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Molmor Islet
Type Island
Continent Tamriel
Region The Systres

Molmor Islet is an isle located in the sea off Galen's western shore. According to some stories the islet was created by Eldertide Druid Belaigh during the conflict between the Sloads of Thras and All Flags Navy,[1] at some point between 1E 2250 and 1E 2260.[nb 1]

During the fights, Sloads unleashed huge sea monsters to attack the Systres Archipelago. The mightiest of the beasts was known as the Molmor. According to the accounts, it resembled a whale, an octopus, or the "veritable forests of sharp spines, each longer than the lance of a knight". The beast ravaged the coasts of Galen for seven years. Many captains of the All Flags Navy attempted to defeat the Molmor, but no one succeeded.[1]

Eventually, Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo issued a call for assistance, promising to grant any boon to whomsoever could defeat the creature. Eventually, a young druid of the Eldertide Circle Belaigh agreed to drive Molmor away. She collected a flake of stone from the highest peak of Galen, an acorn from the mightiest oak of the island's ancient forests, and a handful of ash from a steaming vent and combined them with the pure water in the deep spring at the heart of the isle. After preparations, she went down to the shore to find Molmor in the western bay. She called the beast, hurled the clod of stone, seed, ash, and water down to the beast's maw, and then called upon the Green to conjure vines from the beast's insides. The Molmor fell back into the sea, thrashing, and roaring. To the knight's astonishment, vines of living ivy erupted from the orifices that had before dripped slime. Its tentacles and flukes became like a stone and seized quickly to the seabed, and its jutting spines turned into trees. In the space of but a moment, the Molmor became a great sea rock draped in seaweed and crowned by a small forest.[1]

For her deed, she requested Bendu Olo to call back all his loggers and miners from Galen and stressed that the island should not be harmed to build the All Flags Navy fleet. The Admiral reluctantly agreed and Galen was indeed spared any further damage.[1]


  • 1.  In 1E 2241, Bendu Olo, proclaimed his intent to attack Sload of Thras. Within two years All Flags Navy arrived in the Systres Archipelago.[2] All Flags Navy had presence in Galen for at least seven years before Belaigh created the island, placing the earliest possible date of creation of the islet in 1E 2250. It was created before Sloads were vanquished,[1] in 1E 2260.[3]

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