Lore:Halcyon Lake

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Halcyon Lake
Type Body of Water
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Region Bangkorai
Appears in ESO
Halcyon Lake

Halcyon Lake (also called Lake Bjoulsae)[1] is a lake on the Bjoulsae River situated in eastern High Rock, in the Mournoth region of northern Bangkorai. The city of Evermore is not far to the southwest.[2] There is a prominent island in the middle of the lake.

Half-submerged near the island are the ruins of Bisnensel, an Ayleid city founded by Laloriaran Dynar, the Last King of the Ayleids, in the First Era. However, he was forced out by a growing cult of Hermaeus Mora, which occupied the ruins for some time afterwards.[3] As the desertification of Bangkorai spread north, the lake was destined to dry up. In 2E 582, a local nereid attempted to avoid this fate by stealing the memories of mortals to create a Water Stone, much to the displeasure of Hermaeus Mora. It is unknown if she succeeded in her plans.[4]


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