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Home City Rimmen
Location Baandari Bazaar
Store Twilight Imports
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Merchant

Nakiri is an old Khajiit merchant who runs Twilight Imports at the Baandari Bazaar in Rimmen. He was a traveling merchant in his youth.


"Nakiri has traveled to many places, seen many lands. But it is in Rimmen that he has finally decided to rest his weary bones. Fortunate for you, no?"
"Many Khajiit travel to far off lands looking for great fortune. But often they meet danger and hatred as well. Such a life is for those younger than Nakiri."
"The life of a nomad promises constant adventure and plentiful gold. But once you have reached this one's age? Such things cease to tempt you."
"The spices of Elsweyr sell for twice as much within the lands of man and mer. But always there is the danger of bandits, of beasts, of death. That is why Nakiri now plies his trade in Rimmen."