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Location Dreadsail Reef: Reef Warren
Race Maormer Gender Female
Health Normal804,728Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Neutral
Other Information
Faction(s) Dreadsails

Sorticthel (or Sorti) is a Maormer located in Dreadsail Reef. She is the provisions master for the Dreadsails' fleet and can be found tending the bar in the reef warren.

Related Quests[edit]


When you arrive at the Reef Warren, Minasi will alert Sortichthel:

Minasi Vando "Bunch of sorry land urchins coming, Sorti! You want Pennystone to stuff them down the scupper?"
Sortichthel "Wasn't expecting more visitors, but I'll take their gold like anyone else's. Or off their corpses if they cause trouble."

While wandering the Reef Warren, she will be singing:

Sortichthel "Our guardian hides its red heart…."
Sortichthel "In the cavernous depths, in the dark…."
Sortichthel "Then flies into a rage…."
Sortichthel "In that ruinous cage…."
Sortichthel "And devours their bones a la carte!…."

If you speak to her, she will say one of the following:

"If you came from the arena, I suppose you bested the twins. Fleet Queen won't take kindly to that. Suggest you have a drink before she guts you."
"This is neutral ground. I aim to respect that even if you weren't invited by the queen. No fighting, no problem."
"Suppose your arrival has something to do with all the commotion outside. Keep the fighting out of here. I hate scrubbing blood off the bar."

After returning back to the Reef Warren, when you defeat Bow Breaker and Sail Ripper, she will resume singing:

Sortichthel "Our best, it called bolts from the sky…."
Sortichthel "With a hideous, earsplitting cry…."
Sortichthel "So run, my sweet lad…."
Sortichthel "'Neath the decks, ironclad…."
Sortichthel "If you stand in the open, you'll die!"
Sortichthel "Now go, oh me hearties so grim…."
Sortichthel "To that bleak prison cavern so dim…."
Sortichthel "It's your blood that you'll spill…."
Sortichthel "'Til you've all had your fill."
Sortichthel "'Or until you can no longer swim!"


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