright Moons. My brother Indal is off at the front in Cyrodiil, and I was to pray for his protection. That was when the screaming started."
The Stonefire cult attack?
"Yes. They were everywhere. The dark spirits clawing at my throat. I tried to run … but I didn't … please. You have my letter, my offering. Finish what I could not."
What do you want me to do?
"Place the offering pouch at the nearby shrine to the waxing moons. Then my letter at the shrine to the bright, full moons. Finally, light a candle for Indral at the waning moon shrine on the hill."
I'll see it done.

At the shrine to the waxing moons, place the offering and you'll see a vision of Ehtayah begging her brother not to go:

Ehtayah: "Indal, please don't go."
Indal: "I have no choice. It's my duty, 'Tayah."
Indal: "Take this token. Pray for Indal. Promise?"
Ehtayah: "I promise, Indal. Stay safe."

At the shrine to the full moons, place the offering and you'll see a vision of Ehtayah praying for her brother's safety:

Ehtayah: "Jone and Jode … keep this one's brother safe."
Ehtayah: "Watch over Indal. Keep him safe in the fighting to come."
Ehtayah: "Bring him home. He's all I have left."

Light the memorial candle, and the siblings will reunite in death:

Indal: "Do'Krin Monastery? Is this a dream? It feels so real."
Indal: "'Tayah, no! What's going on?"
Ehtayah: "Indal, I'm here. I'm sorry, brother. I am dead."
Indal: "'Tayah? This can't be true. This must be a dream."
Ehtayah: "This is a dream for you, but I speak truth."
Ehtayah: "A kindly stranger has fulfilled your sister's prayer."
Ehtayah: "Jone and Jode saw fit to reunite us one final time."
Indal: "This can't be goodbye."
Ehtayah: "Your 'Tayah will always be with you. I love you, brother."
Indal: "I love you, sister."

The two spirits then fade into nothingness.