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Location Abyssal Geysers in Summerset
Species Lurcher
Health 1,800,000 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile

Tidewrack is a sea lurcher sometimes encountered as a boss at Abyssal Geysers. K'Tora introduces it with "Tidewrack will break you in half!" and Nocturnal with either "I summon Tidewrack to end this." or "Now Tidewrack crashes down upon you.".

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Tidewrack has the same abilities as all standard lurchers, as well as one additional unique ability:

Tidal Wave
Tidewrack brings one of its arms up and slams it into the ground, causing a crushing wave to pulse out towards you, dealing extremely high physical damage and knocking you backwards. This is indicated by a very quickly-growing and massive circular AoE that is almost impossible to avoid unless you are standing very far away at the time of casting, thus it is advised to block the attack. It will still deal a lot of damage but it negates the knockdown effect and reduces the damage by nearly half.


There are two achievements associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Back to the Abyss.png Back to the Abyss 15 Defeat each of the following bosses that can appear at Abyssal Geysers.
ON-icon-achievement-Tidal Grave.png Tidal Grave 10 Defeat Tidewrack at an Abyssal Geyser.
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