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Ensure the Golden Claw's protection.
Zone: Reaper's March
Objective: Do'Krin Monastery — Safeguard the Golden Claw at Do'Krin Monastery.
Quest Giver: Azahrr
Location(s): Do'Krin Monastery, Do'Krin Temple
Reward: Gauntlets of the Claw
Very High Leveled Gold
Atune the altars
The lunar priests at the Do'Krin Monastery have been attacked by the Stonefire cult. The survivors fear the cultists mean to steal a sacred relic: The Golden Claw.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Receive the blessings of Jode and Jone.
  2. Enter the Do'Krin Temple.
  3. Restore the Lunar Altars.
  4. Retrieve the Golden Claw.
  5. Talk to Azahrr.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

As you approach Do'Krin, you see a group of its Khajiit priests along the side of the road looking forlorn. One of them, Azahrr, calls out to you for help, saying Do'Krin is lost. Talk to her to start the quest.

" are the Hallowed! You have come in our hour of need! Please, Moon Hallowed. We've been driven from the temple, and the Claw is in terrible danger!"
What happened here?
"The Stonefire cult happened. They and the Dro-m'Athra beasts slaughtered our holy order, all at the behest of that Javad Tharn. Jone and Jode preserve us, I think they mean to take the Golden Claw. The holy symbol of our order!"
How can I stop them?
"You must get the Claw, take it somewhere safe. You'll need the blessings of our high priests to see you safely through. I think the Stonefire have taken them prisoner. Seek them out in the shrines east and west of the main temple."
I'll find them, Azahrr.
"The holy waters of Do'Krin have kept the Claw safe for years. I pray they keep you safe as well."

The quest begins, but you can continue talking to her.

Who are you people?
"We are the Order of the Claw, the keepers of Do'Krin. This one has protected the sacred Claw all her life. Prayed to the Bright Moons for guidance and the safety of the Khajiiti people."
The Order of the Claw?
"Within the lunar clergy there are many orders—the Order of the Crescent, the Brotherhood of the Fang. We keep the Claw safe here and train in our martial vows. If these brutes weren't aided by dark spirits, they never would have taken the site."

If you ask why she trusts you.

Why do you trust me with this relic?
"You're obviously the capable sort. And if you're willing to help us, I would be a fool to deny the mercy of Jode and Jone. The alternative is Javad Tharn with his hands on the Claw. That must not come to pass."

If you ask about the Claw itself.

What is this relic?
"An artifact sacred to my Order. A holy relic from the era of Mane Tullar-dra. Today it signifies the martial vows we take when we join the order, the pious nature of our contemplation. A symbol of the Bright Moons."

You need to receive the blessings of Jode and Jone before you can enter the temple.

The Blessings of Jone and Jode[edit]

Enter the side temples and free the priests inside to receive the blessings. Once you have both blessings, you can enter Do'Krin Temple.

Speak to Rid-Thar-ri'Datta, who appears in front of you.

"Be calm in the moonlight, Hallowed. Welcome to Do'Krin Monastery. These stones were old even in Rid-Thar's day as Mane."
Why are you here, Rid-Thar?
"You have already encountered the cult and their dark thralls. The cult, in their ignorance, tear at the temple walls. They want to enter the inner sanctum, overcome the wards and claim the Claw. Fools."
What do you mean?
"The Stonefire have torn down several shrines to the Bright Moons. These shrines are the keys to entering the sanctum. But you, have the blessings of Jone and Jode upon you. With a touch, you can reconstruct the shrines."
So repair the shrines and we get into the sanctum.

Lunar Shrines[edit]

Examine the New Moon Lunar Shrine. Rid-Thar says it only needs to be attuned, and attunes it for you. Continue to the Waxing Moons Altar. You channel a golden light from an up-stretched hand, and the top of the altar is restored. Keep going to the Full Moons altar and repeat the same process from the previous altar. The final altar is the Waning Moons altar. Repair it, then talk to Rid-Thar.

He asks if you are ready to enter the reliquary, the inner sanctum of Do'Krin. The Claw's final defense, the Guardian Senche, awaits inside. It would take a high ranking priest to stop it, but since you have the blessings of Jode and Jone you should be fine. However, Rid-Thar senses a dark presence moving towards the inner sanctum. He suspects the Stonefire cult is on its way.

The Guardian Senche[edit]

ON-quest-The Golden Claw 02.jpg
The Golden Claw

Enter the Inner Sanctum, and disarm the statue of the Guardian Senche.

"So I have you to thank for dropping the barriers to the temple sanctum."—Martialis Tharn

Martialis Tharn appears on the steps behind you and begins to attack. Defeat him, then head west into the Do'Krin Temple Reliquary.

Securing the Claw[edit]

Take the Claw, then talk to Rid-Thar.

"The Bright Moons smile down on us, traveler. The Claw is safe."
Should I return it to the lunar priests outside?
"Just so. In peaceful times, the Claw can sit in darkness. At rest. This is not a peaceful time for the March. The Claw may yet be a weapon against Tharn and his brood, and the priests will know how to use it."
Thank you, Rid-Thar.

Exit the temple, and talk to Azahrr. She is surprised to hear that the Mane said the Order should hold onto the Claw, but she vows to protect it and gives you a reward.


  • The captured moon priests won't exist in the monastery before starting the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Golden Claw
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Receive the Blessing of Jone
Objective: Receive the Blessing of Jode
Objective: Enter the Monastery
Objective: Explore Do'Krin
Hidden Objective: Repair the New Moons Altar
Objective: New Moons Altar Attuned
Objective: Restore the Lunar Altars
Hidden Objective: Repair the Waning Moons Altar
Objective: Waning Moons Altar Attuned
Hidden Objective: Repair the Full Moons Altar
Objective: Full Moons Altar Attuned
Hidden Objective: Repair the Waxing Moons Altar
Objective: Waxing Moons Altar Attuned
Objective: Talk to Rid-Thar-ri'Datta
Objective: Enter the Sanctum
Objective: Quiet the Guardian Senche
Objective: Retrieve the Golden Claw
Objective: Leave Do'Krin Monastery
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